Guest View: There’s a hole in the dam, but I got out safe

I had a conversation today about if people should speak out. Personally, I don’t think one can be bullied to speak out by words on a blog. Come on, if you’ve been through a NXIVM program, can a blog bully you?

Let’s put this into a metaphor.

Mark Hildreth’s image is still being used to promote Vanguard. No one knows why Mark is not attending NXIVM classes. Why? Reportedly he is hiding under a rock.


If there’s a hole in the dam, I’m helping the hole get bigger by failing to inform the owners, and their top management, about the hole. I see the hole, but say nothing for fear of the repercussions.

I also sell homes to the people who live in the city below the dam and profit off them. I know this hole is getting more dangerous, and is going to cause the dam to break at some point, but I like my profits, and the attention I’m getting from the dam owners.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I was a part of contributing to the hole in the dam, and sold houses for a profit in the city below that is now going to have massive flooding. So I save myself by leaving, and say nothing to the people in the city below.

Only the people in the city will know I was part of the problem, but the rest of the world won’t. My reputation is safe.

Keith Raniere is the Vanguard.  He will use images of people who have left the cult, as if they are still endorsing him. He’s ethical that way.

So true. A good question to ask oneself: how is my soul going to survive the damage I supported by my influence in the first place?

I also know some others will share information about the hole, so I tell myself I don’t have to. The bad news is, they won’t get to everyone in the city before the hole gets out of control.

Coming forward has a double purpose. It helps inform others of the dangers ahead, and it helps clear the soul of your participation in something you thought was intended as good, but ended up as bad.

Kristin Kreuk was used to promote the cult of Keith Raniere. She brought in Allison Mack, who, in turn, brought in other women. Kristin slipped away. Look for her under a rock, or in some creepy crevice. She’s out there publicly condemning Harvey Weinstein, but ignoring the perv she personally witnessed: A man who is enslaving women and branding women on their pubic region.


It’s a personal decision for everyone: do you want to cleanse your soul of your participation in this bad thing? You can’t do that by just walking away and pretending that you did not have any impact during the time you worked for the dam owners.

The upper management chose you for the value you brought to the table when you stepped in the door. They knew you had influence, they paid special attention to you, you lapped it up and were the Big Dog for a time.

When you found out the reality of what Oz was really up to, you left without being responsible and sharing with others the truth that the city was going to flood.

Now, you have some of your friend trapped inside the flooded city.

Grace Park is reportedly still in the cult. She is said to be keeping her membership in SOP. But she does not seem to want anyone to know that she is still part of the sex cult. Keith Raniere did take down her videos on his Keith Raniere Conversations however.

If you would have shared at least, you would have given them information to make another decision (they might not have chosen) but at least they would have been to make an informed decision as to whether or not to get out of the city before the flood waters covered them all up.

Really, what’s your soul worth? That’s the question to ask yourself.

Frank will share your story without using your name, if you ask him.

Stories need to be told and heard; they heal the soul.


I know nothing about NXIVM. Keith? Who is that?

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6 years ago

To ……….
Abusers flourish when those they abuse are silent and fearful. They only way to stop abusers is to speak out. This is 100% true. Abusers will not stop on their own. NEVER .

If you feel your soul doesn’t need to be “cleansed” that is your opinion. No one is forcing or shaming people into speaking up. And sometimes (in my own personal experiences) there is a fine line between who is an abuser and who is abused. By that I mean typically what happens is that the main sociopath will recruit many “flying monkeys” to do his dirty work for him. So you could say the “monkeys” are both abuser and abusee.

Will the spell be broken once someone throws water on the wicked witch?

women in sop?
women in sop?
6 years ago

“Grace Park is reportedly still in the cult. She is said to be keeping her membership in SOP.”
I thought SOP was only for men….to learn how, in part, to control their women.
So what would Grace learn in SOP?

Temple Kung Fool
Temple Kung Fool
6 years ago

I did not hear bullying or shaming. We all perceive the world through our own paradigm.

It is my experience that sharing your experience helps the healing process. Sharing in a safe forum is critical to that process.

If sharing on Frank Report helps, then do it. If it does not then it may be better to see a therapist, talk to safe friends, or find a group of former students to share your experience strength and hope.

Many people benefit from sharing their stories; what is was like, what happened and what it is like now.

Isolating is generally a tough way to heal.

Be honest and do what works for you to get well.

6 years ago

“Kristin Kruek was used to promote the cult of Keith Raniere. She brought in Allison Mack, who, in turn, brought in other women. Kristin slipped away. Look for her under a rock, or in some creepy crevice. She’s out there publicly condemning Harvey Wienstien, but ignoring the perv she personally witnessed: A man who is enslaving women and branding women on their pubic region.”

The only true statement in the above is that “she brought in Allison Mack.”

Yes, Kristin was probably used to promote NXIVM due to her small celebrity, but not the “cult of Raniere”. She’s neither hiding under a rock nor in some creepy crevice either (she’s always been rather private) nor is she “out there publicly condemning Harvey Weinstein”. She was asked about the situation surrounding the latter once in an interview and gave her opinion. There is also no evidence that she ‘ignored’ “the perv she personally witnessed”, a statement that implies that she knew all about the internal machinations going on.

You should cast the potency of your negative criticisms upon those involved proportional to their degree of responsibility instead of sullying people who don’t deserve it as it mars your credibility.

How about the government individuals who have been effectively silenced or even bought off by Bronfman money as some other commentators have suggested here, e.g., DA Soares, or those involved in other governmental organizations that turned a blind eye to the activities and let the group continue well after the award winning investigative series of articles released by the Times Union back in February 2012?

You too were once fooled by the Vanguard and only because you’ve had criminal charges filed against you where you could face considerable jail time, have you taken action against it, so I wouldn’t take your criticisms of others – especially those who aren’t worthy of it – so far that it steps into sensationalization territory.

6 years ago
Reply to  SOS

SOS you must not be around when Kristen was in NXIVM, she did more than bringing in Allision or she would of never;
Would have gotten the coach rank – you don’t get to be a coach by bringing in only one person
She was involved with the Albany and other centers at the time
She went to extra trainings
She would have never gone to Necker Island with the highest of high values students when Sir Richard
Branson invited them all for a jolly good time
She would have never been part of being on the guest panel of acapella innovations (NXIVM big cover up
acapella contest to attempt to get young people enrolled into the cult.
She was also involved with Jness program
She would have never been an overnight guest at Nancy Salzman house to help plan “girls by design” – a way for her an Allison Mack to start a group influence “young” girls to be more empowered. It was to be a cover-up for a hunting ground for the creepy one. Allison and Kristen had no idea that was the real plan. Now everyone knows, creepy likes them young.
Yes, the plan was all clearly designed by the great and power Oz to slowly hook her as he so evilly did one of her besties Allison Mack into his harem. Good news for her is she wised up to the fact that something wasn’t right in NX-ville.

It appears that her highest value was working on her career and it wasn’t her at the time boyfriend Mark or her spiritual journey which at the time meant sleeping with the creepy one like Allison still thinks is going to get her something she is seeking.

Kristen was around for a few years so it wasn’t like she took one course, brought her best friend in and than left.

I’m glad she out, I’m glad she dumped Mark, I’m glad she safe from the creep. It’s well known she was involved with NXIVM, just Google it.

Does she need to come forward, nope. It was all over this and other blogs so the word is out there. None of can get away from it if our names are on any blogs, news papers, magazine articles, we’re branded that way. Yep, ex-cult members.

6 years ago

Again another way to shame people into telling their stories. Cleanse your soul? Yeah, I sound angry, because I am. You can “cleanse” your soul by doing many other things then “speaking out”. Do you know what they have gone through personally? No. Do you know what they are doing behind the scenes? No. What if they’re doing a lot but not being public about it? This is a witch hunt in a lot of ways. It’s sad that people can’t see that. This blog and any other story should only mention the real perpetrators in this situation. Not the victims. If you are raped and you don’t tell you story and that man goes on to rape another, is your soul darkened? Should it be cleansed? Or should you be able to determine how you move on and deal with your own pain and trauma. I would and can pretty much bet that any women or man would forgive that person for not coming forward, they wouldn’t write a blog about how that person should come forward and “cleanse their souls” so another person wouldn’t be hurt. They would understand their pain and shame. That is compassion. Is it right? Should the culture be changed? Maybe. But this is the world we live in. Can it change? Maybe. Can a person telling the same story about this shitty group make an impact that hasn’t already been made? Maybe. But it isn’t up for us to decide or bully them into doing what we want them to do. We all have lessons to learn in this life. If he or anyone else wants to tell their story, they will.

6 years ago
Reply to  ........

Well said!!

6 years ago
Reply to  ........

Those who were simply “students” who took courses can certainly walk away without explanation or apology. But those who were recruiters don’t get the same “pass”.

To continue with your metaphor, what if a rape victim recruited other women to get raped by the same guy that raped her? Don’t you think she’d have an obligation to do something more than just leave without saying anything?

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