Letter from Toni Natalie to Mark Vicente from 2011; when Mark was still in NXIVM

Mark Vicente is a filmmaker. Perhaps one day he will produce a film about Vanguard.

The following letter was written by Toni Natalie to Mark Vicente on October 31, 2011.

At that time, Toni was more than 12 years out of Keith Raniere’s circle and one of the few people calling him out as a criminal and a bully.

Mark was still in NXIVM.  He would remain in for another five-and-one-half years.

Toni’s letter is in response to work Mark was doing in Mexico to promote peace. But he was sailing under Raniere’s flag. Here is Toni’s letter in full:

Toni Natalie wrote to Mark Vicente


I read what you said – and, while I feel your passion and applaud you for what you are doing to help these people, I think it’s very important that you temper how much of your good deeds you attribute to Keith Raniere, the founder and leader of NXIVM/Executive Success Programs.  Mark, it is you, your thoughts, your ideas, and your passion that are moving things forward.  Even if you had never met Raniere, you’d still be doing good deeds because that’s who you are.

By attributing you goodness to Raniere, you allow him to take credit for what you’ve done and what you’re doing.  And while that may be an OK for someone to do in normal circumstances, nothing is normal when it comes to Raniere and NXIVM.

Your concern for others – and your attempts to make the world a better place – started at the age of nine for you…Long before ESP, and Keith Raniere.  But by attributing some of what you do to Raniere, you give him credit – and, worse yet, credibility – where none is due.

Non-violence?  Just look at how Raniere has destroyed so many lives; how he cons people into believing that they are doing good deeds when, in fact, all they’re doing is helping to make his sordid lifestyle possible.  Look at what he does behind the scenes to people who speak out against him…just like the Mexican criminals, he will stop at nothing

If only you and others would be brave enough to truly look at his past and his present – and objectively evaluate what Raniere does behind the scenes to people who dare to speak out against him – you would see that you’ve been conned.  Raniere operates just like the drug cartels in Mexico…he destroys anyone who gets in the way.  Keith destroys peoples’ lives and will continue to do so until people like yourself are brave enough to really look at what he does, and ask him why?

You asked, “What is bravery?”   My answer is that bravery comes in many forms.  For me, bravery is still standing after 12 years of your mentor, Raniere, trying to silence and destroy my family, my friends and so many others like me who refuse to allow him to continue expanding his lies.  Hasn’t it ever occurred to you to ask “Why” when Keith (and his ever loyal “inner circle” of women) describes me as a suppressive?  Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that maybe there’s a story behind the story you’ve been told?

Bravery is the voice of a woman, once just a girl, who refuses to let Keith ruin the lives of others.  And I know there are others that have much to tell….

It would take bravery for you to listen, and then decide, rather than to continue deciding without listening.

It would take bravery for you to voice the thoughts and questions about Raniere and NXIVM that you have suppressed for so long.

It would take bravery for you to save others from becoming involved with an organization whose core is rotten and based on lies, lies that Keith will stop at nothing to cover up. DO YOU HAVE THAT KIND OF BRAVERY?

My name is Toni Natalie and I will continue to tell what I know ABOUT Keith Raniere until someone listens and he is stopped…

I will continue to post this on your site…until you are brave enough to put it up, ….and if you choose not to, then you must ask yourself why?


It is believed that Mark never replied to Toni’s letter and quite possibly never read it at the time.

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Great Letter - and a note for Nancy
Great Letter - and a note for Nancy
5 years ago

Toni rules all.
Shame, shame, shame on you Nancy for flipping on Toni – just cause your lying business partner/daughter snatcher told you to. (still believe the reasons he used to convince you???) It’s never too late to do the right thing. Just saying…

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago

It is a shame that Mark and Sarah were stuck in their mind warp for so long. They provided the credibility for the VanDouche for so many years in the Vancouver and LA areas that was used to feed his ego, sex drive, and his hidden pockets with scammed money (don’t think he hasn’t siphoned that money away right the government’s noses). At least Mark got compensated for it and it didn’t affect his personal life as much as it indirectly did mine with wasted pain and time.

Let Karma be his judge.

5 years ago

Totally agree with you on Mark Vicente. I know him personally. He was a lot more involved with NXIVM than he is letting on.

Now, he’s playing the White Knight. Bullshit.

I also he’s being looked at for VISA fraud and tax evasion. Welp, he will finally get to interview prisoners… and learn more about the Prison Life

5 years ago
Reply to  FormerNexian

John Tigue of the Saratoga in Decline blog released the Necker Island pictures of the NXIVM cult summit that took place in 2010. Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Mark Hildreth, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas, Alejandro Benecourt and a few more were there. He said they went there to address the bad publicity they were getting, created the executive board of which Mark Vicente was a member and discussed money laundering including hiding money in the Caribbean. He said that when money was taken to the US from Mexico, it was sent by mail to a series of PO boxes and Juliana Vicente, Mark’s mother, was accused of emptying the boxes, but the sheer volume of the pickups was starting to draw attention. All the above where named by Joseph O’Hara in his February 2012 criminal lawsuit filed against NXIVM for their involvement with the cult.

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