Guest View: ‘Naive to think Raniere did not take advantage of Kreuk, Mack and other women, pre-DOS

Guest View:

By Professor Plum

Why would Keith Raniere not have been abusing his power over women in NXIVM prior to 2009?

Raniere from exploiting women he had power over. He had power over Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and other young females and it is naive to think he did not take advantage of that situation. In recent days we have seen in the headlines many accused of abusing power over women and committing sexual assault and rape. Just because Susan Dones did not see Raniere taking advantage of Mack and Kreuk does not mean it was not happening.

What we know is that Raniere was accused of molesting girls in the 1990s, and he is accused of enslaving women for sex now. That tells me the desire was there all along. And, if the desire was there, and Raniere had power over them, what would have stopped him from making a move sexually on the women under his spell? I recall when Roger Ailes was accused of sexual harassment, Greta Van Susteren was sure Ailes was not a sexual harasser because he never made a move on her. Well, Greta was wrong.

To say Raniere did not exploit them is like saying you are sure some girl was safe when she passed out at a party in a house full of horny frat boys. We know Raniere had the will and had the way.

Actresses Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack perform as volunteers in an a-Cappella concert for Keith Raniere in Albany, Dec. 2007. Note Keith Raniere’s name in the background. Raniere was accused of using the concert and the actresses as an attempt to recruit college students into NXIVM.


Would you think Bill O’Reilly, Harvey Weinstein or Charlie Rose could have had young, attractive women completely under their influence and would not take advantage of them sexually? Of course you wouldn’t, because you know their history. But Raniere has a history that is even worse than those men and it is just as silly to believe Raniere was somehow controlling his urges with women under his power.

I think Susan Dones simply didn’t know everything that was going on with Raniere, just like Greta did not know what was going on all around her at Fox News. Because there is no way a person like Raniere was not abusing his power of control over beautiful young women, and especially beautiful young actresses who were so infatuated with him that they put him before their own promising careers.

If the full story of the NXIVM cult is ever told, there will be some surprising things in that story that are more sick and shocking than tattoos and paddled butts and sex slaves. That is the way it always is when the closed doors of sick, abusive people are opened and their secrets are exposed. And the NXIVM story would be haunting and disturbing and you can bet if it was told in detail in a movie it would be more like a hard NC-17 movie and not like a G rated or PG rated TV movie some seem to think it is.

What we know is just the tip of the iceberg.

Keith Raniere says NXVM is a self help organization. Critics say it is a cult and he is only interested in helping himself.

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  • The days were before “collateral”, but just “private pictures & recordings”… But who wouldn’t support ? All the shame & hate would go to the dwarf !

    • The author Sarah Berman interviewed ex-members Sarah Edmondson and Barbara Bouchey, and cult expert Steve Hassan.

      New stuff, not jusf the usual rehash.

  • Maybe. Maybe not. Does this person have any evidence that he did? Or he just guessing?

    Regardless, how does it change the status of Keith Raniere as huckster of pseudo-spirituality that runs a cult who manipulated women into having sex with him? How does it impact the tax evasion, illegal immigration, child experiments, sexual harassment, etc. claims against him?

    It doesn’t.

    So why the long spew about whether Vanguard had his way with these women? Why does it seem so necessary to this poster to state that this must be the case.

    One has to wonder about the motives of this poster and who they really are.

  • Susan Dones DID say that Raniere used his cult to get sex. She didn’t realize it for a few years because she was seldom in Albany and Raniere kept it hidden.

    But Dones eventually found out about the harem, and quit ESP because of it.

    But in 2009 when Dones left, there was not yet the blackmail, slavery, starvation, and branding of DOS. At least to her knowledge.

    Most data is consistent with things getting really bad starting with the death of Pam Cafritz a year ago, and her replacement as Raniere’s housemate, head wife and pimp by Allison Mack.

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