Saratoga in Decline post June 3 2011 on Pam Nichols, NXIVM attorney

FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2011


Susan Dones’ bankruptcy case has become the focal point for the latest version of NXIVM’s terrorism-by-litigation strategy. Not content to have hired one of the largest law firms in the State of Washington to keep Dones, who is representing herself, in check, NXIVM also added the Stormin’ Mormon, Bob Crockett, to its legal team in that case. And just last week, NXIVM also asked the Washington court for permission to add local attorney Pam Nichols as we

Nichols earned a spot in the NXIVM Hall of Shame

In addition to beefing up its legal team in the Dones case, NXIVM has also added “Civil Conspiracy” to its list of claims. This is in addition to its other claims of “Willful and Malicious Injury” and “False Oaths & Claims” and a request for injunctive relief.
As part expansion of the expansion of its claims against Dones, NXIVM is also seeking to take depositions from several non-parties to that case. These include Peter Skolnik, the pro bono attorney who has been representing Rick Ross in his 8-year legal battle with the cult; Joe O’Hara, the former NXIVM consultant who blew the whistle on NXIVM’s attempted “sting operation” on Ross and who just last summer started pressing then AG Andy Cuomo to investigate Gaelen’s origin and status; Toni Natalie, the first (and perhaps only) woman to tell Raniere to go fuck himself; Joyce Anastasia, a therapist who counseled several of the women who resigned from NXIVM in April 2009; Barbara Bouchey, whose punishment for leaving NXIVM and Raniere is that she gets deposed almost every other month in one of its many lawsuits; Shelia Cote, one of the women who resigned from NXIVM; Andrew Dallow, a former member who plans to move to New Zealand in order to escape the wrath of Raniere and his followers; Jan Heim, another of the women who resigned in April 2009; and Geoffrey Johnson, another former member of NXIVM and a close friend of Dones.
Meanwhile, Dones has fought back by requesting that NXIVM turn over a variety of documents concerning its finances and operations. As expected, NXIVM turned down every one of her requests, thereby leaving it up to the court to decide exactly what documents NXIVM has to give to her. Court documents and an update on the Washington court’s decisions on these matters will be posted within the next few days.
PS: John has been MIA for the past few days as he dealt with a very serious and quite sudden medical issue. (More on this later). We expect him to be back in action in the next few days, along with the additional troops he requested from the Ukraine.

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