Lucas [r] is a member of the High Council of the Society of Protectors. Diana [l] is a DOS slave. This means that both of their thinking is subordinate to the superior mind of the Vanguard [c]. He will do the thinking for both of them.

Ex-NXIVM Member: Kool-Aid vs. Self Thinker

Guest View:

By ‘From One who was there’

NXIVM shows The Contender movie over and over whenever this issue comes up with “can’t keep it in his pants” ends up in the press. The difference is the woman in the movie was a victim and Raniere is perpetrator.

When people are drinking the Kool-aid, they will believe anything you put in front of them to explain away how poor little Keithie-poo is being attacked by the media. How it’s all fake news and he’s the bright light drawing in the bugs.

It’s a part of NXIVM mind-binding and keeps people from getting outside information to make a real informed decision.

Instead of saying “go online, read the articles and let have an open forum where all members can come in and ask questions to all members”.


All information is very controlled.

Members are conditioned to not ask, “Hey, have you been branded? Can you show me that you haven’t? Let me see that you are telling me the truth. Are you only taking in 500 calories a day? You know that is dangerous?”


Members somehow know not to read anything outside of NXIVM to get any other information to make a decision based on any other facts other than what your mind-bending leaders want you to believe.

If you’re inside, you know what I’m saying. I was there myself for many years.

You’re invited to watch some stupid movie and they pretend to interject Keithie-poo into the victim role. Total BS, but you buy it, because you want to believe he’s what you have been paying those big bucks for all those years for. You want to believe the mission of building a better humanity exists.

Sheep, Kool-aid drinking sheep. You’ve lost the ability to really think for yourself without running it through the NXIVM filter. Hey, I totally get it, I was there. If you wake up, drink a few cups of reality-based coffee, open your eyes and for a few hours think for yourself, do some outside research. You will be as horrified as I was about what you’re involved in.

What you need is time away from the cult long enough to do a little detoxing. Biggest issue with that is now the constant checking in with their coaches who keep track of them several times a day. If you don’t check back with them, hell will be paid.

It’s up to you: continue to drink Kool-aid or get your own mind back. At least if you decided to say in NXIVM, you know what your choosing instead of some stupid fake message via a film.


Vanguard can do the thinking for you if you so desire. Simply surrender your brain to him and he will take care of the rest…


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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.

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  • Jimena tried to recruit me into DOS. She didn’t use that word, but she told me about the secret group. The didn’t tell me about the branding but I didn’t trust her. Showing the Contender just makes her look more guilty. People here at the school are starting to talk about her behind her back. omar too. They look like blind idiots. everyone knows keith started the womens group because he is the head of everything. I think he has , what we call.- a “pride issue”.



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