Random notes on Keith, ESP NXIVM etc.

A few stray notes that have not been published:


A book suggestion from a reader: Radical Forgiveness (1997) by Colin Tipping.

‘This seems to be the ESP playbook w/o the spiritual aspects.  I wonder if KR used this to get the core of his technology…. I have found value in the program but now see that almost everything is based on others insights without giving credit, and/or hypnotic techniques. I have not been in the inner circle just on the peripheral.”


This still appears online on http://www.worldethicalfoundations.org/endorsements.html 

Sir Richard Branson  
Founder, Virgin Group
The tools you have for compassionately dealing with complex ethical and global issues are not only unique, but also extremely valuable. This, along with a program of coordinated, organized resources, makes for an innovative approach to transforming our society. I think your founding event will be extraordinary and potentially world changing!

Did Richard Branson made this statement?  The use of the word ‘tools’ is suspicious. ‘Tools’ is Raniere-jargon. Others might use the word ‘teachings’ or ‘lessons’ to describe life coaching seminars.


Sir Richard Branson and Sara Bronfman on Necker Island.


“As far as Executive Success Programs is concerned: if you are a critical thinker, it is designed to provide endless hours of enjoyment. But if you do not like philosophy, situational ethics explorations or other cerebral pursuits you should take something else.” – Keith Raniere December 2007.


Marianna Musi is a proctor in Mexico City.  She is not wealthy, but very poor. People become very poor in ESP. Jimena Garza owns the Monterrey Center with husband, Omar Boone.  They have little money. You don’t make money in ESP no matter what level you are.


Vany Huber has money. She was in and out and came back to ESP. The reason she has money is not because of ESP but because she was married to a wealthy Mexican, Mauricio Nasta, and may still be legally married, but separated and her family had some money.

A source with firsthand knowledge says Vany was spared the hot iron branding but is believed to be in DOS and gave ‘collateral’ to qualify for the master slave group.

Once the media cools down, perhaps Vany can get the hot branding iron scarring of the initials of Keith Raniere.  Vany gained a degree of fame a few years ago in Mexico when she was Emiliano Salinas‘ girlfriend or beard.


Recently, a person who attended V-Week 2017  updated Frank Report with this: High Rank told people not to read the Frank Report. The head count was not more than 130 people and there was considerable discussion about how and why so many of the Clifton Park women in the circle of Raniere had contracted herpes.

Now that Keith Raniere has moved his headquarters to Monterrey, it should be a consideration for both men and women before joining the sex loving cult.


Dr. Brandon Porter said he is fully prepared to defend himself without an attorney against charges leveled against him or his physician’s license. He is broke and cannot afford an attorney [executive success for physicians]. He is not unhappy that Clare Bronfman who spends as much as a million per month on lawyers pursuing enemies of Keith Raniere declined to pay anything for an attorney for him.

Millions to destroy enemies but not a penny for the defense of friends.

Indeed, Keith Raniere’s attorneys are pursuing a major lawsuit in Washington State against Toni Natalie – and Clare is believed to be footing the bill. But that is to prove that Keith owns the patents that he says will prove he invented teleconferencing – and that Microsoft and AT&T owe him billions.

Dr. Porter said he knows that many great scientists were persecuted. [Think Galileo] He admits he and Keith Raniere will be remembered as great scientists of the 21st century who found a cure for Tourette’s Syndrome.


The a Capella singing group Simply Human was directly “coached” by Keith Raniere when he resided in Clifton Park. Anyone who has heard him knows he can’t sing and has no real musical ability. Neither has the group enjoyed any success whatsoever. It makes sense.

Now that he is in Monterrey, will Keith start a Mexican a Cappella group? Maybe he can call it Simply Stupid.

Keith also founded The Source to teach professional acting. He has never acted professionally. No student who took the $10,000 classes has been known to procure any starring roles or become famous after taking the course, although The Source may have been the source for the rather famous adulterous affair of Ana Risoul and Marcelo Ortiz.


“I always thought my autobiography should be called either ‘Any more bright ideas?’ or ‘Keith Raniere: Unauthorized biography!’ – Keith Raniere [December 2007].


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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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