Vicente: ‘What the fuck did I do?’: Letras Libres publishes interview with Vicente on ESP movie in Mexico

An article about Mark Vicente and the film he directed ‘Encender el Corazon’, was published in Letras Libres on October 20.

The article titled ‘¿Qué carajos hice?”: la historia de la película de ESP en México’. is in English: “What the fuck did I do?”: The story of the ESP movie in Mexico’.

Mr. Vicente says ‘Encender el corazón,’ was initially intended to be a compelling look at Mexico’s problems with violence, but, under the influence of Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas, who produced the film, it turned into a promotional film about Mr. Raniere.

Mr. Vicente quit ESP when he found out about DOS. He was a member since 2005.

Mr. Vicente and his team organized 120 presentations of the film, seen by an estimated 20,000 people. The author of the article is Leon Krauze. He says [translation mine]: “I found [Encender el Corazon], to be brazen proselytism for the movement of Keith Raniere. On screen, Raniere is presented as a messiah of Ayn Rand’s radical individualism, and he offers the only solution to Mexico’s pain: by Mexicans adopting his system, his “values”, his philosophy through NXIVM and ESP. I was disgusted: something, I thought, was wrong.

‘Now we know the mystery of what was wrong: it is the protagonist of the film. Raniere has been identified in a wonderful story in the New York Times … as the leader of a sect within the sect… that manipulates, enslaves and abuses young women, even branding them like cattle …. The guru turned out to be a monster.”

Mr. Vicente said he is “devastated” about Mr. Raniere and wants to distance himself  from the film.

According to Mr. Vicente, ESP leaders told him to alter the film to show Mr. Raniere as the the only one who has a holistic and absolute solution to the problems of violence in Mexico.

“I received several warnings for not saying enough,” says Mr. Vicente.

The story is worth reading:


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    This article contains an interview with “Pamela,” an Executive Success Program student from Monterrey Mexico. Luckily she realized ESP was a cult, and avoided being recruited for DOS branding.

    But she did give the reporter some of the ESP documents that students must treat as top-secret, and they are posted on Scribd. Most of the documents are already available in Raniere’s (rejected) patent application for “Rational Inquiry,” and haven’t changed since 1998.

    However, the first page is the “Twelve-Point Mission Statement” that all ESP students must recite at each lesson. This document was posted by cult-deprogrammer Rick Ross in about 2003. This resulted in over a decade of lawsuits against against him, even though he pulled the document down quickly. (Ultimately, Rick Ross won the lawsuits).

    The Spanish version (apologies for the lack of diacritical marks and/or typographical errors):

    El exito es un estado interior de concimieento claro y honesto de lo que soy, mi valor en el mundo y mi responsabilidad de las reacciones que tengo ate todas las cosas.

    Ultimademente no hay victimas; pro lo tanto, no elegire ser una victima.

    Estoy comprometido con mi exito. Comprendo que todos debemos elevarnos a nosotros mismos — y pro lo tanto elevar a todos los demas — al igual que todos los demas nos elevan. Esto es interdependencia.

    El exito obtenido por mis propios medios es exito ganado. El verdadero exito no se puede robar, copiar u obtener por azar. No aparentare ser exitoso por estos medios o por ningun otro. Me ganare mi propio exito.

    El tributo es una forma de pago y honor. Es dar honor a quien honor mereca. Usare el tributo para ensalzar a otros mas alla de mis mezquinos agrados y desagrados. Como resultado, definere mi ser y mi verdadera aportacion a la humanidad.

    La gente exitosa no roba y no tiene deseo ni necesidad de robar. No robare cosa alguna. Siempre me ganare lo que necesite y desee. Copiar sin permiso ni tributo no es un halago, es un robo. El robo tampien es tomar o recibir cualquier cosa sin haberia ganado; siempre es a costa, por pequeno que sea, de los demas.

    La honestidad interior y la integredad son los mas alto valors humanos y el fundamento de la psicologia humana. Todos los demas valores surgen de ellos. Nunca cambiare mi integridad u honestidad interior por ningun otro valor. Nunca vale la pena.

    Los metodos e informacion que aprenda en ESP son para mi uso personal unicamente. No hablare de ellos ni dare a otros conocimiento de ellos fuera de ESP. Parte de condicion de ser acceptado en ESP es mantener toda su information confidencial. Si violo este compromiso, estoy faltando a una promesa e incumpliendo mi contrato, pero mas aun, estoy deteriorando mi honestidad interior e integradid.

    El verdadero exito nunca es a expensas de los demas. Como individuo exitoso, nunca envidiare el exito de otra persona. Me regocijare porque entiendo que el exito de los demas me eleva, aunque sea un poco, porque tambien formo parte del equipo humano. La actualizacion del potencial humano por cualquier persona es un tributo a todo el equipo humanidad. Si otros son exitosos, protegere su exito contra aquellos que los envidien. Promoto librarme de todo habito basado en el parasitismo y la envidia, y reemplazarlos con habitos de esfuerzo e interdependencia.

    Acceptare sin reservas el exito que me he ganado. No aceptare ni mas ni menos. Esto es aceptar con integridad. Dare sin reservas a quienes se lo hayan ganado. Esto es dar con integridad. Aceptare con integridad con la misma facilidad con la que doy con integridad. El no aceptar lo que valgo, o lo que he ganado, es devaluarme a mi mismo y, por lo tando, a todos los demas.

    Las personas controlan el dinero, las riquezas y los recursos del mundo. Es esencial para la supervivencia de la humanidad que estas cosas esten en control de personas exitosas y eticas. Prometo controlar eticamente cuanto dinero, riquezas y recursos del mundo me sea posible dentro de mi plan de exito. Siempre apoyare el control etico de estas cosas.

    Un mundo de personas exitosas sera sin duda un mundo mejor; un mundo libre de hambre, robo, deshonestidad, envidia e inseguridad. Las personas ya no trataran de destruirse unas a otras, robar unas de otras, rebajarse unas a otras o regocijarse ante la perdicion del otro. El exito, la etica y la integridad van de la mano. Prometo compartir e inscribir personas en ESP y su mision por mi propio beneficio y para hacer al mundo un mejor lugar para vivir.

    Google translation:

    Success is an interior state of clear and honest awareness of who I am, my value in the world and my responsibility for the reactions I have to all things.

    There are no ultimate victims; Therefore, I will not choose to be a victim.

    I am committed to my success. I understand that we must all elevate ourselves – and thus elevate all others – just as everyone else elevates us. This is interdependence.

    The success obtained by my own means is successful gained. True success can not be stolen, copied or obtained by chance. I will not appear to be successful by these means or by any other. I will earn my own success.

    Tribute is a form of payment and honor. It is to give honor to whom honor merits. I will use the tribute to praise others beyond my petty dislikes and dislikes. As a result, I will define my being and my true contribution to humanity.

    Successful people do not steal and have no desire or need to steal. I will not steal anything. I will always earn what I need and want. Copying without permission or tribute is not a compliment, it is a robbery. The robbery is to take or receive anything without having won; it is always at the expense, however small, of others.

    Inner honesty and integrity are the highest human values ​​and the foundation of human psychology. All other values ​​emerge from them. I will never change my inner integrity or honesty for any other value. Never worth it.

    The methods and information I learn in ESP are for my personal use only. I will not speak of them nor will I give to others knowledge of them outside ESP. Part of being accepted into ESP is to keep all of the information confidential. If I violate this commitment, I am lacking a promise and breaching my contract, but more, I am deteriorating my internal and integrated honesty.

    Real success is never at the expense of others. As a successful individual, I will never envy someone else’s success. I will rejoice because I understand that the success of others elevates me, even a little, because I am also part of the human team. The updating of human potential by anyone is a tribute to the whole humanity team. If others are successful, protect their success against those who envy them. I promise to free myself from all habit based on parasitism and envy, and replace them with habits of effort and interdependence.

    I will accept without reservation the success I have gained. I will accept neither more nor less. This is to accept with integrity. I will give unreservedly to those who have earned it. This is to give with integrity. I will accept with integrity as easily as I give with integrity. Not to accept what I am worth, or what I have won, is to devalue myself and, therefore, to all others.

    People control the money, wealth and resources of the world. It is essential for the survival of humanity that these things are in control of successful and ethical people. I promise to ethically control as much money, wealth and resources of the world as possible within my plan of success. I will always support the ethical control of these things.

    A world of successful people will undoubtedly be a better world; a world free from hunger, theft, dishonesty, envy and insecurity. People will no longer try to destroy each other, steal from each other, lower each other or rejoice at the loss of the other. Success, ethics and integrity go hand in hand. I promise to share and enroll people in ESP and their mission for my own benefit and to make the world a better place to live.

    (Obviously, the Smartest Man in the World has figured everything out, and we just need to follow his instructions).

  • And now Keith will likely try to go after Mark Vicente.

    Please look inside and ask yourself what you stand for. There is a clear injustice to this story.

    Keith was never the human who put his life on the line, he just wanted to take the credit, it was all about filling up his ego while others did the hard work or put their lives at risk. He is just a little sick man.

    Many former NXIVM student and coaches need our help. In an earlier chapter of NXIVM history, several former students and coaches went through the legal ringer at the hand of Keith Raniere. Some have endured several years of legal battles with NXIVM. NXIVM does not win but can sure tie up a defendant’s life for years. The new targets have families and lives and I would ask that we dig down deep to try to understand the legal machine and abuses they’re likely going to face.

    How would you feel if no one came to your aid?

    Please stand up and tell your stories.

    I am sorry if you find me hyperbolic but this shit is real, it is really weird and really abusive. I am sure there are many folks who have left that just want to get on with their lives but we owe it to those who stood up to Keith; they told the truth and have earned my respect. I will fight with you, I will fight for you and we will win if we stand together.

    I have posted on public domains with the intent of exposing these criminals. I have made complaints to the authorities. I have called the media. I have cut off any and all monies from going to NXIVM. I have targeted its affiliated organizations. I have named current supporters of Keith’s crazy cause. I have written and made comments on Frank Report. I have looked into and passed along ways for people to escape cults. I found legal counsel for those in need. I have contacted the employers of those who support Keith and his criminal cohorts regarding their participation in this organization. I can do all of this, but until we all rise up, there is chance Keith survives another blow and goes on to lie and destroy more lives.

    Targets –
    James Del Negro
    Kamaraj Kalyanasundaram
    Dr. Porter
    Dr. Roberts
    Jens Erik Gould
    Lucas Roberts
    Keith Raniere
    Lauren Salzman
    Emi and Alex
    The Knife Media
    The Source Acting
    Rainbow Cultural Garden
    ESP DOS SOP Jness Etc.

    Please add to the list.

    What have you done?

    Tell your stories. Let us know what is working and how we can help. Go to the authorities.


    • Have you contacted the US Marshals branch in Albany about all the illegal espians here, especially the ones in Rainbow?

      • US Marshall’s service has nothing to do with immigration issues. If anyone has credible information about foreign persons illegally in the United States it should be reported to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) which is part of the Department of Homeland Security. For New York State, the enforcement office can be reached at tel:(646) 230-3200

    • Thank you Temple. Since the NY Times article broke, I have unleashed a tweetstorm (and no I am not @Nxivminfo with the onion Avatar.

      I stand with Jenn and Sarah Mark et al and will do anything I can to see the demise of NXIVM within the legal system. Currently there appears to be an intensive going on at Apropos on Rte 9 in Half Moon at least since Thursday as the parking lots both front and back have been full on Thursday, Friday and today when I passed by.

      Pretty much any of the known Clifton Park inner circle and harem have been doxed here on the Frank Report but I am surprised how many of my own neighbors have no idea there is a cult operating virtually next door to them.

      Unfortunately as we have seen the wheels of justice turn very slow.

      While the momentum is in the Nxiters favor Rainbow needs to be exposed as an unlicensed day care, pre-school or home schooling arrangement. The knife needs to be torn apart for being fake news.

      So how do we do this?

    • Is steve Coffey still an attorney for the group? I posted on their fb site today.

      I’ve shared my experiences on fb and made the postings public.

      There is a 5 or 6 day jness intensive going on that started Thursday.

      • No, no longer representing NXIVM.Paul DerOhannesian is reported to be doing so.

        If it is a Jness intensive it is co-ed I have seen males entering Apropos. Parking lot has been full both back and front since Thursday at least.

    • This is not necessarily good advice. Every person’s circumstances are different, every traumatized victim is an individual with dignity who should decide for himself or herself what he or she wants to do, should do, can do. Shaming victims into coming forward in any way is irresponsible. People are coming forward. Let each person come forward in her own way, in her own time, if and when she feels emotionally, psychologically and physically ready to do so. Demanding they do so in the way you have may retraumatize someone, or contribute to additional suffering in some way. Nobody who has been through such an ordeal deserves that.

      • I reread my post. Shaming is not the message. Standing up to tyranny, for those feel compelled to do so, is all one can ask. Please don’t twist a positive message into a negative one; that would miss the point.

        Some victims will require a break from this trauma. To them, I say, go and heal.

  • Vanguard unethically hijacked Mark Vicente’s film….but maybe that should have warned Vicente way back then that his “emperor has no clothes.”

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