Source: Nancy Salzman might be in Clifton Park

Nancy Salzman

From an observer in Clifton Park:

The Sunday night summit the day the Times Union story came out was probably a speech to the believers.


   Clare’s ‘wings up’ Instagram photo of a week ago was probably Keith on the flight with Mariana and baby. Clare may have just dropped him off there. Is she still in Mexico, who knows?

21 Oregon Trail [Raniere’s home] looks locked up tighter than a drum other than three vehicles in the driveway.

Nancy Salzman and her daughter Michelle


I am 95% certain Nancy Salzman is still in the US as there have been cars in her driveway. I think I saw her walking Wednesday morning but I cant be 100% sure. She was walking with another woman much taller and larger.  Her walking partner was not Mexican and appeared to not be a skinny harem girl. I am thinking perhaps Janie Jeffries based on hair color.
Jane Jeffries’ husband is Dr. Brandon Porter.
Nancy  had the same black jacket or vest on that she did when she was walking with India Oxenberg [when the India stories were coming out]. If Nancy is truly terminally ill, then I can understand her staying put.
Allison Mack may not be posting much on social media but she did like India’s latest photo from Florida and another one on some other Espian’s Instagram.

I have not seen Clare Bronfman since spring in Knox Woods. It appears Clare still owns 91 Button Road Waterford NY.


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  • All the DOS women are “friends” or “following” one another on the social media sites. When 1 makes a post, the rest of the slaves “like” it.

    I call it a love bomb via social media.

    Vanguard asshole calls it a way from them to all stick together regardless of location.

  • Nancy was seen 11/17 near her home in Halfmoon….

    Volleyball was cancelled on 11/15 and 21 Oregon Trail was dark that night as well, with the same three cars.

  • As it seems to me the rats have already left the sinking boat. So now would be a great time to come forward as their grip is weak and using the collateral they might have brought with them or might have left behind would not help Keith either as he would admit his crimes by doing so.
    He can not harm you from Mexico if you stand as one. Maybe you can proof his teachings wrong by showing him that you, his slaves, have the strength to bring him down for good. Imagine how it would feel for him if he would be brought down by weak, spineless and inferior beings, his women.

  • Nancy could provide a lot of useful information about Raniere and the cult’s illegal operations. And if she’s smart, she’ll be able to get immunity for herself and her daughters for that information.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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