Guest View: Who the Hell Is Michele to Decide When to Release Names of Raniere Victims?

Michelle Hatchette
Ed. Note: The following is a well-expressed guest view from a reader who makes no bones about her view of Michele Hatchette, or anyone other than the persons themselves, releasing the names of the victims of Keith Raniere.  
By OhMy!
I want to know who Michele Hatchete thinks she is deciding when and where people say their own names. Not everyone wants to share their trauma on the timeframe Michele thinks they should. What about women’s agency? What about anyone’s agency?

I agree that not everyone is innocent here.

Civil suits are not just about money grabs – they are about holding someone accountable somehow. Nicki Clyne and Michele and many others are not innocent but were never charged (or have not been charged yet).

This includes people who are on the other side of the lawsuit. If someone feels like their rights were violated, and there are no criminal charges, civil litigation is often the way to hold people accountable.

Nicki Clyne has a point of view not shared by the majority – of a Vanguard crucified. Most think he got his just deserts.

Nicki may have no money.

Some think Dr. Danielle Roberts got her just deserts when she lost her medical license. Others, including Roberts herself, felt the medical licensing board went to fat condemning her for her association with DOS.

Danielle may have no money.

Dr. Brandon Porter lost his NYS medical license for experiments he conducted without employing proper protocol including lack of informed consent.

Brandon Porter may have no money (I mean, how could they?) But, for the next 20 years, they will have their wages garnished and every paycheck will remind them that actions have consequences.

And can we talk about cognitive dissonance for a minute?

Criminal justice, tampered evidence, and whatever else the Raniere supporters are throwing at the wall, are just false narratives (see what I did there?) being spun as smoke and mirrors, to distract everyone from the fact that one of their “dearest friends”, someone they called a sister, [Camila] came forward and admitted that this “relationship” started when she was 15.

Sure, the abuse continued, and she may have even thought it was consensual at the time and after, but at 15 you do not possess the ability to give consent so anything that came after that is fruit from the poisonous tree.

The moment their slave sister said, “This happened to me. And it kind of fucked my shit up” is when The NXIVM 5, the paranoid and delusional cunts of the Dossier Project and whoever the fuck Suneel is should say, “What can we do to support you?”.

Portrait of Suneel by MK10ART

Even if you say that anything that happened after she turned 18 is behavior she should be responsible for (which is psychotic), that is THREE DAMN YEARS where she did not have the agency to make that decision for herself.

Unless you think that 15-year-old girls, in the position she was in, have the ability to say no for any reason, should be conditioned to have sex with anyone, much less someone older and in a position of power, then I don’t know what to say because there is no reasoning.

Keith Raniere was 45 years old when he first started having sex with 15 year old Camila.

I understand that there are women (and men) who find Keith Raniere and his like very sexually attractive because of the way he makes them feel. I have a giant crush on Pete Davidson for no other reason than he makes me laugh.

Peter Michael Davidson is a cast member of Saturday Night Live.But this “sex assignment” that Raniere even gushed about in his neurotic ramblings, is not something that everyone wants. I mean, please…

If all of this hadn’t been sensationalized on an international scale – and if these men and women weren’t feeling personally attacked anytime someone says a bad word about Raniere, they would see that in any other situation, this behavior would be abhorrent.

Anytime someone says a bad/true word about Raniere, they see it as a personal attack because their entire self-worth and world view has been dictated by him. They don’t even realize that this women’s agency buzz word that they throw around is a joke. If they actually think that they have any agency right now, then my heart hurts for them.

How devastating is it going to be when they realize that that they have no agency? That was given away years ago.


Marc Elliot, Eduardo Asunsolo, Suneel Chakravorty, Nicki Clyne and Michele Hatchette speak to the press about how Keith Raniere got a raw deal from the government and was unfairly convicted.

I could go on and on about collateral and the dangers of that kind of behavior, but I will just ask this: I have heard several times that no collateral was released, but we know that is false. Sarah’s branding video was edited and released, and Danielle has threatened to release more video in the future! You can’t say that there should be no fear of that information being released, or of giving up your first born, or the deed to your house, or whatever, because it was just a symbolic gesture, how did it already happen? The threat was real then, and the threat is real now. This threatening to release collateral and name people is just revenge porn.

While I have you here, let’s talk about loaded language… I feel like every time I come here, there is some new definition to a word that I am supposed to know and if I don’t, I must be an idiot. Stop trying to start your own cult on a blog message board. And if your cult name has the word ‘Anti’ in it once, much less TWICE, then just sit down, shut the fuck up for a minute, and hire a hooker.

And before anyone tries to start any drama with me or attacks, I will give you fair warning that during my last psychological evaluation I scored a 38 on the PCL-R, [Hare Psychopathy Checklist – Revised.]

I am an entitled, overly educated, upper class white woman with a lot of time and money on my hands. You won’t even see me coming.




Ed. Note:  OhMy says she scored 38 on the The Hare Psychopathy Checklist – Revised (PCL-R).

Is that a good score? I didn’t know, so I looked it up. I learned that the test is a diagnostic tool developed in the 1990s, and is used to rate a person’s psychopathic and/or antisocial tendencies.  So, is 38 good? It depends on how you look at it.   OhMy’s score of 38 compares with some of the following individuals:

Aileen Carol Wuornos, while engaging in street prostitution in Florida, shot dead and robbed seven of her male clients. She was executed on October 9, 2002 by lethal injection. She was evaluated as having a score of 32 on the PCL-R.

Brian James Dugan confessed to the rape and murder of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico. He also pleaded guilty to raping an adult woman and another female child. He was sentenced to life. He was evaluated as having a score of 38.

Clifford Olsen

Clifford Robert Olson Jr.  confessed to killing 11 children and teenagers between the ages of 9 and 18 in the early 1980s. He was evaluated with a 38, just like OhMy.

Ted Bundy

Theodore Robert Bundy confessed to 30 homicides, committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978. His true victim total is unknown, and could be much higher. He was evaluated at a score even better than OhMy but only by a single point: 39.

I think we get the idea OhMy….


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  • “Brian James Dugan confessed to the rape and murder of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico. He also pleaded guilty to raping an adult woman and another female child. He was sentenced to life. He was evaluated as having a score of 38.”

    Be careful what you say to police in an investigation.

    In the Dugan murder of Nicarico which occurred in Naperville, Illinois around 1983, Dugan confessed to murdering the girl and had a history of similar crimes.
    Nevertheless a goofball named Rolando Cruz thought he could win brownie points with the cops by claiming he had dreamed of the murder.
    The police responded by charging Cruz and wo other innocent men with the girl’s murder.
    All three were convicted and sent to prison on the basis of the bogus dream of a jailhouse snitch.
    It took over ten years to release three innocent men convicted of murder.

    And the police knew damned well all of the time that Dugan and only Dugan was guilty.

    Be careful what you say to police in an investigation.

    Rolando Cruz (born 1963) is an American man known for having been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death, along with co-defendant Alejandro Hernandez, for the 1983 kidnapping, rape, and murder of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico in DuPage County, Illinois. The police had no substantive physical evidence linking the two men to the crime. Their first trial was jointly in 1987, and their statements were used against each other and a third defendant.

    After appeals and other court actions, during which they remained in prison on death row, each of these two men was tried twice more. Hernandez was convicted each time and sentenced the last time to life. Cruz was acquitted in 1995 at his third trial after a sheriff’s lieutenant recanted previous testimony, and new DNA evidence was introduced excluding Cruz and Hernandez from that found at the crime scene. The state dismissed all charges against Hernandez that same year; he was already serving his sentence in prison. Both men were freed.

    In 1996 the state indicted seven DuPage County law enforcement officials for conspiracy to convict Cruz and wrongful prosecution. They were acquitted but Cruz, Hernandez and Steven Buckley (one of the three original defendants) filed a civil suit against DuPage County.

    In September 2000, the three men received a settlement from DuPage County for wrongful prosecution and conviction. Cruz was pardoned in 2002 by the Illinois governor after having served more than 12 years in custody on death row.

    Another man, Brian Dugan, already convicted of rape and murder of both a child and an adult woman in separate events, had claimed in 1985 to have committed the crime. His DNA was later found to match that from the Nicarico crime scene. Dugan was not indicted until 2005 by a DuPage County grand jury for the crimes against Nicarico, and he pleaded guilty in 2009. He was initially sentenced to death. After Illinois abolished this punishment, his sentence was commuted to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

  • Excellent. Thank you for your well worded perspective.

    Which DOS public relations genius decided to launch the “Be our friend” campaign concurrent with the “We are now going to ruin the lives of our ex friends” campaign?

    “Be a better friend” sign up here & leave your personal info!


    “We will now release all the full names of our last group of friends who BTW are suing some of us”.

    Great messaging.

    • With Friends, Does anyone else even realize that this bizarre friendship challenge, is just a way for them to get contact information to recruit them for their MLM/Insurance scam?

  • Not sure why anyone would advertise themselves as a psycho except to keep people away from them. Also, being such a psycho is what enables people like those listed to do the criminal acts they did (like Raniere), so this person critiquing Raniere for said acts (like grooming a girl at 13 in other to have sex with her at 15) just seems enigmatically contradictory coming from such an individual.

    • You are correct that I have limited empathy, but as someone who WAS Camila many moons ago, my frustration at the system takes over and stupid bitches drive me insane. I know first hand what being in a high control, exploitive situation with people who were tasked with my well being. While psychopathy is thought to be a mix of nature and nurture, I am what happens when someone with the nature risk goes through what Camila went through.

  • Civil cases against Cults are sometimes the arena where the truth comes out. It is clearly in the Fair-Game Playbook to name anonymous complainants or plaintiffs. Must we go there?

    There were 3x civil/commercial cases related to the EDUCO Cult against a company, a friend/member, and its leader that exposed the truth in the East Caribbean Supreme Court. It was this court, and reporting through it, that allowed us to call this group a “Cult”. To suggest anonymity is the preserve to “Anti-Cultists” is ridiculous.

    Cults, every year, use intimidation, the pressure of judicial-prejudice and police-investigation to keep their anonymous members narcissistically secure and safe, and their victims in fear. It’s for this reason I am unable to tell you about *** ***** and Mary Ann Malone’s attempts to reinvent the Educo cult here in the UK, France, Spain and Europe with . For more information on the civil cases in Ireland and Nevis that allow us to call a similar group a “Cult” please see

  • “Anytime someone says a bad/true word about Raniere, they see it as a personal attack because their entire self-worth and world view has been dictated by him.

    Self-identity is a funny thing.

    Everyone has one: Nxians, Anti-Nxians, Trumpers, Never-Trumpers, Pro-vaxxers, Anti-Vaxxers, Hutus, Tutsis, …. everyone.

    It’s who you tell yourself you are.

    No one can create your self-identity for you. Only you can do that. And you can change it, too. Whenever you want.

    It’s why brainwashing doesn’t exist: you always have a power of choice – especially with your own self-identity.

    A person who has left their chosen religion or ideology behind would understand this.

    But you’ve never done that, have you “OhMy!”?


    • Good points. I can’t say whether a person always effectively has a choice, as I can imagine practical scenarios, in which they may not recognize choice, even though the “choice” could be said to be made in their brain. However, aside from such scenarios, one definitely would be better off recognizing their choice in changing their identity.

      • Your choice is always there, whether you’re a person ‘trapped’ in your marriage, a soldier fighting a battle he doesn’t believe in, or a Nazi concentration camp guard sending Jews to the ovens.

        You’ve always had a choice.

        It only becomes clear once you act on it. And then you, and everyone else, should realize your choice was there all along.

        Every Ex-cult member who ever left a cult always had the choice to leave the whole time they were a member.

        That means they choose to stay, too, every day they are there.

        No one is brainwashed. Everyone chooses. Each single day.

        You’d know that if you’d ever mustered the courage necessary to change who you tell yourself you are.

        Ex-cultists know that.

        Few others do.


        • Agreed. Simply said, everyone makes choices in their lives. The issue arises when we choose to take responsibility for our choices.

          Many of these defendants spent decades in NXIVM by choice and now claim victimhood!

          Handing over “collateral” to the cult was a choice they made.

          The real victims are the children that the fat piggy raped

    • For instance if someone is being raped, and you go tell them that they have the choice to not be traumatized, or maybe someone is fighting in a war, and you tell them that they have the choice to not be traumatized by all the killing and other things in the choice, then you would be considered a gigantic asshole, politely speaking.

    • Oh Alanzo, sit down and shut the fuck up. Did you already murder this hooker too? My rating at the agency is going to go down if you keep killing them. Are you seriously trying to call me to the mat about something you know absolutely nothing about? Here, have a cookie and go sit in the corner. The adults are talking.

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