Another Mexican press release touting a well known Mexican endorsing ESP

Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas and Clare Bronfman are now putting out their best efforts to get positive media coverage – and as an added dash – attack at least one of their enemies – me – via the media. [I might add that I am up to the challenge.]
Last week, they encouraged Frederico De La Madrid [the son of a former Mexican president] to tell Mexicans that Executive Success Programs really improved his life. The press release appeared on at least two news websites.
This week, another individual has come forward and, in almost identical language, has made the same claims.
English version as it appeared in

ESP has allowed me to achieve achievements: Juan Silanes

The Mexican pharmaceutical entrepreneur, Juan Silanes, attributes the international expansion of his company, Inosan Biopharma, to the ESP program

By Metro Mexico
Photo of Juan Silanes used in online story.


The Mexican pharmaceutical entrepreneur, Juan Silanes, said that his success is thanks to the Executive Success Programs (ESP) program, which has been present in our country for some years.

According to Silanes, ESP, a company founded by the American scientist and businessman, Keith Raniere, has given him different bases to achieve all kinds of achievements, since he has also remained close to it for a long period.

“I’ve been doing this for the past 7 years, and I’ve been able to do it thanks to the tools that ESP and Keith Raniere have provided in my life,” the businessman said in a statement.

On the other hand, he also attributes the international expansion of his company Inosan Biopharma to the ESP program, since today they are present in more countries than he would have ever imagined.

“We are present in 30 countries, we are dedicated to bringing anti poisons to the farthest corners of the earth,” Juan Silanes said in a statement.

We should point out that the company and the Executive Success Programs (ESP), developed by Keith Raniere, also have the participation of his partner and developer, Nancy Salzman, who teach a program that helps develop and promote human potential.

ESP me ha permitido alcanzar logros: Juan Silanes

El empresario farmacéutico mexicano, Juan Silanes atribuye la expansión internacional de su empresa Inosan Biopharma al programa ESP

Por Publimetro México

El empresario farmacéutico mexicano, Juan Silanes, dijo que su éxito obtenido es gracias al programa Executive Success Programs (ESP), el cual esta presente en nuestro país desde hace algunos años.

De acuerdo a Silanes, ESP, compañía fundada por el científico y empresario estadounidense, Keith Raniere, le ha otorgado distintas bases para alcanzar todo tipo de logros, pues además se ha mantenido cerca del mismo por un largo periodo.

“Llevo haciendo esto durante los últimos 7 años, y he podido hacerlo gracias a las herramientas que ESP y Keith Raniere han proveído en mi vida”, apuntó el empresario en un comunicado.

Por otro lado, también atribuye la expansión internacional de su empresa Inosan Biopharma al programa ESP, pues hoy en día están presentes en más países de los que jamás habría imaginado.

“Estamos presentes en 30 países, nos dedicamos a llevar anti venenos a los rincones más lejanos de la tierra”, señaló Juan Silanes en un comunicado.

Debemos señalar, que la compañía y el programa Executive Success Programs (ESP), desarrollados por Keith Raniere, también cuentan con la participación de su socia y desarrolladora Nancy Salzman, quienes imparten un programa que ayuda a desarrollar e impulsar el potencial humano.

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  • Hey, now that Raniere and Clare are in Mexico, let’s set up a GoFundMe page to pay for Trump’s wall.

  • Only employs 1 – 9 employees. It apppears this Juan silanes is trying to piggyback off a same named Mexican born in 1943 who is much better known in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • On his FB page this guy lives in Albany NY. So how can he support Raniere for Mexico?
    I say, let Mexico have the cult, keep the cult and all cult members and follow their grand master to Mexico. Let this be Mexico problem.
    Let Raniere moleste, rape and rip off the Mexican people if they want him. Laws are much tougher if he found breaking the law down there.

    Go Mexico, have your Master, Go Mexico, he’s your problem… now. Please take Clare with him… please.

  • If a CV sounds too good to be true,…..

    Being a CEO of FOUR different companies and a regional coordinator for a fifth entity at the same time with a bachelor’s degree in literature. I am doing something wrong here. Honestly. And he is supposed to have knowledge in biotechnology and life sciences aka biology, chemistry, pharmacy and so on. Who hires someone as a CEO who has no useful background to such a company. You should know something about what the company is doing or how a company is run. This would include things like law, toxicology, business and so on. But he does not even list any form of formal training in any of these topics.

    His master must have taught him well. I would say his daddy is rich or he is a bullshit artist.

  • Let’s say there is a family in which there are 6 kids (5 boys and youngest daughter) and a father. the father raises all the kids. The father ends up molesting the youngest daughter, and she gets traumatized and ends her life. The youngest son find out about his sister and confronts the father. The father denies the allegations, and there is a fight. Now lets say the son is so disappointed that he too decides to end his life. Now the 4 elder sons are feeling sad that two of their siblings committed suicide, and also offended at allegations against their father of not having taken care of his younger kids.. no one really knows the truth. So now we have 4 kids who become successful in life, and in part they are indebted to their father for raising them and enabling them to be successful, while the father has a dirty secret… Moral of the story is just because some good came out of something, it doesn’t negate any bad… ALL THAT FUCKING MATTERS IS THE TRUTH!

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