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Guest View: NXIVM is the panacea

Guest View by Losing It

NXIVM is the panacea.

People will save Mexico from drug lords, hit men and kidnappers with:
-Not paying their taxes
-Leaving the doors unlocked when they leave home
-Bow at their masters and wear colored sashes with stripes
-Giving their youngest daughter in sacrifice to their NXIVM demigods-orgymasters
-Eating only nuts and berries
-Singing a capella altogether
-Harassing the “supressives” by mail, phone, door to door fud campaigns
-Using their mothers as cash mules
-Promote beach volley

I want all the people reading this to think of what the NXIVM miracle has done for you today!

You can breathe, you can live, because someone, somewhere once in the state of NY had a coffee enema while watching a fat Jesus Lennon playing volleyball.

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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • Any news on the NYT’s article from Lauren, Allison & Nikki?
    I’ve heard it’s going to be the whole story.
    The truth of how THEY created DOS and how DOS is so amaaaazing.
    I know many women who would disagree.
    Still I’m looking forward to watching the gong show of trying to convince sane ( not brainwashed) folk that any of what they say is true. Also it’s kind of ironic that they chose the NYT, the very publication that they claimed was “fake news” & not a credible source when Sarah’s article came out. So which is it? Credible enough to tell your “side” or “fake news” that we shouldn’t believe. Quite a pickle you’ve put yourselves in. Doesn’t surprise me though since you have no skill in critical thought. 😂 Also whomever is writing this article you are completely dismantling your career by even being associated with ESP/NXIVM. When the company goes down you are going to look just like one of the brainwashed fools with egg on their face.
    Viva! Executive Success.




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