A solemn message from EXPians to Clare Bronfman on her 39th birthday

2009; Clare still had some vestiges of humanity and decency. Soon Keith would train her to be a sociopath without heart or conscience.
She smiles when others are made miserable. Her name is Clare Bronfman and today is her birthday.

By EXPians

Clare, you have made quite an impact in the world, that is for sure. It’s extremely likely that soon you’ll be in an orange jumpsuit behind bars. So, in the spirit of ethics, we feel it’s important to take a minute to reflect on your life so far and the impact you have had.

We believe that holding you accountable for your actions, and giving you open, honest feedback, is the best way we can help you in your growth right now, at such a crucial time.

You have used your father’s fortune to destroy the lives of so many victims of your Vanguard. This has had effects that you can never heal in this lifetime. It is a moral imperative that you recognize this immeasurable ethical breach and do everything you can to heal it.

What are the effects of your actions – past, present and future? What are the damages?

Can you feel the pain of the people who have suffered and had their lives and families destroyed?

How deeply can you feel the pain?

What would be the worst thing, if you really sat with that pain, and felt the amount of damage you have done? What will you do to heal this?

We believe the best course of action – and the most noble thing you could do right now – would be to walk yourself on into the FBI, tell them the truth, and spend the rest of your life dealing with these horrific consequences.

If you truly acknowledge what you’ve done and accept the reality that your Vanguard is a disgusting, selfish, suppressive little coward, there may be some kind of redemption for you. You may need to spend much of your life behind bars, but at least your soul will finally be free.

Will you do what’s right, or will you take the easy path of still pretending your Vanguard is good and pretending you are saving the world with all your destruction? The choice is yours.

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5 years ago

If she is under mind control and sick this letter will never help. Just saying

Larry Shea
Larry Shea
5 years ago

Based strictly upon Clare Bronfman’s date of birth (April 08, 1979), Clare was born when the Sun was making an OPPOSITION to the dwarf planet, Pluto. The following is what the astrologer and author, Sue Tompkins, wrote in her book, “Aspects in Astrology,” on page 125, concerning this Sun-Pluto aspect: “Many with these contacts [types of aspects], especially the OPPOSTION, will endeavor to disown their Pluto and thus will meet the energy in a much-exaggerated form by BECOMING ITS VICTIM, perhaps by FORMING RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE EXTREMELY POWERFUL, DOMINANT, OR EVEN BRUTAL.” These are the words of Sue Tompkins from the 1989 edition of “Aspects in Astrology.

Not surprisingly, Keith Alan Raniere, aka “Vanguard (after the Atari video game of the same name) was born when the Sun was in a CONJUNCT aspect to the dwarf planet Pluto. On page122 of the same book, Sue Tompkins writes the following: “These people often have a VERY POWERFUL PRESENCE and can SOMETIMES EXERT AN EXTRAORDINARILY MAGNETIC HOLD OVER PEOPLE, whilst at the same time remaining essentially impenetrable themselves, letting little in and less out.”

Regardless of what astrology has to say about the personality traits of Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere,, it is remains that it is one’s character that determines one’s destiny. As Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently stated: “It is up to all of us to judge each man and women by the content of their character.” An individual’s lot in life is determined by their character, and their character is the sum of their innate nature, of their temperament, and of their morals. An individual’s character is also determined by the choices that they make at critical junctures in their life, by their everyday actions, and by their overall conduct and behavior. It would be wise to subjugate all of these determining factors of character to the guidance and light of one’s conscience. NXIUM and ESP appear to have turned morality and ethics upside down, and to have annihalateded people’s consciences.

The end result of Raniere’s and Salzman’s brainwashing techniques is that they dehumanized and desensitized individuals for the love of money, sexual pleasure, and power. How absolutely tragic and, at the same time, how banal! Were drugs involved?

Does anyone in the Expian community have a verifiable place of birth and time of birth for Keith Alan Raniere? I can already tell a great deal about this extreme sociopath and malignant narcissist from his date of birth, but I can learn much more if I can verify the time and place of his birth. I shall share what I learn with this community.

The good news is that Raniere will most likely lose everything and that he will most likely die in prison, just as Charles Manson recently did. But the pressure needs to be kept on the DOJ officials to look at all facets of the Raniere cult, at his criminal accomplices, and at the myriad of crimes committed by the delusional Raniere and his demented and sadistic criminal cult followers.

P.S. I could not resist taking another look at where the Sun, Moon, and planets were on the day of Clare Bronfman’s birth. Under the category of “psychological correspondences,” the following appears on page 208 of Reinhold Ebertin’s “The Combination of Stellar Influences” in reference to an aspect between the Moon’s nodes (the two points at which the Moon’s orbit cuts the plane of the Earth’s ecliptic; the path that the Earth travels around the Sun) and the planet Neptune: “a lack of social or communal sense, and feeling, THE INCLINATION TO EXPLOIT, DECEIVE, AND CHEAT OTHER PEOPLE [or to be the victim of the preceding actions].” Ebertin goes on to point out, under the category of “probable manifestations,” the following: “a lack of judgment leading to wrong ideas about other people or about an association [ESP-NXIUM], THE MISFORTUNE OF BEING DISAPPOINTED or THE TENDENCY TO DECEIVE OTHER PEOPLE [or both]. These two astronomical entities, the Moon’s nodes and Neptune, were in a square aspect, which is considered by some astrologers to be a negative or difficult aspect. However, it is in Clare’s nature to be emotionally defensive and to be extremely fearful of exposure and compromise. As horrible as her behavior has been, she still needs the prayers an the love of other human beings. We can only lift Clare’s spirit up by giving her a better example of humanity.

Somewhere deep inside Clare Bronfman knows that she has been made the fool by Keith and his gang of criminals and she knows that she has to atone for her own criminal behavior. Clare, you can run but you can’t hide from that gnawing awareness of the harm that you have done to so many others through your financial enablement, over the years, of that human monster, Keith Alan Raniere and his ghoulish cult of depravity..

Clare Bear
Clare Bear
5 years ago

Any news on where Clare has gone to hide out? The FEDS can freeze her money, but would Sara help her out? Such a joke, she should of kept riding her ponies, now she’s the far end of one.

5 years ago

Oh boy,she is not looking good-Beady eyes and a very fake smile. She is probably shitting her Depends as we wait. If she’s not wearing them yet, she had better stock up! Gonna have a lot of “runny shit “to account for in the coming months!

Wsa There, Saw That
Wsa There, Saw That
5 years ago

Frank, this has got to be a misprint. There is no way that anyone who looks like Clare is 39. As a former equestrian, she surely has heard the expression about “a horse that was ridden hard and put away wet”. Apparently, she’s turned that expression into a her life…

5 years ago

Is it the case that Clare funded Keith independently of her sister Sara? Im a bit confused about this, is Sara less culpable than Clare, in fiscal terms?

5 years ago

Please add to this that Clare is likely to have her ass sued personally by many people involved in the cult. Welcome to the opposite side of lawsuits, Clare. Hope you enjoy your time in court as a defendant. Will they let you out of jail to defend yourself for civil suits?

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