Keith Raniere at V-Week 2016.

Guest View: ‘The Dumbest Man in the World’; on Raniere’s statement distancing himself from DOS

Guest View: By a Regular Reader:

Ed. Note: This guest view is in response to Keith Raniere’s “Letter from the co-founder” on the Executive Success Programs website where Mr. Raniere attempts to distance himself from DOS.

The Dumbest Man in the World

Giving Keith Raniere every possible benefit of the doubt, some members of JNESS (Allison Mack and/or Lauren Salzman?) started the DOS program of deceptive recruiting, blackmail, slavery, starvation, and genital branding, and kept it initially secret from Raniere, the self-proclaimed smartest and most perceptive person in the world.

Raniere eventually found out about DOS, if only by reading Frank Report. So what did he do?

Raniere could have said, “Don’t brand! Certainly don’t brand my initials! Don’t even tattoo, certainly not my initials! At most, ask members to wear a little decorative ankle bracelet that can’t be removed symbolic of the sorority, and without my initials! Don’t ask women to go on an unhealthy starvation diet! Don’t ask women to take a vow of slavery, to me or anyone! Don’t collect embarrassing collateral, or ask members to sign over their bank accounts or real estate! And don’t be deceptive when you recruit!”

And if the DOS organizers didn’t agree, Raniere could have publicly repudiated DOS as soon as he learned what was being done “behind his back.”

Instead, Raniere is trying to DEFEND the DOS abuses, and promote further DOS recruitment!

Raniere is just a hopeless sociopath.

Keith Raniere had nothing to do with DOS – at least that what he claims in a letter to his followers.

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