Miscellaneous notes on Raniere [Oct. 3]

Keith Raniere iq
Keith Raniere likes to be known by the name of his favorite video game – Vanguard.


Sometimes it seems like the more I learn about Keith Raniere, the more I’m convinced he’s a low-life louse. Here are a couple points of interest:

The Keith no one owns

Susan Dones deposition, [2010,]:

“When they do find out about the fact that he’s having sexual relationships with other women …  a group of other women come in — Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafritz, Lauren Salzman — they come in to work that person’s issues and attachments around ownership of Keith.
“‘Do you own Keith’s penis?’ ‘What’s the difference between Keith sleeping with somebody versus playing the  violin?'”

A reader made this comment:

“I don’t know about the last one, but the first one is certainly true. That’s because Raniere’s penis owns him.”

Help with IQ

in 1988, Karen Unterreiner, Gina Hutchinson, and several other young women helped Keith Raniere take his MEGA IQ test. They called it “The Project.”

In 2016, Allison Mack, Rosa Laura Junco and several other young women helped Keith Raniere create his multi-level blackmail organization called DOS. They called it “The Project.”

[The Mega Test rules include: Any assistance from other persons is prohibited.]

Smart guy, Raniere


In the above-linked video, Keith claims that by the time he was one year old, he was asking questions and reading. He also says he “…had some really deep, profound thoughts at an early age”.

The world may never know what he thought, or if anyone could make out his profundity, for it may have just been baby prattle.

As an adult, his words are still hard to decipher. Here is an example:

“The soul is the source of all fundamental human secrets – the secret, unexplainable nature of what it is to experience being human.”

What is this? [choose one]

A. Blatant bullshit

B. Pseudo-profound bullshit

C. Pseudo-intellectual bullshit

D. Mind-blowing deep


Nancy First Demoted, Now Cancer, What Next?

Keith demoted Nancy Salzman from the NXIVM Executive Board after Barbara Bouchey and eight women left in 2009. He blamed Nancy for their departure. He put Clare Bronfman in charge and made Nancy report to her.

Nancy had total liability for ESP and no control.

As for Nancy’s cancer, I am concerned Keith may be taking charge of the management of her treatment.

Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz were Purple Sashes, both were in Keith’s harem, both had cancer in their 50s, and both allowed Keith to manage their care. Both died.

On the day Pam died, Keith said the medication he advised for treatment finally came. Had it come one day earlier, she would have lived.

Just when it seemed Barbara Jeske started to rally, Keith changed her treatment. She faded and died quickly.

Nancy is a registered nurse. Keith might not be able to fool her into doing something medically destructive to herself.

Keith demoted Nancy after she built up ESP into a giant hypnotic induction machine.

But let’s get a few things straight: Nancy did not lose $200 million of Clare and Sara’s money, Keith did. Nancy did not make Barbara Bouchey quit. Barbara quit because she realized the corruption of Keith having sex with women he taught.

She confided to her friends: “He is having sex with everyone. He is using therapy by therapists in competition with patients”.

When Barbara came forward, the harem women lied to the rank and file ESP students. No one would listen to Barbara Bouchey. They blackballed her. They shunned her. They said she was a suppressive. Nobody even considered that what she was saying might be true.

Everybody condoned the legal persecution that ensued. They tried to discredit Barbara and shut her up. And best of all, Keith blamed Nancy for Barbara’s leaving and demoted her.


Dr. Porter’s home on Oregon Trail was purchased with Allison Mack’s money. Hope she has a recorded mortgage on the property. If not, she may not be able to enforce her mortgage.

Allison Mack is on the verge of bankruptcy. She gave loans to ESPians for various purchases. She loaned Dr. Brandon Porter money to buy his home. You would think a medical doctor would be able to buy his own house or at least qualify for a mortgage.

Dr. Brandon Porter, M.D.


Still Seeking 1,000 Keith built millionaires

John Fox and Sean Bergeron are Albany area followers of Vanguard. Does anyone know if they are Keith-built millionaires? We found only two so far that Keith may have built into millionaires.

We still have 998 more to go.


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6 years ago

And this: “Humans can be noble. The question is: will we put forth what is necessary?” It’s a) badly phrased and b) bullshit. I mean, it’s ingenious bullshit, but still bullshit. First invoke a transcendent human potential (although “noble”? It’s a strange word to choose). Then, rather than present any positive actions, direct a question at the listener that asks them to question their own “nobleness”. It’s like a passive-aggressive marketing slogan.

Outsider Thoughts: Keith is a douchebag-
Outsider Thoughts: Keith is a douchebag-
6 years ago

“The soul is the source of all fundamental human secrets – the secret, unexplainable nature of what it is to experience being human.”

This is impossible to answer because Kieth has no Soul. He is devoid of a conscience > basically just a reptilian brain. So, my answer is none of the above. This is an example of Raniere-Speak or Vanguard-speak or in laymans terms Word Salad.

6 years ago

Maybe Keith could get a job at Hallmark when all this is over.

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