NXIVM uses Mickey Mouse website to attack Zarattini and Parlato

By Frank Parlato;

Once again, the media-savvy geniuses at NXIVM are using all their skills to attack [like a knife].

Using the same blog, ndmnoticias.com, that was used to heap ignominy on this writer’s head, the blog [which has all the appearance of a real news website, sans content] has come out with a scathing attack on NXIVM whistle-blower, Toni Zarratini.

The Zarratini story was posted on January 23rd. As of January 29th, the story has garnered a whopping 130 views [more than 20 per day].

This compares with the similarly staggering totals on their story attacking this writer:  The Case resolution continues Frank Parlato has attracted 269 views since it was posted on January 19th.

The number of visitors might not matter much to the media whizzes of NXIVM – for the intended audience might be merely NXIVM members – [an ever dwindling group] who can be dutifully directed to ndmnoticias.com  –  [they read only what they are told] to prove what NXIVM coaches have been telling the gullible lambs: that the whistle-blowers and critics of NXIVM are actually criminals, as if ndmnoticias.com  were an authoritative and legitimate media.

It is not.

As evidence of this – consider – since January 19th, only two news stories have been posted on the ndmnoticia.com website under national news [nacional archives]: The Zarratini and Parlato stories.

Of course, one might argue that, of all the pressing stories of national import in Mexico – certainly, the Parlato story [about how I will look in 20 years after I get out of prison for alleged crimes I have not been convicted of] and the alleged Zarratini extortion of innocent NXIVM officials –  are certainly two of the most important stories – and of gripping intensity – affecting the lives of all Mexicans everywhere.

A real criminal – as yet unnoticed by ndmnoticias: Keith Raniere.


This picture of Toni Zarratini is used with the ndmnoticias story about him.


In any event, and without further ado, here is precision-like media attack on Toni Zarratini.

[Note if you find it incomprehensible, join the club.]

English: Who is Antonio Zarattini responsible for the extortion attempt against ESP?

After the end of last year, when the company Executive Success Programs (ESP) announced it was the target of extortion by a group of former employees, one of the most famous names within it, was the Mexican businessman Antonio Zarattini Aceves.

Zarattini Aceves, according to the criminal lawyer Diego Ruíz, is the main one responsible for trying to obtain economic benefits through a process of extortion against the high executives of ESP, which was reported to the Attorney General’s Office of Justice. Mexico City.

Crackerjack NXIVM attorney, Diego Ruiz.

The attempted extortion was not the only illegal act of the criminal  according to Ruiz, Zarattini Aceves was also identified by testimony before the authorities as an accomplice to the crime of extortion and is likely responsible for additional violations of the Industrial Property Law and Economic Competition Law, because he took confidential information illegally from the company ESP.

“We are talking about Zarattini Aceves, in addition to the fact that there are elements that definitely linked him to the group accused of extortion, stole information corresponding to the company’s clients and used it to commit acts of sabotage; a situation that also represents violations of the laws on Data Protection and Economic Competition, “said the lawyer.

Added to this, the criminal said he had no knowledge of any case of unusual operation against ESP, so he also does not know if there is any complaint or investigation against the company, and, therefore, the accusations that Antonio Zarattini could do against them, are unfounded and would be completely false.


In Spanish:

¿Quien es Antonio Zarattini responsable del intento de extorsión en contra de ESP?

Luego de que a finales del año pasado se diera a conocer que la empresa Executive Sucess Programs (ESP) fue objeto de blancos de extorsión por un grupo de sus ex colaboradores, uno de los nombres más sonados dentro del mismo, fue el del empresario mexicano Antonio Zarattini Aceves.

Zarattini Aceves, es de acuerdo al abogado penalista Diego Ruíz, el principal responsable al tratar de obtener beneficios económicos a través de un proceso de extorsión en contra de los altos ejecutivos de ESP, mismo que fue denunciado ante la Procuraduría de General de la Justicia de la Ciudad de México.

Lo anterior, no fue de la sorpresa del penalista Ruíz, pues Zarattini Aceves fue señalado también por testimonios ante la autoridad como cómplice del delito de extorsión y responsable de probables violaciones adicionales a la Ley de Propiedad Industrial y de Competencia Económica, pues sustrajo información confidencial de forma ilegal de la compañía ESP.

“Estamos hablando de que Zarattini Aceves, además de que existen elementos para asegurar que se encuentra vinculado con el grupo acusado de extorsión, sustrajo información correspondiente a los clientes de la empresa y la empleó para cometer actos de sabotaje; situación que representa también violaciones a la legislación en materia de Protección de Datos y de Competencia Económica”, comentó el jurista.

Aunado a esto, el penalista comentó no tener conocimiento sobre ningún caso de operación fuera de lo normal en contra de ESP, por lo que también desconoce si existe alguna denuncia o investigación en contra de la compañía, y por ende las acusaciones que Antonio Zarattini pudiera hacer en contra de ellos, están infundadas y serían completamente falsas.


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  • As a New York state resident, I am happy that this freak show appears to be moving “South of the Border.”
    Maybe it can be rebranded as “Mexium”.

    There are some Raniere activities which I can happily say will probably continue no matter where the Vanguard sets up shop, the primary activity being the separation of the Bronfgirls from the entirety of their inherited wealth; this is a story I can not read enough of.

    Of course, my ultimate hope is that the noose tightens around the Vanguard’s neck to the point where he is forced to abdicate and flee to Fiji with Clare Bronfman. Hopefully KR will be wise enough to bring two burlap sacks: One to put over Clare so he will not have to look at her, and one for KR to wear in case Clare’s falls off.

    • KR needs to be forced to look at Clare for the rest of his life here on earth and all his future lives. that shall be one of his eternal punishments.

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