CBS Inside Edition, Rick Ross castigates Keith Raniere (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)



CBS Inside Edition, Rick Ross castiga Keith Raniere

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  • Did you hear what Rick Ross said legal authorities who read this site? He said some people have estimated Raniere has pilfered up to $100 million dollars. So, who is doing the investigation into this money laundering into hidden shell accounts and tax evasion scheme of his? Just because the Bronfman sisters are morons, doesn’t mean the guy should get away with this utter and total scam.

  • Keith IS the worst of what he teaches. He uses EVERYTHING that he teaches is bad. That is the joke he is playing. That is why those parts of his teachings actually have some value. (shifter, parasite, Lucifer, etc. etc.) He teaches from experience. He teaches from the mind of a lunatic. An intelligent lunatic who has mastered hypnosis.

  • Lauren Salzman is 100% behind this “social group” (DOS) and behind ESP. I have seen the proof. She reports to Keith Raniere, who founded EVERYTHING that is within the web of NXIVM. Anything else is just pure lies by Keith, Lauren, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack and the entire company. It’s disgusting how far they have fallen. And as Keith so eloquently taught (stole), Lucifer fell from the light (truth) due to lies – and couldn’t return, as that would mean facing the light (truth). It’s scary how they are enacting this very apropos metaphor.



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