Guest View: Could Crockett make it via Mexico or by chartered boat?

Guest View By: With So Much at Stake

Though it may be true that Bob Crockett cannot travel across the USA and stay below the 2,000 feet above sea level, he needs to protect his eyesight.

BUT has anyone investigated what a road trip incorporating Mexico into the equation might do for the trip?

Could he head south, skirt the continental divide and wend his way south of the border and run across Mexico until El Paso and make the trip after all?

Another option is to charter a boat — I mean it is not as though NXIVM [Bronfman] hasn’t got the money. They have spent millions in legal fees over 14+ years on this case and to lose it now because one attorney cannot get to court because he must remain below 2000 feet above sea level seems a damn shame if their case is so good.

A chartered boat could get him there at sea level the whole time. The trial is going to last many days. Maybe Bob could be chauffeured in a limousine and drive part way and charter the boat and be there in plenty of time.

Something to consider – to protect the good name of NXVM?

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