Guest View: What should Kristin Kreuk do about her Allison Mack problem?

Kristin Kreuk [l] recruited Allison Mack into the cult of Keith Raniere. Kristin reportedly got out ca. 2012.
A reader commented recently:
Kristin Kreuk will have my total respect if she speaks out.
But I also have to wonder if her feelings on this are somewhat mixed, precisely because of the responsibility she may feel for recruiting Allison Mack into NXIVM. Those two were so close for well over a decade, and I imagine it’s a struggle to try to reconcile the Allison of today with the image of the person she knew for so many years.
Kristin’s first instinct might be to keep quiet publicly, and try to keep an escape hatch open to Allison, as long as humanly possible, just on the off chance Allison would reach out and try to ask for help leaving.
This is especially true since Allison’s immediate family have apparently been drinking the Kool-aid, so they presumably aren’t losing their minds begging her to come home. I could understand some lingering reluctance to close that door. I was really shocked when I first heard that both Kristin and Mark Hildreth had left, but Allison remained behind.

What if I had been the one to pull a dear friend of so many years into an abusive hell that completely warped her beyond recognition, and then left her there to keep perpetuating the cycle of abuse, which hurt other friends of mine…?

I don’t know exactly how I would deal with that, to make me sleep better at night. I don’t know if I see a path that would ever let me sleep easy.

Allison was instagramming recently, idealizing dying young in the name of your beliefs – it’s chilling to watch, and feel so helpless when we can all see the red flags of where this might be heading.

Trying to imagine being in Kristin’s place as the one who walked her in the door, and lit this spark? I cannot fathom it.  I can understand the perspective of victims who are upset and want Kristin to speak out on their behalf, but I also can’t imagine how this situation will be anything but painful for Kristin no matter what she ultimately chooses to do….

Painting a narrative of her silence being motivated by cold apathy towards everyone involved seems staggeringly cruel.

I feel a bit hesitant to judge Kristin, no matter what she ends up doing, but, at the same time, there are clear heroes to root for in this narrative, and a very obvious villain, Keith Raniere.

I hope the focus stays on uplifting the voices, like Sarah Edmondson, and those who stand alongside her, and praising them for their courage, and kindness. Because they’re the ones who are gathering the momentum that’s getting people out, making new recruits think twice when they Google, and generally breaking this cycle that’s been going on for years.

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  • “Allison was instagramming recently, idealizing dying young in the name of your beliefs – it’s chilling to watch”

    OK please provide a link to this, I can’t find it.

    Looking through her Instagram suggests Allison is a perfectly fine, upstanding, intelligent, self-aware, open-minded level-headed woman. No-one who’s met her at the various events (Comic-con etc) she’s been to recently has anything bad to say about her or her character. Is she really so evil as to be able hide her darkside? To keep it well hidden when out of the USA?

    Perhaps FrankReport or other could compile a detailed look at her IG posts over the years? What controversial or illuminating are to be found. There’s 402 currently so not an excessive amount to analyse. I for one can’t find anything very suggestive of sinister cults.

  • I legitimately feel bad for Kristin Kreuk. And I see Allison Mack as a victim who has now become an abuser who has hurt a lot of people. It is clear that Keith Raniere is the real villain in all of this.

    HOWEVER — If you do something wrong, but didn’t know it was wrong at the time you committed the act — YOU ARE STILL GUILTY. Kristin Kreuk has an obligation to stop this cult. She recruited Allison into the cult. She recruited others into the cult. She has an obligation to these women and men, and she is shunning her responsibility the longer she remains silent.

    Is Kristin Kreuk a “strong, independent woman” or not? I have no problem with putting as much pressure on her as possible until she smartens up and realizes that SHE has to DO something about this situation.

    • More victim blaming. You are asserting that Kristin’s intentions were effectively the same as Raniere’s. This is absolutely false. Her intentions would have been to help people to be more successful in their endeavor, improve herself, be more compassionate, to reach her potential, or whatever else was the business facade to those on the outer layers of the cult. All your presumptions for “her responsibility” are based on conflating her association because of the former to the cult with its nefarious activities, such as “enslaving” and branding women, restricting their diets, and recruiting them into a sex cult. The fact that she left over five years ago, well before DOS formed, shows otherwise.

    • Yep!
      She must speak out, but as Frank said in another post, she can do it a smart PR way that might actually help both herself and her fellow cultists.

      Kristin can be NXIVM’s Leah Remini…she can tell the world of the mind-fucking power that makes ESPians believe utter bullshit, and condemn it from personal experience. She can acknowledge that she too was mind-fucked and became an unwitting enabler…and the public would embrace her for it.

      She can, and should, utilize her celebrity and favorable reputation to speak out. Maybe even starting a fund for the victims of KR….maybe personally matching the first million dollars of donations. She’s rich enough, and can hire lawyers to protect her, and doing something like this now and getting in front of this scandal would actually burnish her reputation.

    • And yeah, I think that’s totally fair as a viewpoint. I was more pointing out there may be legitimate reasons that she’s staying quiet besides just cold indifference (which is what Frank originally claimed must be the reason for her silence, which my comments were written in response to).

      I think it’s fair to say just about everyone below Keith a victim in some fashion, but where the line of personal responsibility stands is something each person who was involved in the cult has to figure out for themselves, while taking into account the feelings of people they may have been complicit in hurting. And, to be clear, my comments were directed more in the context of Frank’s original post. Completely separate from that, if people feel like Kristin was part of the chain that hurt them within the organization and are angry with her, I think those feelings are totally valid and it’s more than fair to call her out in that context. It’s certainly not my place to argue with anyone she directly impacted and what they feel her level of responsibility is.

      But I’m pretty sure Frank isn’t someone who was personally impacted by Kristin’s recruitment efforts given how he’s characterized his dealings with the cult, and so the current wall of posts about someone who left years ago before things took the visibly dark turn we’re seeing now, just seems like misplaced energy to me at this moment in time. Frank doesn’t need to go digging up stuff that Kristin did almost 10 years ago to find a villain for this narrative – we have one, it’s Keith, and he’s still actively hurting people.

      And none of Kristin’s past actions this blog is “exposing” sound like they could directly lead to Keith’s takedown. In comparison to the totally brazen crimes that have been committed elsewhere, her running an online forum that flopped and went offline seems relatively lowkey. And I want the spotlight to keep shining brightly on Keith and his crimes, until this nightmare he created is done and the people he hurt can heal in peace. Eye on the prize, is all I’m saying.

  • So, let me pose this hypothetical: A young man (Kristin Kreuk’s brother) inadvertently starts a small fire while out camping and sees that it’s about to head towards the tent where his best friend is sleeping (He invited that best friend to come along on the camping trip). Embarrassed for having started the fire, he decides to head back home and hope that things turn out OK for his best friend. And that’s OK? REALLY???

    • Your analogy is poor. Where is your third party? The campground? Because that’s the equivalent. Kristin didn’t start the fire. And it wasn’t even a fire. It was warm coals. She only brought her friend to the campground.

  • I already responded to this comment. It isn’t “Kristin’s Allison Mack problem”. Again, this is what MLM’s do. They ask you to recruit others into whatever product they’re selling if you see a benefit from it. Since Kristin was a friend from Smallville, she told Allison about it, just like Mark told Kristin about during the time they worked on Earth Sea together. It’s the Amway model that Raniere applied to his ripped off courses categorized under the self-help movement. I know because I’ve actually been in another Amway based selling scheme seminar – the name of which escapes me now – and was “recruited” by a high school friend of mine which I sat through listening to a potent speaker tell me how he now lives in an 800K house yada, yada, yada, fifteen or so years ago or more, which I decided not to pursue. Nothing my friend did made me choose or not choose to do it. He just told me about it like he was told about it, like the person who told him about it was told about it, etc.

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