Raniere Defense Attorney: Keith Is Not Attracted to Children and Will Be Freed!

Attorney Gregory Stoltz Shares Insights into Raniere’s Case

Keith Raniere’s legal team hired attorney Gregory Stoltz in May 2022. Not long ago, he shared his views about his client and the case with reporter Marc Ang. Hear the audio.

Here is an edited version of Stoltz’s views.

By Gregory Stoltz Esq.

I’m not a NXIVM person. I came to this as a lawyer. I got hired cold.

I saw the facts attorney Joseph Tully and his team presented and discovered by Keith and Suneel Chakravorty. 

I practice in Tucson, and Keith’s legal team needed a local lawyer to visit Keith in prison, bring him drafts of the Rule 33, go over those documents with him to make sure he understood and approved, and get his feedback. 

What stood out the most to me was Camila, supposedly the subject of child pornographic images, did not testify at trial. She never authenticated the photos in front of the jury. 

“Those are pictures of me. That’s me in the photos, and I can tell you from looking at the photo,” or “I remember when that photo was taken, and here’s how old.”

They showed the photos to the jury, and an FBI agent testified it was Camila in the photographs. So the jury never heard anyone who knew Camila say it was Camila or how old they thought she was in the photo. They never heard Camila say it, either.

That’s not normal that the alleged victim of child sexual exploitation would be left off the witness stand.

It’s particularly strange, considering she appeared at the sentencing and made a statement.

The U.S. Attorney’s office mentioned that in response to one of our motions. They said, “Well, she showed up at the sentencing and said she was 15 when photos were taken.”

You can’t make an unsworn statement at sentencing, like a victim impact statement, not subject to cross-examination, and then use that as operative evidence.

This was not carelessness.

If the DOJ doesn’t put Camila on the stand, she cannot be cross-examined. If she only makes an unsworn statement at the sentencing, she cannot be cross-examined.

I don’t think this was a matter of carelessness. These DOJ people are not stupid. They may be crooks. One wonders what the legitimate basis for that decision was.

I think it goes hand in glove with the tampering.


Raniere’s Release and Government’s Response

Despite being a member of the Arizona State Bar, who has worked for the federal government and undergone a full federal background check in the past, I had difficulties initially getting clearance to see him, but eventually, everything was sorted out.  

Here’s a story you might like: one of the defendants in Keith Raniere’s lawsuit against the BOP is the former special investigative agent, Lt. Galleon.

One day, I went to the prison to meet with Keith Raniere’s assigned prison counselor, but he wasn’t there.

They said you can wait here if you want until 12:30. It’s 11 a.m., and they said, ‘Hey, if you want to just sit and chill and wait, it’s 11:30, he’ll be back.’

 I said, ‘No thanks, that’s cool. I’ll go get breakfast and I’ll come back.’

It’s 1:30 by the time I get back. And Galleon and another officer pulled me aside, escorted me into the airlock between the facility doors, and told me, “We’ve heard you refuse to leave this waiting area.”

“Wow!” I said, “You heard I refused to leave? Your colleagues asked me to stay. They told me to stay here and wait, and I said I was gonna leave.”

Galleon says, “Well, that’s just what I’m hearing from my employees up here in the front.”

I said, “Well, did you watch any body cam? Did you watch any camera footage or listen to any audio recordings?”

He said, “I don’t watch camera for this.”

They were trying to build a case against me to bar me from the building by saying I had trespassed because if I refused to leave despite them telling me, that’s trespassing.

They were trying to create a factual predicate through lies so that if I became a problem, they could bar me from the prison.

Keith Raniere Prison USP Tucson Arizona
USP Tucson. Credit: Arrington Watkins Architects


I have seen Keith since he’s been in the SHU. Once, they put us in an actual contact room, but he was in a belly chain, so his hands were cuffed to a chain around his waist.

He kept trying to push his glasses back onto his face by bringing his head down to his knee and using his knee to push his glasses back on because his hands are chained at his belly button.

But even with all that and this big yellow and greenish fading bruise on the right side of his face, he was the way he always was when I visited him, which was calm, circumspect, and compassionate.

He always asks me how I’m doing, and we’ve developed a nice friendly connection throughout this representation. He asked about me, and I asked about him.

Keith wants to be out of prison and does not want to die in federal custody, but he’s pretty sanguine. He never does much in the way of complaining. 

He tells me about bad treatment, but it doesn’t have the air of self-pity. It doesn’t sound like complaining. He doesn’t whine. He’s a remarkably upbeat person and focused on exposing the truth.

He probably knows he has a calling right now to expose how bad this situation is.

He has said to me on more than one occasion, looking me in the face. I believe he is genuine when he says, “If I were given the opportunity to walk out of here a free man, but the nation would never know the level of corruption that took place in the trial, I would rather stay here for the rest of my life.”

The other thing he has said to me is that although he wants accountability for the people responsible for the tampering of evidence, he doesn’t want them to suffer any punishment because that’s not his goal. His goal is not to be vindictive and see that other people are punished, but he wants to clear his name.

It’s become a much larger project for Mr. Raniere than just securing his release. It’s become a life mission about exposing the ills of the justice system, how it treats people, and the ills of the connection between the federal government and the media.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has housed NXIVM's Keith Raniere in the USP-Tucson SHU with the troubled Toni Fly since August 15, 2022, without justification.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons has housed NXIVM’s Keith Raniere in the USP-Tucson SHU

Why was Keith Targeted?  

I think he pissed off many people. I don’t know all the NXIVM curricula. I never took any classes. But I know the basics.

He brought together a group of people. There obviously, DOS; there was stuff about sexuality. The media decided it was a cult, so the culture agreed that this had some religious overtones. So you’ve got sex, you’ve got non-theistic religion. So obviously, many religious conservatives will be upset about this whole thing. And then you get famous people involved. You have the children of Mexican politicians at the level of the presidency.

Suddenly, you combine sex, money, power, spirituality, or a practice that is not advancing a Christian agenda. You’ve got threats about non-monogamy, the idea that Keith Raniere has sex with more than one sexual partner at a time. You bring all those things together, and I think there’s just enough for most of the pearl-clutching class to find something to be threatened by.

Some people in the private sector have a lot of influence. 

How will the government condone millions of dollars going back and forth? You have big names from Mexico, like Salinas and Fox. You get big names from the U.S., like Bronfman. You get allegations of the branding of women. So it’s not just a matter of sending an example or a threat to other people. It’s also government virtue signaling.

Edgar Bronfman Sr. and daughters Clare and Sara

I don’t support the sexual exploitation or abuse of children. But Keith is not attracted to children. 

If you look at his partners, plenty of them have been his age, all of them have been adults, and some were older than him.

I’ve represented people attracted to children, and I’ve represented possessors of child pornography. I’ve represented people convicted of sexual acts with children, and I don’t believe for a hot second that Keith’s one of those people. 

I’ve spent enough time with the man. I’ve spent enough time with those people. There isn’t any evidence that he has such attractions.

Based on my experience and working on cases, it would be unusual for someone who had an honest-to-goodness attraction to children and collected pornographic images of children to have photo after photo after photo of adult women and then one brief photo series of one child. 

I talked to a psychologist here in Arizona who was like the head of the professional organization of therapists that treat sex offenders. She’s written seminal research, and she said collectors of child pornography are obsessive collectors that have cataloged and categorized and carefully curated collections. 

Hard drive [with blue light] that allegedly contained photos of a 15-year-old Camila.
It is a really weird truth about the collectors of child pornography, but that is often the case.

They’re organized thematically or something. It’s way more organization than I’ve got for the music on my computer. Keith doesn’t fit that profile. 

Look at R. Kelly. Look at Epstein. They had help. Everyone in their circle knew they were attracted to underage people. They had facilitators help bring vulnerable victims to them. Don’t you think that one damn person in Keith’s orbit somewhere would say, “Oh, yeah, that dude’s a pervert. He likes little girls.”

It doesn’t make any sense that no one said that.

I think Keith will get out.

Judge Garaufis at the Eastern District of New York or the Second Circuit will have a hearing, and then the government realizes there’s egg on their face, and they fold.

First, the government will do what prosecutors usually accuse us defense attorneys of doing.

They’re going to come up with a bunch of knick-knack intricate explanations for each [anomaly in the digital evidence] that will be so contrived that every circumstance lines up exactly because of a mistaken coincidence, so that it looks like a grand conspiracy. 

It’s going to be bullshit.

When Keith gets out of prison, I won’t sign up and take his classes. I’ll take him to coffee. I would love to. I look forward to our first conversation outside the big metal door.



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  • “… In June 2021, Bateman took Jane Doe 10, one of his anonymous victims, for a ride to a creek, and as “recorded” by the girl, they “worshiped our God in an unexpressable way” and had “holy sex,” according to the new indictment. She was between 14 and 15 years old at the time, prosecutors say. …”


    • Apparently, one of the goals of “NXIVM”, with Mr. Stoltz’s help:

      “The split within Camila’s family was one of the most devastating examples of how deeply Raniere had indoctrinated his loyal followers, turning husbands against their wives and children against their parents.”

  • Nobody is ever going to believe a statement from you again. Did Suneel teach you how Keith likes his balls stroked while you suck him off, too? Fucking greedy scumbag shill lawyers ruin this country. You are one of those scumbags that needs a nice long prison sentence for trying to misrepresent facts to fail trying to free a guilty man.

    You won’t sway public opinion about a sadistic, abusive, rapist that likely went to Mexico to hide his more dubious criminal acts, like disappearing people. “You can’t prove it” or “the FBI set it up” are insane bullshit arguments, that will do nothing but waste the court’s time and make you permanently look like Keith’s Cuck.

    You are not a good lawyer. A good lawyer doesn’t claim they went into something “cold” and then suck their dick in a public statement. Nobody buys your bullshit. We do believe you are on team rapist pedophile scum.

    Going in “cold” makes you look like a fucking terrible lawyer by the way. Any lawyer with a few brain cells takes the time to appropriately research their clients. Apparently, between the dick sucking and Suneel “teaching” you the proper technique to satisfy the pedo cultist overlord, you just didn’t have time to access the two or three brain cells you might have.

  • Ha ha! This lawyer has a good ability to keep the conversation casual. Like being the grandmaster of slaves “bonded by their collateral” is no big deal. And human fright experiments don’t matter, either.

  • I wish my lawyer believed in me like this guy does for Raniere. He’s good. He may have a rotten client but he is doing his job.

    • That is actually not a lawyer’s job. A lawyer’s job is to do legal things.

      Supporting your client is part of it but he’s totally irresponsible making the diagnosis of if someone is a dangerous sex offender like a pedophile based on a jailhouse visit.

      It isn’t his job to make that kind of diagnosis it’s his job to deal with the evidence and the procedural way in which Keith Raniere’s conviction and jury trial played out

  • Soon as he saw Keith he knew this was someone special. How many prisoners would stop to ask bout the lawyer and how he was doing ? He is a special man.

    • — He is a special man

      “Special” only in that other way.

      He’s just another dime-a-dozen religious, spiritual guru conman. There have been thousands like him throughout history.

      • —Special only in that other way.

        Amen to that Anonymous!

        My favorite(sarcasm) SEX cult leader was John of Leiden! He deflowered his followers wives and children.



        Anabaptist revolt in 1534
        Münster, Germany.
        John of Leiden was Raniere’s role model. He raped young women like Raniere.

        “Klara, aged 14 was so badly injured by John during her wedding night rape that she needed surgery to repair the damage”

        Excellent podcast on the 1534 Münster, Germany cult:


        • NiceGuy,

          John of Leiden, “known for (his) role in the Münster rebellion” … “The 25-year-old John of Leiden was subsequently recognized as Matthys’ religious and political successor, justifying his authority and actions by claiming visions from heaven. His authority grew until eventually he proclaimed himself the successor of David and adopted royal regalia, honors, and absolute power in the new “Zion” …”

          “… Hoffman’s failed prophecy of the return of Christ contributed significantly to the Münster Rebellion (1533–1534), of which he is seen as one of the authors. Two of his followers, Jan van Matthijs and Jan van Leiden, proclaimed that Hoffman was wrong on the questions of the exact time and place, where Christ would return and reign, and named Münster as the correct location. …” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melchior_Hoffman

          Would you happen to know the significance of Melchior Hoffman’s split beard?

  • Barf. lame. Another schmuck attorney making bs statements about Keith cult man not being attracted to under age women because he met him in jail and suddenly knows. Maybe his lazy butt needs to read the plagiarized nxivm text to understand the abusive power Keith held over a family of three sisters. At least one 15 years old when Keith was lollipop 🍭 her into all kinds of sexual activity. That is not a made up concept that virtue signaling is. This guy is full of 💩. Shut up

  • If the pictures weren’t taken in 2005, then why did he move to exclude them from evidence on the grounds that images from 2005 were outside the scope of the search warrant?

  • First, Raniere is not in prison for child pornography. He is in prison for racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, and wire fraud conspiracy. Those are the seven charges of the indictment against him and the jury convicted him on all seven. The child pornography charges comprised just two of the predicate acts of the eleven that the jury found proven. The prosecution had only to prove two of the eleven to establish the racketeering conviction.

    The child porn issue is peripheral to this case. The Free Raniere club has long been attempting to divert attention to this non-issue because that is a Nxivm tactic: when you’re caught, change the narrative.

    Second, as to the speculation that the photos of Camila aren’t Camila, are you freakin’ kidding me? Raniere was right there in court, with his expensive lawyers. Why didn’t he speak up?

    “an FBI agent testified it was Camila in the photographs”

    Yeah and that was the guy Agnifilo could have cross-examined if there had been the slightest suspicion that those photos were not Camila.

    Raniere himself accepted that those pictures were genuine. That’s why Camila didn’t need to testify.

  • He really doesn’t know he basics! Camilla was in Mexico and still fearful. Wasn’t she actually being advised by a Bronfman attorney at the time of his trial? She wouldn’t testify. Nothing to do with a DOJ plan. They wanted her to testify.

  • Another ambulance chaser cashing in the on Bronfman money I wonder if their reputations can survive ,if their careers are in the toilet after their Association with Nxivm or Keith, that would be interesting to see how that plays out.

  • Mr Gregory Stoltz.
    With due respect, to you, your profession and your attainment within it. Please allow me to give you some words of caution. From a woman, to you, a man.
    If you have a female partner, female children or relatives, keep them away from Keith Raniere. I’m asking you to do that. Don’t mention them when you talk to him. Don’t show him pictures, give him update of your activities or share when you have worries about them.
    You are being played, and like Keith you think you are the smartest person in the room at all times. He knows how to mess with your head. You are never the smartest person in the room. Ever.

    Allow yourself just twenty minutes of doubt and read about what he did to Daniela’s family. He destroyed it. Abused all the sisters, and played the mother, father and brother like violins. And even if it wasn’t abuse, which it definately was, but even if it wasn’t, who does that to a family? A monster.

    • Stoltz is closing in the $11 million Bronfman legal fund. Money will make people do and say batshit crazy things. He could finish his legal career and make millions if he says the right things publicly about Keith. He knows Clare is listening and watching his every move.

      Stoltz may be genuinely believing the he part about FBI tampering. I do not doubt that at all. But his gushing over how great Raniere is, is pure horseshit and he knows it.

      Mr. Stoltz, please think long and hard if you really want to get mixed up with any Bronfman money. It’s a source for evil in every sense if the word. If you do anything not up to Clare’s satisfaction, she will turn on you and bury you and your family in never-ending lawsuits. You could lose your life savings, your home your family and your livelihood. You have no idea what you are getting into. This woman is pure evil down to her core.

  • Oh Gregory…you are as delusional as the rest of his lawyers. He will die in prison and you are bad at your job if you think otherwise


      Do you need a friendly visit from the patriots and The Glorious Night Riders to help you sort out your PMS about The Great Patriot God and your small dick insecurity syndrome?!

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        I always thought he was a trans male who has not undergone surgery and has no dick.

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          Most of all, for not falling on your hands and knees beefing for his forgiveness for not realizing he is the perfect incarnation of the will of the founding fathers and their spirits abide in him and guide him and his mission throughout his sojourn on earth and not realizing how unworthy you are to be in his great presence as nigger and instead of shunning him like the black plague!

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    • Lizzo is beautiful. Keith had ugly woman; the mom and sister combo, the two that died of cancer (sadly of course) the two actresses Battlestar and superman tv show, etc etc.

  • “Oh, yeah, that dude’s a pervert. He likes little girls.” This has been said for years, Greg. It’s been alleged for years, Greg. There are newspaper articles about it, Greg. Keith taught about it in his classes, Greg. There is a police report, Greg. The judge didn’t let one of his victims testify about it at the trial, Greg.

    One topic of conversation is if the FBI cheated to convict Raniere. A completely different conversation is if Raniere had sex with underaged girls. For your sake, Greg, and for the sake of your new friend you’re trying to free, stick to the former topic and try to keep the latter concealed.

    You may also want to tell your associates and your new chum that them concealing information from you leads to you looking like a dumbass. (Or put in a few hours and do your own research. Your naivety is jaw-dropping.)

  • Keith wasn’t targeted. Keith wasn’t important enough for anyone to even come up with a plausible conspiracy theory about him being targeted.

    There’s no “why”. And the government did not seek out a battle with Keith. If anything the complaints have consistently been that nobody did anything about Keith. And he’s been getting away with (in some people’s opinion) murder for years.

    Keith wasn’t doing anything of any significance. He was walking around Albany with a lot of anorexic and bulimic girlfriends. He was sleeping all day. He was playing around with wealthy trust fund people’s money.

    Ultimately, Keith brought upon his own destruction. He never let people walk away peacefully. The call came from inside the house.

    It was the leader/Vanguard of this community who brought down himself. By committing crimes and leaving evidence everywhere.

    The community was abused and lied to and mistreated and sexually preyed upon and blackmailed in ways the public will probably never fully know.

    Keith carefully and cruelly fostered his own enemies from the people who at one time respected and/or loved him.

    Keith was a father who denied his own son. There is copious evidence to show that Keith is a s*** human. But even that wasn’t enough to get him locked up.

    Keith committed crimes. Keith ran a criminal conspiracy and racketeering operation. And even without any evidence of creating sexual abuse of a minor materials and harming Camilla through sexual exploitation when she was a minor, Keith would still be in prison until he dies.

  • Raniere has yet another lawyer? I thought he had some woman lawyer in Tucson already. Plus Tully in CA. Yet Raniere whines about his lack of legal representation… what a clown.

    This Stoltz guy seems to be Vanguard’s new PR mouthpiece, with his tall tales of saintly Keith bearing his prison martyrdom with stoical forbearance. What a laugh! And the same tired old fairy tales of government oppression and media conspiracy.

    What this is supposed to accomplish is bugger-all.

    Raniere and the Igor-like Chakravorty must be desperate by now. Their appeal of Raniere’s conviction sank without a trace. Their ridiculous appeal to the Supreme Court went straight into the shredder. Bronfman money bought the fossilized celebrity lawyer Dershowitz’s presence at a news conference that went unnoticed. What a sorry show that was.

    Maybe they think this Gregory Stoltz guy will succeed where Alan Dershowitz failed. Good luck with that, fools…

    Stoltz anticipates having a cup of coffee with that stand-up fella Keith Raniere when he’s released, which Stoltz feigns confidently will be soon. Just as defense lawyers will assert to the jury that their client, a skinhead thug with a swastika prominently tattooed on his neck, is a fine upstanding young man.

    Exactly who is this piffle directed at? Is it just to keep up the spirits of the remaining dead-enders? It surely has no other purpose.

    I think at one point Raniere dreamed of fighting his criminal conviction by brewing up some sort of popular uprising, some grass-roots clamor to have him freed. That’s why he wanted Dershowitz. It was delusional.

    I suspect Raniere is in a state of utter despair by now, five years post arrest. I certainly hope he is. Let it eat him up inside, the utter horror of the fate he has brought upon himself. It’s what he deserves.

  • If Keith is released from prison after 2100, G. Esquire Stoltz will have a lot of raw omelette au fromage on his face as early as 2023 A.D. going on through 2024 A.D..

  • How does Mr. Stoltz feel about having his fees paid by a convicted, imprisoned felon who pleaded guilty to concealing and harboring illegal aliens for financial gain and fraudulent use of identification? And to say that Raniere isn’t vindictive is nothing but a bald-faced misrepresentation. (See A.R.S. Sup.Ct.Rules, Rule 42, Rules of Professional Conduct, 4.1 Truthfulness in Statements to Others.)

  • So much b*******. First of all if Keith was allowed to walk out tomorrow he would and he would never look back or care about prison conditions again.

    Secondly, the child sexual abuse materials were made by Keith.

    Because why wouldn’t you want those people punished? If they allegedly framed you? Anyone would. If someone falsely accused them.of sexually hurting a child they would go to the ends of the Earth for vengeance and justice

    The way that this dude is trying to portray Keith as a good guy is laughable. It would be more believable if he acknowledged the Vanguard had done horrible things but he didn’t believe they were illegal. This seems written for Keiths remaining followers.

    Because to any objective person it just reads like comedy. Of course a guy who’s locked up in jail is going to be pleasant to his own defense attorney. Are you kidding?

    This man is in no way qualified to claim anything about Keith’s sexual attraction to children. He’s a defense lawyer and that is all.

    Besides if people could have a conversation and determine who was sexually attracted to children within society would that not be used as a as a way to weed child predators out and protect all children? What a clown.

    Keith sexually abused and exploited more than one minor.

    Going all the way back to one of them filing a police report. How many non pedophiles have that many complaints against them from children?

    And think about all of the children never heard from. Who were shipped back to Mexico. Or never decided to come forward like most victims?

    Those children who HAVE spoken bravely their truth carry more weight than a man who’s paid to defend the pedophile.

  • “Suddenly, you combine sex, money, power, spirituality, or a practice that is not advancing a Christian agenda. You’ve got threats about non-monogamy, the idea that Keith Raniere has sex with more than one sexual partner at a time. You bring all those things together, and I think there’s just enough for most of the pearl-clutching class to find something to be threatened by. Some people in the private sector have a lot of influence. How will the government condone millions of dollars going back and forth? You have big names from Mexico, like Salinas and Fox. You get big names from the U.S., like Bronfman. You get allegations of the branding of women. So it’s not just a matter of sending an example or a threat to other people. It’s also government virtue signaling.“

    How many different kinds of virtue exist? “Drag Queen Shows” and mandatory sex-change surgeries for children are virtuous, right? For some, “virtue” is men who dress as women working for the American government and “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” at the 10th annual Dodgers LGBTQ+ Pride Night. https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2023-05-22/dodgers-apologize-invite-sisters-perpetual-indulgence-pride-night

    Believe it or not, pearl-clutching isn’t the only thing that happens when a gross lack of virtue in politics takes over a nation. For example, the purposeful gross lack of virtue in politics can be used as a tool for political control of an entire population. That could be why some smart people who clutched their pearls in Mexico were so mad. Maybe they don’t want multinational corporations from The World Economic Forum taking over their country again. Maybe they know about “repressive desublimation … first coined by Frankfurt School philosopher and sociologist Herbert Marcuse in his 1964 work One-Dimensional Man …”. Most Mexicans — whether or not they have pearls to clutch — probably don’t want to sterilize their children. Most probably don’t want to dress their children as “Furries”, either. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repressive_desublimation

    In, “The Martyrdom of Saint Toribio Romo”, James Murphy didn’t include the practice of cross-dressing, “Furries” or “pearl-clutching” when he wrote about the different kinds of virtue signaling in Mexico.

    Murphy wrote about Toribio Romo González, virtues, the lack of virtue — and politics.

    “… Orozco was one of the giants of the church in Mexico, a bearded patriarch who was admired by all for his leadership during a time of persecution. Yes, persecution. By this time, the peace between church and state was long over. Three presidents had come and gone since the days of Porfirio Diaz, and the atrocities of the past were back with a vengeance. Out of control. Several government troops were drinking beer out of chalices, shooting up sacred images, and forcibly taking over church buildings as barracks …”…


    • From some YouTube Channel: “The Cristero War, also known as the Cristero Rebellion or La Cristiada [la kɾisˈtjaða], was a widespread struggle in central and western Mexico in response to the imposition of secularist and anticlerical articles of the 1917 Constitution of Mexico, which were perceived by opponents as anti-Catholic measures aimed at imposing state atheism. The rebellion was instigated as a response to an executive decree by Mexican President Plutarco Elías Calles to enforce Articles 3, 5, 24, 27, and 130 of the Constitution, a move known as the Calles Law. Calles sought to eliminate the power of the Catholic Church and all organizations which were affiliated with it and to suppress popular religious celebrations in local communities.”

  • “Hired cold”?

    There’s a Gregory Stoltz on LinkedIn: “My grandfather, Isadore Leff, was an attorney, as is my brother Mitch Stoltz. My profession allows me to empower people who believe they have been wronged or wrongly accused.”

    Published by Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Jan. 1, 2005: Leff, 97, of Atlanta, died December 30, 2004. Mr. Leff was a retired attorney from the U.S. Department of Justice, a past Master of the Fulton Masonic Lodge 216, and served in the Army during World War II …

    There’s a Daniel V. Leff, Ph.D. who’s a managing partner at Waverley Capital. “According to Variety, Bronfman intends to spend a substantial portion of his time on the firm’s activities, but Leff will run the firm’s day-to-day operations.” https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/30/edgar-bronfman-jr-is-forming-a-new-venture-firm-with-longtime-vc-daniel-leff/

  • Small girl, 12 years old, being raped in a broom cupboard by a man easily old enough to be her father.

    another small girl, 13, being groomed for her deflowering at 15, by a man old enough to be her father.

    This man – a guru no less – ‘calm, circumspect, compassionate’, as he explains to his followers how it is that some infants are ‘rapable’.

    Play ugly vicious games with innocents. Win ugly vicious prizes like: 120 years in prison and a legion of lying lawyers to stoke your delusions and drain the coffers of your last standing patron/victim.

    Careful now, Mr. Stoltz, esq. watch your pay for this gig. Its a matter of record that your employer loves nothing more than a vexatiously litigious clawback of whatever you may have agreed.

  • Prolly has more to do with Rerum novarum (Latin "of revolutionary change") and Humanum genus says:

    “Pope Leo XIII (Italian: Leone XIII; born Gioacchino Vincenzo Raffaele Luigi Pecci;[b] 2 March 1810 – 20 July 1903) was head of the Catholic Church from 20 February 1878 until his death in July 1903. …. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Leo_XIII#

    … He is well known for his intellectualism and his attempts to define the position of the Catholic Church with regard to modern thinking. In his famous 1891 encyclical Rerum novarum, Pope Leo outlined the rights of workers to a fair wage, safe working conditions, and the formation of trade unions, while affirming the rights to property and free enterprise, opposing both socialism and laissez-faire capitalism. … Leo XIII is particularly remembered for his belief that pastoral activity in political sociology was also a vital mission of the church as a vehicle of social justice and maintaining the rights and dignities of the human person. …

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rerum_novarum … Rerum novarum is subtitled “On the Conditions of Labor”. In this document, Pope Leo XIII articulates the Catholic Church’s response to the social conflict in the wake of capitalism and industrialization which had provoked socialist and communist movements and ideologies. … The pope declared that the role of the state is to promote justice through the protection of rights, while the church must speak out on social issues to teach correct social principles and ensure class harmony, calming class conflict. He restated the church’s long-standing teaching regarding the crucial importance of private property rights, but recognized, in one of the best-known passages of the encyclical, that the free operation of market forces must be tempered by moral considerations …Rerum novarum also recognizes the special status of the poor in relation to social issues, expressing God’s compassion and favor for them: this is elaborated in the modern Catholic principle of the “preferential option for the poor” (not a One World Government in which “public-private stakeholders” control every human being with “social credit scores” and Central Bank Digital Currency).

    On April 20, 1884 Pope Leo XIII shared the following in Humanum genus …

    “… There are several organized bodies which, though differing in name, in ceremonial, in form and origin, are nevertheless so bound together by community of purpose and by the similarity of their main opinions, as to make in fact one thing with the sect of the Freemasons, which is a kind of center whence they all go forth, and whither they all return.

    … Candidates are generally commanded to promise – nay, with a special oath, to swear – that they will never, to any person, at any time or in any way, make known the members, the passes, or the subjects discussed. Thus, with a fraudulent external appearance, and with a style of simulation which is always the same, the Freemasons, like the Manichees of old, strive, as far as possible, to conceal themselves, and to admit no witnesses but their own members. (note the lack of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)

    … Now, the masonic sect produces fruits that are pernicious and of the bitterest savour. For, from what We have above most clearly shown, that which is their ultimate purpose forces itself into view – namely, the utter overthrow of that whole religious and political order of the world which the Christian teaching has produced, and the substitution of a new state of things in accordance with their ideas, of which the foundations and laws shall be drawn from mere naturalism.

    … What We have said, and are about to say, must be understood of the sect of the Freemasons taken generically, and in so far as it comprises the associations kindred to it and confederated with it, but not of the individual members of them. There may be persons amongst these, and not a few who, although not free from the guilt of having entangled themselves in such associations, yet are neither themselves partners in their criminal acts nor aware of the ultimate object which they are endeavoring to attain.

    … That God is the Creator of the world and its provident Ruler; that the eternal law commands the natural order to be maintained, and forbids that it be disturbed; that the last end of men is a destiny far above human things and beyond this sojourning upon the earth: these are the sources and these the principles of all justice and morality. If these be taken away, as the naturalists and Freemasons desire, there will immediately be no knowledge as to what constitutes justice and injustice, or upon what principle morality is founded. https://www.vatican.va/content/leo-xiii/en/encyclicals/documents/hf_l-xiii_enc_18840420_humanum-genus.html

    This isn’t about Keith. It’s not about whether or not he used the camera to take the photos; whether or not the photos were real; whether or not the dates were altered; whether or not the victim testified in court in a trial; or, “knick-knack intricate explanations for each [anomaly in the digital evidence]”.

    “… For, since generally no one is accustomed to obey crafty and clever men so submissively as those whose soul is weakened and broken down by the domination of the passions, there have been in the sect of the Freemasons some who have plainly determined and proposed that, artfully and of set purpose, the multitude should be satiated with a boundless license of vice, as, when this had been done, it would easily come under their power and authority …”

  • I always did wonder: why the fuck do so many people get to give victim impact statements? I mean, India Oxenberg was going to be charged until she cooperated and she got to give a statement. She went from coconspirator to victim? It’s bullshit. Too much media and hype around the NXIVM trials. Also, the FBI is rotten to the core.

    I think it is important to separate what someone is convicted of and accused of.

    In this case, I do believe Vanturd slept with Cami when she was underage based in his text messages with her. Also, Vanturd was a shitty person based on many emails and texts with other women. Doesn’t mean he is necessarily guilty of crimes he was accused of. It’s possible to dislike someone and not want to see them locked up.

    For the most part, Vanturd is behind bars for publicity purposes. Garufilis and Penza wanted attention.

    I still hate Vanturd and all things NXIVM. They are petulant infants. All of them. Sarah, Nippy, India, Nicki, etc.

  • Dear Mr Esq,
    How nice for you. You have a new friend who is practically an angel. You are in awe of him and his goodness.

    Get a grip, man. You have beclowned yourself and likely not for the first time.

    Oh, well,

    The World

  • Weak sauce.

    The defense could’ve called Camila at any time.

    Just like the defense could’ve challenged the authenticity of the photos during the trial, which they tried to do akreasy.

    Raniere is where he belongs. He’s a lying sack of shit, got caught, and now has to suffer the consequences of his own actions.

  • Gallagher there should focus on his continued comedy routine and smashing watermelons on stage. Clown world. This lawyer must have gone to night school to get his mail away law degree. Makes for a funny headline though. Weird Al Yankovic is jealous of his hair. Jaja!

  • Gregory
    You have the facts all wrong. Why? I am the sibling of one of the women KR raped and got pregnant and then had killed.
    Why should he be put ? You have been given false facts – it is obvious that MY sister does NOT matter – only the damn monster 👿-
    This is BS – enjoy your HERO.

  • Gregory Stolz should join the Dossier project, because he is as blind to the facts as the project’s members are. And there’s a vacancy…….

    “Keith is not vindicative” hahaha! I don’t think Susan Dones or Tony Natalie would agree……

    Keith says, “If I were given the opportunity to walk out of here a free man, but the nation would never know the level of corruption that took place in the trial, I would rather stay here for the rest of my life.” Hahahaha! Such is the noble character of the greatest humanitarian that ever walked on this earth. Such BS. And Stolz believes that?

    I do like the detailed account of Stolz meeting Keith, all chained up, bruised, pushing his glasses up his nose with his knee: priceless!

    More Bronfman money down the drain. Stolz is doing his best to suck up as much of it as he can. “Stolz” translates to “proud” in the German language. Sucking up to Raniere is nothing to be proud of.

  • — It’s also government virtue signaling.

    Look who’s talking. Gregory Stoltz is on the payroll. He’ll say anything, he’s being paid to defend Raniere.

    Stoltz is a paid whore no different than the Connecticut divorce attorneys.

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