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Ex ESP Coach/DOS member on Clare Bronfman: ‘Never a humanitarian’

A former DOS woman and ESP coach commented on my post A Few thoughts on the note from Clare Bronfman: which offered my opinion on Clare Bronfman’s  “A note from Clare Bronfman” which was posted on her website on December 14th, 2017. In the below post, the former DOS member refers to Clare’s claim in her ‘note’ that a leading forensic psychiatrist examined the DOS women and concluded they were happy and healthy.

By a Former DOS Member and ESP Coach: 

Great comments. FYI – I was NOT interviewed about my brief experience in the “sorority”. I personally know 13 other women who left. NONE OF US WERE INTERVIEWED about our experience.

Clare Bronfman is full of shit. If she really wanted to know the truth, she should ask ANY of her coaches from Albany, Vancouver and Mexico who not only left DOS, but left ESP, as soon as they figured out how fucked up this all was.

Those ESP coaches emailed the entire ESP executive board (and the upper ranks) back in June of 2017, asking for their collateral back. NONE of them got a response. How come it took six months to even get this statement from Clare?

This company is the opposite of everything it teaches. The correct response of claims from ex-DOS members from Clare would be “HOLY SHIT! Some members of my company went rogue and started branding Keith’s initials on my team’s pubic areas?! How did this happen? Are these women OK?”.

Clare is a sick woman. NEVER a business owner, friend or humanitarian.

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  • As a former EXP coach you should have known that it is not required to be a humanitarian but to have the public image of being one. Neither have you to be the smartest man in the world or be ‘ethical’. Just doctor your IQ test and have a few nice pictures with the Dalai Lama.



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