Should she talk? Darth Van Douche responds to Lena on Raniere and Kristin Kreuk

Lena made a comment on the story Fan Defends Kristin Kreuk’s role in NXIVM.

Lena wrote: … I’d like to see [from Kreuk] some emotional courage and realization that she was involved with a bad guy [Raniere]. Maybe he wasn’t abusive to her, but she now knows he’s been abusive to other women and she should be appalled that she was ever involved in his organization. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask for.

A regular commenter, Darth Van Douche, responded to Lena.

I didn’t ask why are you so obsessed with Kristin Kreuk. I said why are you “so obsessed with a celebrity denouncing VanDouche”?

What does it matter what one particular celebrity says concerning him? Does it make it different than what normal people have come out and said? Other celebrities have already denounced him like Sara Edmondson and Catherine Oxenberg. Is it because Kristin is slightly more well known? Does that give her more authority or weight in what she says? The negative news is already all across the world and supposedly Kristin left around eight years ago. What relevance does she have to DOS and the current state of events?

Also, I don’t know what it means by ‘she was involved with a bad guy.’ Apparently, she took and coached some courses. There are plenty of groups out there that teach the same type of self-improvement courses. Cults hide behind behind organizational fronts. Not everyone in a group is in the cult, and not everyone more involved knows what goes on at the deeper layers. There is no evidence that Miss Kreuk was ever involved in the latter.

Maybe she quit because she thought she learned all she could. Maybe she quit because she wanted to focus on acting. Maybe VanDouche tried to sexually harass her into sleeping with him and she was disgusted by smelly guy and left. Maybe she just felt like leaving. Who cares? It seems obvious to me that she doesn’t support it.

VanDouche is the issue. Not some celebrity who left a long time ago.

Four former members of NXIVM: Back: Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson, Front: Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk

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5 years ago

Since she left long before DOS started, I think the only thing she should feel bad about is not getting Mack and Clyne out with her. Giving her reasons for leaving might get a little more attention on it, but she should save that bullet for when the public attention starts to die down. Or at the very least try another intervention with any family Mack has.

what did Kristin Know and when did she know it?
what did Kristin Know and when did she know it?
5 years ago

Posters have speculated when and why Kristin finally quit NXIVM…maybe she became aware of some of the terrible things KR had been, and still was, doing.

But just days after she joined in 2006, an article was written warning her it was a cult. Tho with no mention of the sexual aspects, the article still made clear that bad things were known or suspected about the cult.

“Will Kristin Kreuk end up being controlled by the “world’s strangest executive coach”?
Maybe someone should fly in to rescue the 24-year-old actress from this purported “cult”? But Superman can’t fulfill that task, like he does on Smallville, rescuing Lana Lang from various evils and catastrophes. Instead, for this situation Kristin Kreuk must rely upon her personal power of critical thinking, with perhaps a little help from family, a boyfriend and/or her management team.”

Probably she never heard the warning, or was told by her boyfriend to ignore it.

5 years ago

Isn’t the nature of these posts to air our personal opinions, to talk about different sides of an issue? Do you really think it’s necessary to tell me “What don’t you get here? Kristin is not you. She is a different person with a different personality.”.

“She doesn’t need to denounce Raniere to tell people sexual branding, manipulation, starvation diets, underage sex with teen girls, etc. is wrong.

And that’s where I think you’re wrong because Kreuk wasn’t just a member of a self-help group, she was a recruiter and I know according to you, she only brought in three people (which I don’t believe by the way), but that’s still more then enough to feel guilty for. She decided to leave for whatever reasons, but don’t you think she owes it to the people she recruited? Whatever she knew before, she now knows how dangerous Raniere’s group is–wouldn’t your conscience be nagging at you to help?

An abuser can only continue to be successful if people keep quiet about what they know.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lena

“And that’s where I think you’re wrong because Kreuk wasn’t just a member of a self-help group, she was a recruiter and I know according to you,”

You’re still not getting it. The self-help group is structured like an Multi-level Marketing (MLM) scheme. It is the nature of MLMs to get their participants to recruit other people. MLMs exist in a number of industries. Amway is an MLM and has nothing to do with self-improvement. Being a recruiter to take and coach classes for self-improvement is not equivalent to being a recruiter to bring women into a sex cult.

“she was a recruiter and I know according to you, she only brought in three people (which I don’t believe by the way),”

Whether you believe it or not doesn’t make it any less factual. We can believe anything we want, in dragons or that the aliens. She recruited three people, two of which are no longer in the group. The only one who remains is Allison. And from some previous comments here if they are to be believed, it appears that Kristin did try to stage an intervention to extricate Allison (whatever that means), but obviously it did not work. There’s only so much you can do.

” but that’s still more then enough to feel guilty for.”

Why does she need to feel guilty for anything? Her guilt should be dependent only upon her intentions. Was her intention to get women abused? Was her intention convince women to support a polyamorous lifestyle? It is a known fact that followers in the core lied that Raniere was a monk to lower level members. Was her intention to bring Allison into a group where she thought she would eventually give up most of her acting career and provide what people have pejoratively described as “pimping” services for Raniere? I would wager no as the answer to all of these questions. Like it has been stated in many places on the internet, cults hide behind legitimate business fronts and are structured in layers. The classic example given for them is they are like onions. Depending upon how deep the rabbit hole is, people on the outside layers don’t know what goes on in the inside layers. There is absolutely nothing Kristin should feel guilty of in this situation. She’s not the victimizer. She was just a misinformed participant who got fooled into bringing people into a group that wasn’t what it purported to be, just like many others. She just happened to leave a lot sooner.

5 years ago

Again not obsessed with anyone, and I’m not to sure why I have to keep repeating myself on that point or why you felt the need to make a specific post about my responses on a differend post but what the hell, I’ll play along. If I was involved in an organization–or had been involved–and it was revealed that the leader of said organization was accused of hurting people, you bet I’d be talking to my local media, even though I’m just a private citizen. If everyone who was involved, even if they weren’t hurt, spoke out against men who are abusers, maybe the men would stop their abuse

And yes Kreuk does have a minimal amount of power and she should be using it to help stop this abusive cult.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lena

What don’t you get here? Kristin is not you. She is a different person with a different personality.
According to Susan Donnes, she moved on at least eight years ago for whatever reason, well before the branding, starvation diets and sexual manipulation of DOS. She even moved on before the big Times Union article by James Odato that exposed NXIVM and Raniere back in 2012. Just because she was in the group in some capacity doesn’t mean she knew about any of the inner and unethical workings of the cult.

If I worked for a company ten years ago and it came to be known that it cheated people for whatever reason four years ago, why does it make it my obligation to speak out about a company I have no association with anymore? I had nothing to do with it. I moved on with my life. I don’t have to denounce the cheating of the company to tell people it is wrong. I don’t have to stop its cheating. The same applies to Kristin. She doesn’t need to denounce Raniere to tell people sexual branding, manipulation, starvation diets, underage sex with teen girls, etc. is wrong.

5 years ago

good points. especially the smelly man one hahah 😛

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