Original FAQ for Girls By Design – authored by Kristin Kruek [ghost written by Ranniere?]

Kristin Kreuk started a group called Girls By Design {GBD] which sought to recruit teen girls into a sexy fun club and gather information about them. The group was at its heyday during the time Kreuk was being widely used by Nxivm to recruit members. Kreuk did not disband the group even after it was reported in the Albany Times Union that her mentor Keith Raniere had raped teen girls.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, the original FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]  – placed online by Girls By Design [www.girlsbydesign.com] is available for our review.

Girls By Design or GBD was designed to attract young teen girls [girls only] to a special group – organized by Kristin Kreuk – TV actress and NXIVM coach – ostensibly to help them and teach them new things.

It was nice – or was it – that a famous TV star would be interested in holding events and providing a forum for teen girls?

The presence of the monster in the shadows – that monster being Keith Alan Raniere and his penchant for little girls – makes it all suspicious and given rise to some controversial discussion on Frank Report.

Kruek was a coach for NXIVM – the organization that Raniere led. She was a Yellow Sash with Two Stripes – a rank which costs much time and a lot of money to obtain.

Kreuk was, along with Allison Mack, the poster girl for NXIVM recruitment.  Kruek lent her name to college surveys on NXIVM-controlled websites and appeared in concerts where college students were pitched by NXIVM for recruitment into the group.

Many believe Kreuk was used – whether knowingly or not – to recruit teen girls – first into Girls By Design – then later into NXIVM [or Jness – a women’s offshoot of NXIVM] and then in time – for a select few – for Raniere’s delectation and personal exploitation.  This has never been proven.

It is not known who designed the FAQ below – although Kreuk is the front-women for the GBD group.

Here is the FAQ as of June 29, 2012:


Q: What is a Girls by Design workshop?

A: The mission of the GBD workshops is to bring teens together and aid them in building a strong sense of self, and an ability to empathize with those around them. GBD workshops are built around creativity, fun and holistic learning. Check out our past workshop with Time Out Retreat

Q: How can I get a Girls by Design Workshop in my city/country?
A: Keep checking the site to see where we will be holding our next workshops.

Q: I am not in your demographic; can I still be involved?
A: Yes! You can spread the word, be an example, send us info on any amazing females out there, send info on companies that you support… you get the idea.

Q: Why only girls and not boys?
A: Um… Girls are better. No! We actually noticed a fairly significant lack of content building and social networking sites that are female-only. Our content will be geared specifically towards ladies for now.

Q: Do you have an address/PO box that I can send mail to?
A: PO Box #19158 Fourth Ave RPO Vancouver BC V6K 4R8 (this is NOT the place to send Kristin or Smallville Fan Mail)

Q: What do you do with our information?
A: We give it all to the government! Just kidding! We use your information for demographic purposes and, if you’re cool with getting some newsletters from us every now and then, we’ll use it for that too. Your personal information remains private!

Q: Can we make suggestions? If so, where?
A: You can! We love suggestions. Please send them to info@girlsbydesign.com.

Q: How can I contribute?
A: YAY! We love contributors… you can spread the word, be the example, and if you really want to go crazy submit writing for the blog and Newsletter. Check the blogs sidebar to find out how!

Q: How do I get off your newsletter?
A: Email us from the email account you want removed. We’ll make sure you get promptly removed and we won’t bug you anymore!

Q: How do I delete my account?
A: See: How do I get off your newsletter?

Q: Why doesn’t my password work?
A: Have you tried resetting it? Give that a shot but if you still have issues, email us!

Q: Is this all there is to Girls by Design?!
A: Of course not! This new blog is the just the next step, we have many more amazing things to follow, the GBD Empire will soon be underway. Click here to read out Press Package.

Q: Who did such a beautiful job on your website?
A: Our amazing web team, Cory – designer extraordinaire and our Javascript ninja, Adam.


The GBD blog has many things of interest. Unfortunately, you cannot view it without a password.


The http://www.girlsbydesign.com website today requires a password. Why?


Happily, the Wayback Machine captured plenty of pages of the GBD blog before GBD went secretive.

Here, for example, is a quote for teen girls found on GBD:

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places” – Ernest Hemingway.

It seems odd that that this quote is meant for teen girls. Not to read something sinister into everything Keith Raniere is involved in, but the quote sounds like it could be planned as a prep for statutory rape.


Here is another quote from GBD:

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.”
― Jack KerouacOn the Road

Not to suspect Keith of ill motives – but I wonder if this isn’t how Keith himself would like to be described to teen girls?

The blog even has a section on anorexia – which may be perfectly well-intended – and if some of us didn’t know that Keith was mad about thin teen girls – it would pass the smell test without a second thought – as simply being helpful to girls with eating disorders.

The question in the end is –was Kristin Kreuk just trying to be helpful, trying to donate time to help little girls, or even having a wee bit of selfish motive -but not sinister – of just trying to build a fan base?

Or is there something darker behind it?  And then, if there was- if there was a Keith Raniere plan to get a ripe few teen girls within his dominion – by slow frog-boiling little ones – perhaps those without proper parental care or guidance – slowly over to Clifton Park for mentoring – perhaps some tutoring on Algebra or Latin – he is an expert in Latin – then the true question is – how much did Kreuk know?

Maybe not anything at all, but she would have to be rather stupid and oblivious, both to know nothing.

Head up in her ass stupid. Consider this – that the date of the screenshot capture of the FAQ was June 29, 2012 – four months after Raniere was exposed in the pages of the Albany Times Union as a stinking pedophile with a predilection for teen girls.  The story even exposed how, with the help of other women, Raniere accomplished his designs on young girls.

It may not have been by design – this Girls by Design – it could be a coincidence that a top coach for Keith Raniere – who happened to have fame and be a attractive to teen girls who wanted to be like her – is promoting a teen girls group [it had to be only girls].

A coincidence? Sure it could be. But then again enough coincidences, as they say in the FBI, make a fact.


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  • “and if you really want to go crazy submit writing for the blog and Newsletter.”

    This has Keith’s crazy-maker prints all over it.

  • Did she commit something immoral?
    Yes! Living with another boy without marriage is immoral.
    Is she a whore/cunt?
    I dont know what is a whore/cunt in the western world but for sure she fucked more than two guys. In my world it is considered as a whore. Yes! She is a whore, she is ambitious and she would likely bed grumpy rich old man to get the role of a lifetime. She do not have a name, edgemont is unheard of, she was famous because of the word superman which has a lot of fans abroad.

    The words above cannot get past her beautiful face, it is not enough to convince people to stop their support to her. The worst part is, we underestimate her prowess in psychology and it is also important to add that she is a actor.

    The fbi wont go after her, there was no evidence in words that she participated in branding girls for keith, the was no evidence that she drove/give girls to keith ( for his sexual appetite ). Its hard to convict her on money laundering when she has alibis like being involve in charity organization ( some parks she promoted for donations, a homeless shelter etc. ) Telling the world that she is a cultist also lacks the allure to make her a bad person simply because the cult she is in is not elaborated what kind of cult it is. Is it a murdering cult, do they look at keith like Jesus Christ? Is it a muslim cult that proclaims that Allah choose Keith as the new prophet of the west. Does this murders people for fun? Do they do it as a human sacrifice ( to make upstate ny a warmer place ).?

    Every topic here should elaborate what kind of cult nxvim is e.g. nxvim is headed by Kristin Laura Renaire, although it reality Keith Renaire runs the cult in the shadow. Kristin Laura Renaire, also known a kristin laura kreuk in the morning believes that Keith Renaire is the new messiah, kristin even said in a youtube clip that she wanted to save the world, she do not believe that Christianity is a religion because the bible stories has a lot of genocide stories, one can notice this reading half of the old testament. She believes that Keith ( her now better one quarter, the other one quarters are allison mack, nikki and a jane doe ) a peaceful loving, gun violence advocate will save the world the kal-el way.

    This is the time to smear her belief, religion included. This is the time to smear her feminist idea etc. To show the world that she is not a victim of mind control, to show the world that she is a bad person who bashed Christianity but promotes a cult in behalf of her lover.

    This page is terrible in making bad pr for her, people might buy her statements saying she is a victim of Mark Hildreth.

    I wrote gibberish but just my two cents.

    The western court is design so people like my father can get away with everything.The western court is design for the rich and powerful. She will disco dance this storm scratch free.


    • Ka-lel
      Are you referring to Kruek as a whore? It’s hard to follow your post, but even if Kruek had slept with a hundred men, it would not be a crime, so I’m unsure of what you’re saying.
      Then you go on to mention your father. Was your father involved in NXIVM?

  • DOS slave “Jane” has been verified by Frank as real. She said she was brought into NXIXM by Kristin Kreuk from GBD. If so, that is huge. What about other GBD girls?

  • I gotta say I am stunned to see that Jack Kerouac quote about cherishing “madness” from “On the Road” in this GBD sales pitch targeting young girls.

    Gina greatly admired Kerouac’s works and that very quote was one she recited most often. Her “Beat poet” phase was among her earliest, when she and Keith were most inseparable.

    It’s as if Keith is STILL using Gina as his playbook to build a better “Girl Trap.”

    I’d say he most definitely had a huge hand in designing GBD and in targeting the youngest crowd possible. Gina went through other literary phases (like we all do) at an older age but here Keith’s using the material that appealed to Gina very early on.

    There’s also a lot to be said about the references to “madness” but too complicated for here. Suffice to say that I believe deep down and strongly that Keith really was/is trying to pick on more emotionally vulnerable or less mentally stable girls, if not deliberately make them so and therefore more malleable.

    Frank’s observations on the Ernest Hemingway quote is not “a reach,” either.

    • Plus what DOS slave “Jane” said about GBD being created to identify girls earlier on for a “feminist approach” to BDSM. And she claims she started in GBD thru Kreuk. Now she is a DOS slave and defends it.

    • — Frank’s observations on the Ernest Hemingway quote is not “a reach,” either.

      It absolutely is a total reach. There is nothing sexual in that quote by Hemingway. “Broken” is an oft used metaphorical term by a number of famous and not so famous poets to represent the condition of a person who has suffered trials and tribulations that have had such a negative impact on the soul that it is said to be broken or shattered into multiple pieces. It has absolutely nothing to do with taking the virginity of a female.

    • Also, using quotes by famous literary people will appeal to many a voracious reader, Kristin being one of them. That quote by Kerouac in particular would appeal to people who could be considered outcasts or “not normal” – like VanFraud with his weird value system – and so would be perfect opportunities to draw into a group that could love-bomb them. It’s also not a sexual quote at all. While there’s a distinct possibility that VanFraud was internally salivating at using GBD for his own nefarious purposes, none of this implies that Kristin had the same intentions at all. Insinuations such as this must be PROVEN. As it has often been stated by many former members, VanFraud was very good at hiding his real motivations from many people, and it is a good thing that Odato and the Times Union published that article because it ultimately led to Kristin’s leaving so he couldn’t use GBD in such a way.

      • What qualifies you to state she left because of the Times Union article? You don’t, but you want it to be true. If she was so disgusted at it and being named in it, she would not of remained pro-NXIVM at least for another three years after it was published.

        • What qualifies you saying that she didn’t? “You don’t, but you want it to be true.”

          I already explained myself a number of times. She started auditioning for TV pilot season in LA in the early Spring of 2012 and started filming “Beauty and the Beast” in the Summer of 2012. On average for a lead that’s 14 hr days 5-6 days a week. That’s for a 22 episode season that lasted ten months in the year for two years. She also stated she left by 2013 and Sarah Edmondson confirmed it. A serendipitous set of events that allowed her to leave without controversy and without drama.

          What do you have? Nothing.

          • No, YOU have nothing. You stated without any evidence she left because of the Times Union articles. That’s what YOU said.

          • Gawd you’re obtuse. That is my evidence for why I believe she left. I don’t have a voice recording by her that says she left on such and such a date or some NXIVM Certificate of Departure that says so.

        • Filming Smallville and other things did not stop her from being in the cult. She drove the four hour drive from Vancouver to Tacoma regularly too.

      • Thank you for conceding that Keith had distinct motives I would agree it’s possible these young ladies could not conceive of at the time.

        Will you consider accepting that the truth might scream out at those of us who know Keith et al, what they’ve done and what they’re capable of — including, yes, deftly using others under often false pretexts — when we recognize it?

        You make very eloquent, sound arguments sometimes, Sultan, but I don’t believe for a second you really think Kristin honed in all on her own on the very same Jack Kerouac quote as my sister, however voraciously Kristin says she reads. All the greater odds against that, if so. Not that Kristin would ever fib.

        • — Sultan, but I don’t believe for a second you really think Kristin honed in all on her own on the very same Jack Kerouac quote as my sister, however voraciously Kristin says she reads. All the greater odds against that, if so. Not that Kristin would ever fib.

          I never stated or implied that she did. I only said that such a quote would APPEAL to her since she reads a lot. NXIVM engendered its students, members, followers, etc., to quote a lot of famous people. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi was a famous statement many of them quoted and I guess tried to live by. Most people are touched by memorable quotes. I’m not surprised that VanFraud would regurgitate quotes by famous people that resonate with others in order to manipulate them.

          • Yes, that’s the point — Keith et al *were* regurgitating epithets (using famous quotes) on GBD recruits that worked so well on their prior, youngest rape and “brain washing” victims.

            It proves that there *was* a direct link to NXIVM and Keith’s shared bed, despite your fantasy girl —Kristin Kruek’s — claims to the contrary.

            The question becomes why did Kristin Kruek DENY that Keith et al wrote that GBD sales pitch when it’s clear that they — not just Kristin or Kendra — scripted this pitch and probably the entire GBD program.

          • Are you seriously trying to suggest that quotes of famous people have causal power to draw teenage girls into VanFraud’s bed?

        • Heidi, stop KISSING Sultan’s ASS.

          His arguments are canned bullshit straight from the reputation management handbook which sits on his desk. He’s a fucken professional, you dumbshit, since no sane person would respond to 100% of negative KK posts with such lengthy and detailed arguments. Only a professional would do that. He probably gets minimum wage to post positive things on forums about certain people.

          Now grow up and stop kissing his ass unless you have a thing for him, in which case you two need to get a room.

          • ROFL. I’m not a professional at all in such matters. I just went to college, have an outside interest in philosophy, and have been engaging in rational discourse for many years.

            My professional source of income is from IT.

          • How am I kissing Sultan’s ass? Just because I’m not hurling racial slurs and hate speech at him? He makes decent arguments at times as opposed to the indecency that typically prevails here.

            I would prefer to believe, like Sultan does, that most of the girls including Kruek were clueless and innocent, deserving of empathy and compassion.

            Unfortunately, that’s not quite panning out in view of some of these factual nuggets such as “Jane” and this GBD research have to offer.

      • Insinuation such as this must be PROVEN, you say?

        In what court? LOL.

        I doubt that you use the same logic when talking about Trump’s many critics who propose the most nonsensical things about him which have far less evidence to back them up, such as the Pee Pee Dossier and about 1000 other things.

        Such as legit news organizations actually saying Trump is worse than (or equal to) Hitler when in fact not only was Hitler responsible for tens of millions of deaths and slave labor, but any person who criticized Hitler even privately (let alone on the news) would be arrested and tortured once the Gestapo got word by tattlers, and then usually put to death, with their kids given to a good Nazi family to be raised, lol).

        Hitler wanted “German Citizens” (of Jewish Descent) killed and/or deported to slave labor camps, while Trump merely wants illegal aliens who aren’t US citizens to be deported back to their legal countries so they can apply for US residency the legal way, by waiting their turn in line. I fail to see the connection to Hitler, LOL, but that doesn’t stop legit news people and probably YOURSELF from not using the same logical standards that you claim apply to KK.

        You’re a FUCKEN hypocrite Sultan.

        I know you fucken hate Trump and therefore you don’t apply the same “evidence” standards when talking about Trump’s rumors and Pee Pee Dossier.

        You’re a piece of shit and it’s my fervent hope that God will SHIT ON YOU when you attempt to enter Heaven’s Gates.

          • The alt-right boys are inviting you to a dual, Sultan — to apply your formidable powers of persuasive argument to politics not just pussy.

        • You posted your Trumpian defense on the wrong website.

          This blog is debating whether Kristin Kreuk is worse than Hitler, and if she is in a pee tape,

  • GBD is problematic for KK and should be looked into, however it was going on since at least Jan 2009….years before “the date of the screenshot capture of the FAQ was June 29, 2012 – four months after Raniere was exposed in the pages of the Albany Times Union as a stinking pedophile with a predilection for teen girls.”

    • Whoa, Kristin says in this she wants GBD girls around the age of 12?!

      At least she’s giving them some warning what they’re in for with that crying baby in her arms. …Except most 12 year olds can’t even get preggers yet.

      Someone should also let Kristin know how many abortions Keith’s paramours were forced to undergo before making another pitch with a baby in it. Pam Caffritz, for instance, had over 10 at last count.

  • Keith never raped anyone. Every woman and young lady have consent. A girl
    Has a special power to give consent at almost any age. She owns her own body. To deprive a teen girl the right to accept the Vanguard is like denying the sun the right to shine. You. Any stop it. We cannot Oney man made laws We Must obey natural law. You girls must remember when you were 12 or 13 and you saw a superb older man and you wanted him. The age of consent laws force girls to have sued with cloddish teen boys. When they could have a Vanguard. Are you all Isabel? What would you rather it be sex it’s a teen boy who knows nothing of wisdom or ethics and is just out to grooe and let and get his rocks off – or a masterful teacher who can show you the intoriccies of pleasure though the key opened through his magic wand ? I opt fo magic. What about you ?

    • Very funny, Schlock, but not entirely true. Keith wanted to and did break their hearts, spirits, will and minds. Starting with their hymens, albeit.

  • From what limited knowledge I have on actresses I do know they are usually particular as to what they put their name on. GBD had to have a long term plan and for Kristen to validate it then she had to know the ultimate goal.
    Interesting that she supposedly quit Nxivm 1 year later. And didn’t GBD fizzle out shortly after?
    Maybe she quit for the right reasons? Just a thought , I know the timeframe she was involved in Nxivm is clear up to 2016. But nothing is known for sure.

  • Any news on that “Saigon” thing Jane the DOS slave mentioned? Also, Kreuk had GBD teens fill out questionaires and we’re contacted privately if they said something she and Voth liked. What were they trying to identify? Girls willing to…

  • — “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places” – Ernest Hemingway.

    It seems odd that that this quote is meant for teen girls. Not to read something sinister into everything Keith Raniere is involved in, but the quote sounds like it could be planned as a prep for statutory rape.

    WOW. Talk about a massive reach. An Ernest Hemingway quote is used to metaphorically refer to “breaking in” girls? It is said by psychologists that people often read into things what their minds suppose and then they project them onto others, hence the term “projection”.

    — The blog even has a section on anorexia – which may be perfectly well-intended – and if some of us didn’t know that Keith was mad about thin teen girls – it would pass the smell test without a second thought – as simply being helpful to girls with eating disorders.

    Another massive reach. Keith’s sexual proclivity for teen girls wasn’t publicly revealed in any major media publication until four years AFTER Girls by Design was started. Anorexia has been a problem with teen girls for many years. Also, VanFraud doesn’t prefer anorexic girls. He prefers skinny ones. There is a medical difference between the two.

    – Head up in her ass stupid. Consider this – that the date of the screenshot capture of the FAQ was June 29, 2012 – four months after Raniere was exposed in the pages of the Albany Times Union as a stinking pedophile with a predilection for teen girls. The story even exposed how, with the help of other women, Raniere accomplished his designs on young girls.

    That’s one hell of a non-sequitur. How is the date of a “screenshot capture” even relevant? The date of the actual publishing of the content is more relevant and even that is irrelevant to a company that was founded well before the publication of said revelations.

    More retrofitting of future events into past history.

  • The GBD Logo uses a silhouette of a butterfly.

    The website The Vigilant Citizen exposes the butterfly symbol as a part of MK-Ultra mind control.
    Especially the Monarch Butterfly.
    MK10Art discussed this point a few days ago.
    The butterfly signifies transformation.
    “Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control”

    Monarch mind control is named after the Monarch butterfly – an insect who begins its life as a worm (representing undeveloped potential) and, after a period of cocooning (programming) is reborn as a beautiful butterfly (the Monarch slave). Some characteristics specific to the Monarch butterfly are also applicable to mind control.

    • Shadow, MK10 is also convinced that Amanda Knox is guilty, even though the rapist/murderer who left his fingerprints at the crime scene, has been convicted of the crime and is in jail. Knox was freed, but crazy MK10 still thinks that Knox and her boyfriend were involved in some kind of satanic ritual murder. The facts do not support that scenario at all….
      MK10 is a conspiracy theorist who does not believe in facts.

      • With all due respect Flowers, I see your point about Amanda Knox — but it’s not really a major “conspiracy theory” to believe she was guilty as an accomplice or accessory.

        Murders are not always committed by a single person every time, necessarily.

        The murderer was first linked to the murder scene via his stool sample which he forgot to flush and just left sitting in the toilet, if my memory serves me. Yes, he’s guilty.

        But Amanda and her boyfriend used bleach to scrub their entire apartment on the morning after the murder, combined with other things that may have put them at the scene —- and this circumstantial evidence did get them convicted and jailed for 2 years (until an appeal’s court cleared and released them).

        Perhaps they were just there afterwards and got blood on them and cleaned up using bleach out of fear. However, I don’t personally believe a word she says and even if she’s innocent of the murder, she’s clearly a liar about certain things. So I don’t really blame others for thinking she may be part of the murder, even if only as an accessory, even though I don’t necessarily believe that myself.

        I’m also guessing you support Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay — and I’m sure you hate the RCMP for doing that “Mr. Big” sting operation on them, LOL.

        I personally believe both are guilty as sin.

        I don’t hate the RCMP for doing that “Mr. Big” operation. Yes, it would be illegal for the FBI to do that, but the RCMP was allowed to do it. Personally, the sting operation was only a small part of the evidence which convinces me of their guilt. They are bad apples.

        • Burns and Rafay are guilty…no doubts in my mind. I only mention the Amamda Knox case because MK10 is obsessed with her (and is obviously obsessed with “evil women” in general) as you can see by reading her IG page. And, as far as I know, the apartment was not cleaned with bleach- it was a botched police investigation – the door to the victims room was broken down only after the roommates insisted, at which time the body was discovered and the “police” contaminated the crime scene.

          Anyways, the only point I’m making is that MK10 is a nut who does believe in weird conspiracies about mkUktra and a connection to satanic rituals….so why quote anything she says? She thinks that this is why these NXIVM women committed crimes, and that’s just not true. The truth is this was a cult, and these people were brainwashed by a sociopath….nothing to do with MK-Ultra or satanic rituals at all.

          • Who do you think I’m obsessed with???

            Mk10 is so obsessed with these women that she has painted dozens of pictures of these people, and also opened an IG account full of lies and bullshit, used just to slander Knox.
            And MK10 is too much of coward to even explain why she posted that absolute nonsense on her IG. I really hope Knox sues her.

          • Like a lot of folk, I always imagined that I was a reasonably good judge of character..

            MK10ART is a very fine artist and Lampooner. She is far from the only individual to know categorically from evidence, that Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Solecito were responsible with Rudy Guede of the murder of Meredith Kercher. I at first swallowed the PR koolaid, that Italy was fundamentally anti- feminist and quick to condemn a woman for promiscuity and had later to swallow my error on reading ALL of the legal evidence pertaining to this case. My daughter studied Law at A- level, she was given this case as a Blind Moot. It was a mighty shock to discover how wrong I was. I think all the evidence is in the public domain.

            Flowers, you were the first person to interact with me on this site, I felt so happy for that and was convinced that you were sound as a pound, for your politics and good humour. But you have persuaded me lately that you are something of a conspiracy theorist, focussing on women affected by the horrors of nxivm and somehow implying that you are being harassed by your involvement here?You are often cruel, adopting guises to troll and I’m betting, have produced nothing of the quality of the artist you throw shade on now.

          • Excuse me, OnewomanArmy? I am quite able to read, and I’ve read the information on the Amanda Knox case, and I’ve read Mk10 bizarre IG page.

            Knox and her boyfriend were cleared of the murders. They were convicted because of botched police work and because of contaminated DNA. The real killer was arrested, convicted , and is currently in jail.

            Apparently some people still want to believe that Knox killed her, even though she had no motive. So their theory is that Knox was a “crazed sex killer” who somehow persuaded her new boyfriend (and some guy she didnt even know), to help her murder her roommate. Why?….well the police dont really know …..so they decided she must have been having a threesome with these guys, and Meredith found out and scolded her. This made Amanda so furious that she stabbed her, and then told the men to sexually assault her. Hmmmm.

            If you look at Mk10 IG, you will see that she posts computer generated videos of Amanda depicted as a demonic entity, and then declares this as some type of proof that Amanda is guilty.

            But I’m the conspiracy theorist??

          • Onewomanarmy
            I also have to remark that your assumption about me is false..I dont adopt different identities to make cruel remarks about people. You have no reason to assume that about me… I may as well assume the same about you, or about anyone who posts here, as there is no way to know who writes what.

            I’m actually the complete opposite of a conspiracy theorist – the conspiracy people are those who disregard the facts and chose to believe that Knox and her boyfriend were involved in a ritual sex killing. The conspiracy theorists are those who post doctored videos of Knox that portray her as a demon.🙄

            And I NEVER said I was harassed due to any involvement here. What I did say is that the people who have harassed me (starting in 2013) have apparently been writing comments here, too. Is that so surprising, considering these “stalkers” have stalked me to a few other sites over these last few years (and I do have proof that they have stalked me to certain forums.)
            These “cult stalkers ” are the reason I found this blog in the first place.

      • Regarding Amanda Knox, although her conviction was ultimately overturned a lot of suspicion was focused on her because of her behavior in the police station right after the murder.
        Her room mate had just been brutally murdered .
        In such a circumstance most people would behave in a sober grim way.
        Amanda Know did a cartwheel and the splits in the police station.

        Amanda Knox did cartwheels and splits at police station after Meredith Kercher murder
        Amanda Knox performed a cartwheel and did the splits before being questioned by Italian police about the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, a court has heard.


        In a death investigation it does not serve one well to act in an inappropriate fashion.
        One can be sad or grim or sober.
        But acting in a flippant even jovial way will only draw police suspicion on oneself.

        Again I can disagree with MK10Art on one issue in a respectful manner but follow her opinion on other issues.
        I do believe that there is a lot of occult esoteric symbolism in the media.
        And if you look through the many articles in the Vigilant Citizen web site you will see many photos and screen shots with recurring symbols that are more than coincidences.
        Particularly the use of butterflies as symbols for transformation.

        • Shadow… people cannot be convicted on someone’s interpretation on how they should behave. People should only be convicted on evidence. Interpretations are not objective.

      • I agree flowers I never thought Amanda Knox was given a fair trial in the beginning, so unfair she had to spend so much time in a foreign prison when they knew about the possibility of another killer all along.

  • Please keep up the good work with regard to anything KK participated in.

    KK’s vague statement (made on social media) tried to “imply” that she was only a temporary student of NXIVM and didn’t make it clear to the reader that she was a LONG TIME member and a COACH who lent her name heavily in recruiting efforts.

    Anybody reading that statement would conclude that she was just a temporary student. Based on that social media statement, the average reader wouldn’t realize the full extent of her involvement — so in my view that was deceptive of KK.

    That’s why Sultan gets so angry, since he has no answer for what I just said.

    Hold her feet to the flame on every issue, Frank.

    Don’t you let up for one minute on KK. Pedal to the metal. 🙂

    • She said she joined at 23 and left “about five years ago”. That was done deliberately so that if you don’t know her age, you don’t know how long she was there for. She never formally left. She was filming a tv show in Toronto and she was still around in 2015.

    • — KK’s vague statement (made on social media) tried to “imply” that she was only a temporary student of NXIVM and didn’t make it clear to the reader that she was a LONG TIME member and a COACH who lent her name heavily in recruiting efforts.

      She was a temporary student since she was in it TEMPORARILY, which means for a time period that isn’t permanent. She even gave an easily calculable amount of time that she was in NXIVM based on when she started and when she left. The fact that she was a coach means nothing. After you take a certain number of courses you automatically become one. And the idea that she was “heavily” into recruiting has never been substantiated. No one has ever given a list of all the names or a number for how many people she recruited and how many remain even though it has been asked multiple times. Repeating that she was “heavily” – whatever that even means – into recruiting doesn’t make it true. You know why? Because the only one who remains is Allison Mack. That’s it. No one else got so deeply involved just like in most people who participate in LGATs.

      — That’s why Sultan gets so angry, since he has no answer for what I just said

      Yeah right. “No answer” doesn’t mean ignore the answer he’s provided multiple times and just keep repeating the same thing ad nauseum like it never happened.

    • Frank is just exposing as much truth as possible and is holding KK to account for anything immoral she may have engaged. But apparently you’re getting BUTT-HURT over his KK posts, LOL.

      Go wack off to KK and try to get rid of your limpness, flaccid man. 🙂

    • Frank has been writing about NXIVM and it’s members since 2015 (?), including Kristin Kook. I wouldn’t be happy if I was named as a likely conspiricer in a lawsuit (O’Hara’s lawsuit) if I were squeaky clean. Expose them all, including Kreuk.

    • If Kreuk was actually honest, there wouldn’t be anything to talk about. Then again, she could probably be prosecuted for setting up and running the preteen grooming service.

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