Lauren Salzman wants to go with her mother Nancy and sister Michelle Salzman Myers to visit Nancy's parents.

Is Lauren Salzman in Mexico? Report from Clifton Park says her house is empty


L-R back row: Elisa Anaya, ?, ?, 4th from left, DOS slave Maggie Dou, Evan Horowitz, Eduardo Achar, Lauren Salzman, Alejandra Anaya, Michel Chernitzky, Esteban Gonzalez; Front row: Paulina Corts, Claudia Estrada, China Fergoso.


My post of yesterday featured the photo above. It is the “staff of Mobius.” The picture appears to have been taken recently in Mexico, possibly Mexico City.

Lauren Salzman is in the picture [back row 4th from right].

Did she leave Clifton Park? Is she in Mexico?

One Expian source told me the room in the picture is none that he had seen during his years at NXIVM.

An Expian source said she thought the picture was taken in Mexico. There would be more Americans in Mobius if the picture were taken in Clifton Park.

Evan Horowitz, Maggie Dou and Lauren Salzman must be in Mexico or were there recently,” she said.

One of my Clifton Park correspondents wrote today:

It’s been deader than a door nail here.  John and I were discussing this last night. He said “I never see the garage door up at Lauren’s.
I said to John, “I do not think she has been there since shortly after coaches summit.”
I think she has someone looking after her cats.
There has been a blue Honda Civic in her driveway at least twice that I have seen and then it was gone shortly afterward.
I know Nicki Clyne drives a Honda Civic. Could be the silver CRV or the Blue Civic.
The light is always on in one window at Lauren’s, but, she always keeps that on whether in town or away.
India Oxenberg appears to be in New York City [Brooklyn] with Michele Hatchette and we can assume, Allison Mack.
Nancy Salzman has not been seen either driving or walking.  I don’t think she went to Mexico.
I will have more info about her shortly.
Did Lauren [r] leave her ailing mother [Nancy Salzman] to go to Mexico? Will she voluntarily return?

A source [who was at Coaches Summit] said Lauren told coaches that a New York Times feature writer is going to write a positive story about DOS and will prove that Keith Raniere has nothing to do with DOS. It was her, Allison and Nicki’s idea. And the idea is a positive coaching tool that yields splendid results.

Then she zips off to Mexico? with Allison in Brooklyn [?]and Nicki in Clifton Park [?]

Her mother remains behind – deeply culpable for many crimes – although possibly not crimes arising from the activities of DOS.

Will any escape by fleeing in Mexico?


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  • “Her mother remains behind – deeply culpable for many crimes – although possibly not crimes arising from the activities of DOS.” That sentence is defamatory and highly so, because it accuses someone of being a criminal. You should at least back a statement like that up if you’re going to publish it, with, you know, facts, that clearly support your claim. I read that, and then I went looking for who ‘Frank Report is,’ and was surprised to learn it was you, Mr. Parlato. I hadn’t heard that you’d done ‘sleazy’ reporting**, only that you’d helped to bring down Nxivm, which is admirable. **A quote from another article of yours.



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