Burbs sends message to Chelsea Brown – Don’t sink with the ship!

Chris Burbs sent this message to Chelsea Brown after accidentally meeting her in a coffee shop.

Is Chelsea Brown deep in DOS?

Hi Chelsea;

Sorry to bum rush you at the coffee store. It’s was actually a coincidence.

I actually thought you were Souki for a moment and recognized Rosa so I sat near you.

You must know and acknowledge Keith is a bad man… my only explanation as to why some people are staying is they want to save the school.

The school in the states will not last. The Feds are closing in now.

Do you really want to sink with this ship? Go down with it?

Or do you want to be known as a woman who had the strength to leave?

It’s not your issue if you leave, it’s theirs. Take the great things you learned and grow from it.

The community will come together again after Keith is in jail. There’s a wonderful community of your former expian friends waiting for you.

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  • Fluffy (Chelsea) husband is a creep. He would take food to his sister and mother who were held prisoners by the cultimate because his sis terrible didn’t want to be Raniere’s hacker.
    After Clare Bear planted the key logger in papa bears computer, Clare and Keith had Fluffy’s oldest sister read all his emails and hack the computers the virus from papa’s computer infected.
    Clare and Keith kept her locked in a room above Rainbow Gardens. Fluffy would bring them meals and his youngest sister would teach classes. The middle sister lived with Keith and kept his bed warm ++.
    Finally she escaped with a help of Ben Meyers and made it back across the border of Mexico with her mom.
    One has to be really brainwashed to be involved with keeping your sister and mother imprisoned for over a year-and-a-half how to please your master.
    The sad thing is, these four kids we’re so young when they were left in Albany by their parents so Keith could help them all develop they’re special talents. Really all he did was fuck with their minds.




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