Clare Bronfman’s Linked-in is fairy tales, pompous and pious names, and lies…

Clare Bronfman is the financial strength behind Keith Raniere.
Clare Bronfman

On Linked-in, Clare Bronfman lists companies she claims to be actively involved in.

I ask readers not to laugh at the names.

She is president of Wisdom Systems. She is also president of Truth LLC.

She sits on the board of The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation and The Ethical Science Foundation. She is managing partner of Precision Development.

I am not sure what these entities accomplish. I wonder if Clare realizes how pretentious the names sound? It is almost like calling yourself Vanguard or something.

If the names are sophomoric, her descriptions are ludicrous.

According to her Linked-in account: Wisdom Systems combines “Wisdom and Systems to create efficiency, integrity and productivity in business.”

Truth, LLC “…is a media company dedicated to … documentary film, narrative film and television [about] remarkable individuals who are striving to improve humanity throughout the world.”

]What films has Truth LLC produced? Is there a film about Keith Raniere? What efficiency has  Wisdom Systems developed?

The mission of the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation is “to support endeavors that help us to embrace our humanity, build our ethics, and move us towards a more noble civilization.”

Sounds big and mighty. What has this foundation done?

Clare also list on her Linked-in page,  NXIVM, where she sits on the board.  Unlike the others, NXIVM is a real company, or rather a cult, controlled by Keith Raniere, and funded by Clare. Vanity Fair reported back in 2011 that Keith Raniere swallowed up more than $150 million of their money. That was seven years ago.

Clare describes NXIVM on her Linked-in page as a “seminal company for various endeavors involving the creation of community-building spaces housing athletic, spa, and health and wellness facilities.”

So NXIVM builds spas?


No mention of life coaching seminars?

From what I can tell, Clare Bronfman’s Linked-in page is a fairy tale. The companies with their high sounding names seem to do nothing, if they exist at all.

Of the one company she truly spends her time with – NXIVM – she has given a misleading description. NXIVM is not in the wellness facilities business.

Overall the page is a stupid lie. This shows us that she is a true disciple of Keith Raniere.

Her  bio on Linked-in admits of one truthful thing: “Clare continues to work with and receive guidance from Keith Raniere in various capacities.”


Typical Clare: of all the entities she lists on her Linked-in page, she devotes the most space to The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation.

Board Member

Ethical Humanitarian Foundation

 – Present (10 years 11 months) Albany, New York, United States

It is our mission to support endeavors that help us to embrace our humanity, build our ethics, and move us towards a more noble civilization.

Historically, the discovery of scientific thinking and logic created improvements in civilization. The enticement of these conveniences caused many influential people to forget the source of this thinking: Humanity.

We believe transforming this thinking throughout the different branches of society; education, business, science and government is vital for the future of our children and future generations.

We believe it is essential for our decision processes to evolve to a humanity first foundation. It is our hope the effects of such a shift in thinking and process will set a new course for humanity, steering us towards a more noble civilization. 

Sound great. So what has Clare done to make this a reality? Let’s look at her IRS 990s, the reporting requirement of the IRS for foundations:

2007 Ethical Humanitarian


Other than one donation of $250,000 in 2007, the foundation seems to be have been inactive for 12 years. Transforming society at this rate will take an eon.

It’s funny, there is not a year since she knew Keith Raniere when she did not spend more than a million dollars in legal fees suing his enemies. But her donations to her foundation to change the world? A paltry$250,000.

Clare Bronfman spends a lot of time running half marathons.
Clare Bronfman is the financial strength behind Keith Raniere.
Artist conception of Clare Bronfman.
Clare Bronfman walks into to court with  shyster lawyer William Savino.
Clare Bronfman, whose blood-lust in litigation  is said to be surpassed only by Keith Raniere.
The game changers for Keith Raniere, Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman.
From the Vanity Fair Magazine, November 2010, Sara Bronfman (left), Clare Bronfman (right). The man in  the  blue shirt is Vanguard. The man below is Edgar Bronfman Sr. who called NXIVM a cult.


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So Lame
So Lame
5 years ago

Just vague concepts and all these words that add up to nothing. It’s such bs. I feel so bad for the people who are suffering because of this organization.

6 years ago

Where are you?
Do you know who JP Fen is?

6 years ago

Rarely is someone both as stupid and as ugly on the inside and out as Clare is. There is little to no redeeming value in this person. She’s a liar and seems to like destruction. Can’t wait for her to experience jail. Her and Keith are so pompous they probably won’t leave to Fiji believing they are impossible to take down.

6 years ago
Reply to  Clare

She was born with a silver spoon shoved up her twat. This bitch had every fucking thing handed to her on a silver platter. …guess all that money couldn’t buy brains or character or common sense. Sad.

6 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

Maybe that’s why she gave up show jumping Flowers. That silver spoon must of made it painful when riding her ponies.

6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I dont know, she might have enjoyed it…consider what else she’s shoved up there, and we see there is evidence to suggest a fondness for intimate objects. .
Just saying ….
Hope I won’t get censored for that.
(Avert your eyes, sensitive people )

6 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

I’m sure you’ll find find Salzman’s nose both Lauren & Nancy up her buttocks. Keith will never admit it but he has Clare dung up to his eyebrows. We know who really runs the NXIVM train now. It’s Clare Bear.

6 years ago
Reply to  Flowers

Luke… where are you my son? Why are you not here defending my honor? Is it because your recurring you biological mom for DOS? If your having a hard time I can send Lauren to Vancouver, she can say she’s your new girlfriend. You can bring her home for the holidays. Remember son she is mine, touch her and the force will be swift and justice will be served. We want your mom Luke.
Also do you have any family members about 16, that would be icing on my early birthday cake. I think it’s time we start to celebrate it right after the New Year and have it run through our Thanksgiving. A short break will be needed for me to think and lay on the couch.

Clare Bear the Fallen One
Clare Bear the Fallen One
6 years ago

It’s sad, as it seems poor Clare has always been a failure.
Her sister Sara was older and out of the two better for the eyes.
She was the youngest of all the Bronfman children and not daddy’s favorite by a long shot.
She spent years riding her ponies and pretending she was going to be an Olympic champion, but failed at that.
Clare bought her way up the ranks of NXIVM by paying for other people to take course work.(a lot of them worked for her). How can you feel proud of that knowing it was your grandfather’s money that bought that sash.
Personally I thought she was just shy but found out she was a snob, Clare seems to like to treats people like they are carp and she is cold as ice.
Perfect match for her lazy mentor – boy toy Vanguard. She needs someone to think for her & tell her what to do so it’s a match that works for them. He can’t earn money on his own and she can’t think on her own.
If she had a brain she could think with, she see through her Vanguard’s BS and go to the FBI and cut a deal before it’s too late.
Yes it’s sad, the only upside is, she has the skin tones to pull off an orange jump suit.

6 years ago

“A fool and her money are soon parted.”

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