Bernie v. Trump: Best Chance for a Real Choice: Between Capitalism and Socialism

By Fred

Full disclosure: I supported Bernie Sanders as the best bet to beat Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

My advice to Americans, as an outsider to your politics, is to try find someone who seems reasonably honest, from either side.

Ron Paul is a perfect example, I am still a big fan of his.

I even (God help me) said that McCain was a more honest bet than Obama in 2008. My main basis for saying this: McCain was the only Republican senator who voted against Bill Clinton’s 1996 Telecoms Act, for me the most fascist legislation in US history — we see impregnable media monopolies and unstoppable microwave towers over the whole landscape as a result of this heinous Act.

Telecoms Act, signed by President Bill Clinton, represented a major change in American telecommunication law. One of the most controversial titles was Title 3 (“Cable Services”), which allowed for media cross-ownership. The act, signed into law on February 8, 1996, was “essentially bought and paid for by corporate media lobbies.” and “opened the floodgates on mergers.” About 90 percent of the country’s major media companies are owned by six corporations.

Obama, on the other hand, was a protege of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who promoted the “technotronic society” and the manipulation of people’s minds by “timed electronic pulses.”

I have never trusted Barack Hussein Obama. In 2008, I was very much an outlier in vocally opposing Obama and even trying to make excuses for Sarah Palin. I suffered enormous flak on certain forums for this.

Bernie was a lone gun for years, his record is very clear.

He’s a dinosaur from another era, he’s a very familiar sort of character to many of us. There are reasons why teachers still unionize, why oligarchs like Bloomberg are suddenly so worried. The class war is a very tangible, visible thing — a propaganda feature it shares with the race war.

The class war is very easy to agitate over. Bernie is a classic agitator, a genuine maverick, and he was shaking up the Democrat Party in ways it really didn’t like. I strongly felt that the 2016 election could be won by a maverick, and Bernie absolutely fit the bill for the Democrats.

John Podesta said in a leaked email, however, that Bernie was ultimately not a problem; they had “leverage” over him. And Bernie wuz robbed, no question. I still wonder what that “leverage” was.

Image result for bernie sanders
Bernie is an agitator.

When Bernie went on to endorse Hillary Clinton, instead of either running as an independent or just sitting on his hands, I totally broke with Bernie and cancelled my email subscription to his campaign, citing “Your endorsement of Henry Kissinger, I mean Hillary Clinton” as the reason.

The whole time, though, I was flagging Trump as the best bet, by far, for the Republicans, and I backed him all the way against Hillary Clinton.

I kept saying, if you turn politics into reality TV, then you need a professional reality TV star in the hot seat. Trump INVENTED reality TV, for God’s sake. I quoted the story of how Trump consulted Jesse Ventura, who went from pro wrestler to governor of Minnesota.

Trump wanted to know how to get people to take him seriously. As I recall, Ventura said: talk TO the people, not AT them. Be yourself, and be HONEST.

What politician these days can possibly be honest?

Only pro wrestlers and reality TV stars who used to host beauty pageants. They can’t possibly pretend to be people they’re not.

You watch Hillary Clinton yelling into the microphone (the mic works, Hillary…) and you’ll see a classic case of someone talking AT people.

Image result for hillary shouting in the microphone
Hillary does have a bit of a shouting problem.

I knew Trump was going to win, once Bernie was out of the race.

And don’t forget the Democrats (per the Podesta emails) deliberately manipulated the situation to bring about their “pied-piper alternative”, they wanted Trump as an opponent, this was why their media outlets gave him so much air time.

They thought they were giving him enough rope to hang himself.

If anyone is to blame for President Donald Trump, it’s Hillary Clinton herself.

For me, the absolute ultimate moment of the left’s insanity, the final straw that broke this camel’s back once and for all, was the Brett Kavanaugh lynching, I mean confirmation.

I’ve never, ever, seen such hypocrisy in my life.

I’ve followed the Juanita Broaddrick story closely, I’ve tweeted her in support.

“We believe survivors” chants the left, yeah, unless these survivors were raped by Bill Clinton, in which case they simply don’t exist.

And as an article of faith, you believe a clearly confused woman in Christine Blasey Ford, who cannot even remember what year an alleged assault happened, or where it was, or how she got home; but is certain that she’s right in accusing Brett Kavanaugh, because scientific research shows her brain had a rush of noradrenaline during the event.

This is how you recount a traumatic moment — with a clever academic soundbite?

How completely contrived and inauthentic can you possibly get. But the Democrats just ate it up.

For me, Brett Kavanaugh (I had never heard of him before) will always be an absolute hero for standing up for himself.

The way he did it made me 100% certain that this entire story against him was false. I am fairly sure that Christine Blasey Ford did experience a very traumatic event at someone’s hands, sometime, somewhere; but I’m totally certain that Brett Kavanaugh was not the perpetrator.

Yet to this day, Kavanaugh still sometimes gets lumped with Harvey Weinstein as an iconic example of the #MeToo movement.

Image result for blasey ford
Blasey Ford – kind of confused

Check out Blasey Ford’s school yearbook, and the proud stories of drunken parties and picking up men who passed out in the girls’ apartments:

Yes, I’m quite prepared to believe that there was some drunken groping among that cohort. And some very blurred memories, despite all the noradrenaline.

Scott Adams, the Dilbert cartoonist, who got into a lot of trouble just for explaining how cleverly Trump was manipulating the situation, pointed out that: “they let you grab them by the pussy” actually clearly denotes a consensual act: they “let you”.

It’s highly significant that just after that conversation, Trump and his companion are met by a female hostess who puts her arms around them, it’s part of her job.

And you can see that Trump’s friend is very aware of the recent conversation. But he manages to avoid any “conduct unbecoming”.

Democrats can let Al Franken tell them about the behind-the-scenes mores of the entertainment business, this is showbiz, darling.

Now, as Trump said, he has heard Bill Clinton tell far, far worse stories. Clinton was fairly recently pictured in Las Vegas with his arms around a couple of famous ladies of the night.

Image result for clinton prostitutes las vegas

I pointed out, over and again in 2016: there are lawyers standing by, offering to represent for free any woman who says she was molested by Donald Trump.

I said, listen again: lawyers prepared to work FOR FREE. When do you ever find lawyers working for free? They were absolutely desperate to nail Trump by any means, and yet not one single woman came forward with any kind of credible accusation, except for that great shining hope of the Democrats, Stormy Daniels.

And whatever may or may not have happened between Stormy and Donald was consensual, according to the lady.

Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas when he raped Juanita Broaddrick, a Democratic supporter of his and a Democrat no longer. She said: what chance did I stand against him at the time, in following a legal route?

Her descriptions of Hillary Clinton’s behavior after the rape, truly terrifying intimidation, have forevermore fixed Hillary Clinton in my mind as a rape “enforcer”, more than “enabler”.

How do Democrats not see what is right in front of their eyes? How can they be such absolutely blatant hypocrites?

There’s really only one answer: this is mind control. This truly is cult behavior.

If you’ve operated in a left-dominated environment, you know exactly how it’s done, the power of herd thinking.

Above all, the mainstream media in the US is totally controlled by a tiny elite with a very narrow mindset. If there was one truly great thing Donald Trump did for America, it was to show the nation once and for all what total fakes the mainstream media is.

You should say “media are”, media is a plural term, but in the US, it really is “media is” — they all walk in lockstep and speak with one voice. You can hear the talking points echoing around the channels.

Who circulates these talking points?

Do they honestly think that just mind-numbing repetition is enough to guarantee that people will accept, if not believe, what is being said? Do they think we’re all so stupid we won’t notice?

The answer from the Democrats is exactly that: “Yes, we DO think you’re stupid, all of you, even our own supporters, hell, we KNOW how dumb you are.”

Perhaps one of the most stunning revelations of the Podesta leaked emails was the glib assumption that most people are complete political dolts, to be prodded and poked into action or beaten into submission.

Really and truly, Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” line — which played so well at the California soirees with the fine light wines — was one of the greatest political gaffes I’ve ever seen. It was a total gift to Donald Trump. If there’s one T-shirt I would like from a US election, it’s a Deplorables XL.

Image result for deplorables clinton

If there’s any truth whatsoever to what Cathy O’Brien says, then there really isn’t a Democratic or Republican party, they’re all in it together. When Skull and Bonesmen Kerry and Bush were contesting an election, I said, the whole of US politics is just a frathouse rivalry.

Have any of you read Antony Sutton’s book on the Skull and Bones Society? He says he researched history for years, he put all kinds of things together — Wall Street and the rise of Hitler, Wall Street and the rise of Bolshevism, US strategic technical exports to the USSR — but he was just groping in the dark, until one day, he was given just the membership lists of this Skull and Bones society, of which he had never heard.

Simply looking at those names, he said, put together the whole of the history he had spent so much time researching, he could finally understand what was going on.

Image result for skull and crossbones fraternity

Skull and Bones is, without the slightest question, a sex and death cult, with its origins in Germany. This is the elite that rules Amerika.

Donald J Trump and Bernie Sanders are both outsiders in their own way, although Trump has appointed more than a few alleged Bonesmen to key positions, like Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary.

You are not going to clean out American politics, and have anything like a healthy government in the USA, unless you tackle these deviant sex cults.

Nxivm is a very good example, with the Bronfman sisters and Nancy Salzman being esteemed members of the Clinton Global Initiative. Boy, were their names wiped clean from the CGI servers.

Here is a proposition for you, for this election. The Democrats’ Iowa caucus fiasco is proof that American elections need to be supervised, that there is gross skulduggery and just plain incompetence that threatens your whole democratic process.

Let’s force the Democrats to hold honest primaries, just through the power of domestic vigilance and international scrutiny, and let’s see if Bernie Sanders really does have the legs to carry the nomination.

If he does, then let’s have a proper knock-em-down, drag-em-out fight between The Bern and The Donald.

Let the American people choose, at least once, between a reasonably honest socialist and an openly maverick capitalist.

Trump said, in one interview, that Bernie was the one candidate who could take votes away from him, because of Bernie’s attitude to trade deals like the TPP. I would be tougher on those deals, said Trump, but people do like that Bernie opposes them.

The most hilarious 2020 campaign adverts I’ve seen so far, are from the Biden camp, suggesting that Trump is terrified of Sleepy Joe.

Image result for biden trump

Please. I really wish Joe Biden was a little bit smarter, so he could understand how dumb he really is. If there’s one Democratic opponent that Trump has said might pose problems, it’s actually Bernie.

Can we have an honest election in the USA?

Why don’t you try this time?

If Bernie doesn’t get suicided with another heart attack, that is.

The world is watching you, America, and your democracy is not looking good, even to yourselves. Something like 70% of all Americans thought the way Dianne Feinstein handled the Kavanaugh confirmation was a “national disgrace”:

You normally can’t get 70% of Americans to agree that Monday follows Sunday. But those proceedings were so biased, so blatantly partisan and vicious and underhand, that the vast majority of the public was disgusted.

Are Democrats capable of reading the signs? Or are they going to double down on their screeching and “resistance”? Do they not see what a hiding to nothing they are facing in this election, if they don’t wise up?

To be honest, between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, I would pick Trump every time, in this election. Bernie is past it. If the whole 2016 primary had not been rigged against him, he might well have been able to win the nomination, and give Trump a run for his money.

But if Bernie Sanders is still leading the polls — if he is really and truly the best the Democrats can do — then they should trust the democratic process, the way the Republicans were forced to do in 2016.

And the democratic instinct was right: the mood was for the outsider, the maverick, not the ultimate insider and cozy pal of Wall Street and Harvey Weinstein.

If there’s one reason further why I despise Hillary Clinton, it’s that she says the electorate was not ready for a woman President.

I am 100% certain that if a really capable female candidate came along, Americans would be more than happy to vote for her. Hillary Clinton was a fatally flawed, deeply compromised, completely out of touch candidate, who went hundreds of days without giving a press conference — I think it was Human Abedin herself who said this was a fatal mistake.

Clinton thought that demographics and inertia would carry her through. She wasn’t campaigning at all, just running down the clock.

Even her surrogates admitted that her popularity went down with every appearance she made.

American women deserve much, much better. There’s a very special place in hell for women who supported this seriously nasty rape enforcer, just because she was a woman.


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  • Looks like the corrupt DNC wants to ram another one up Bernie’s aged poopchute.

    Nevada Dem Party demands caucus volunteers sign confidentiality agreements, some walk over sketchy process

    As the Nevada Democratic caucuses are set to take place Saturday, volunteers were reportedly asked to sign confidentiality agreements that prohibited them from talking to the media.

    The Nevada Democrat Party is apparently seeking to avoid the disaster that unfolded in Iowa, where problems arose with an app being used by the party to count votes. But one Nevada caucus site leader has refused to comply with the required non-disclosure agreement which a Nevada Democrat official told CNN is standard practice.

  • I’m voting “dim0rat – bernie” in the up coming Primary Election …… just to screw mini mike bloomberg ! If the dnc is stupid enough to sell out to mini mike …… they will tear the party apart ! Either way TRUMP WINS !

    • Sounds like Russia’s version of Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos in 2008. LOL

      What is Russia doing to help Crazy Bernie, double his airline and hotel points from his honeymoon in the U.S.S.R.? LOL

  • In regards to your comments about Brett Kavanaugh, I know that many people, especially women, had the complete opposite opinion about him.
    IMO, he conducted himself as only a guilty person would. Not only that, but his attitude clearly showed him to be arrogant, condescending, contemptuous, and a liar….definitely not the qualities needed for that position.

      • You would agree with Satan. Flowers is delusional and obviously you are tuned in to the same ignorant wavelenth she is.

          • Honest, in hers and your deluded minds. What was done to Judge Kavanaugh was dirty and evil. It was a fucking lie. No honesty at all. Of course, you support a douche like Sanders so that explains a lot.

    • How did you expect an innocent man to react, by admitting to doing it rather than denying it? You have ZERO appreciation for innocent before being proven guilty. Good thing you have ZERO authority. LOL

      • No, Scott
        I just have first-hand experience dealing with abusive men like Kavanaugh, and so I can recognize the attitude. Looking through social media comments, I noticed many women had the same reaction to Kavanaugh’s testimony as I did. Also, many men recognized he was lying, too.
        And the look on the face of Kavanaugh’s wife during their interview together spoke volumes. His wife knows he’s a liar, too.

        As for how an innocent person should act? For starters, answering questions respectfully instead of screaming at the questioner would be more appropriate.

        • Let’s send people to prison and deny them opportunities because of their perceived attitude instead of facts. LOL

          He answered a lot of questions calmly and “properly,” but when the accuser has no facts and the libs are ripping him a new one (not “questioning” him), getting forceful was the proper thing to do. It’s the Trump Effect, and I hope others are taking note and it doesn’t stop at the end of Trump’s next term in office.

        • I have dealt with a lot of lying, conniving women like Blasey Ford. They are phony and liars. You sound like her clone

    • I was a paid-up member of during the whole Brett Kavanaugh spectacle, there were dozens and dozens of articles showing Kavanaugh with an apparently snarling face, endless articles trying to rip him to shreds. If that saturation coverage was all I saw of him, I might also have considered him arrogant and entitled. But I was going on the live hearings, and I was amazed that he managed to keep his cool to the extent he did.

      His showed some emotion at one point, where he was going through the calendar-diary he kept in high school, and indicated that he never thought, at the time, that this diary would end up being used in this way, to prove his innocence of a sexual assault charge.

      Now, I could see he was trying to keep himself in check, especially with all the cameras waiting for him to make the slightest slip so his face could be blazoned over all the attack-dog articles. Of course, this moment of emotion was seized on and exploited to the maximum by his opponents:

      Headline: “Brett Kavanaugh’s 1982 diary proves he could not possibly assault anyone – he was too busy living the rich prep school white guy dream.”

      You say he lied. I’ve gone through a comprehensive list of all Brett Kavanaugh’s “lies”. I can’t find a single substantive thing there, maybe it’s just me:

      For me, that whole list is absolutely pathetic, just grasping at straws.

      Whatever kind of person Brett Kavanaugh was before this inquisition, something in me said, very strongly: This hideous experience is going to turn him into a very fine judge, because having been on the wrong side of such an unfair process, he is going to make damn sure he’s fair himself, going forward.

      If any event showed the complete cognitive fault lines between the parties — they literally do not see the same thing — it was that confirmation hearing. The message from the Democrats was simple: an accusation like this IN ITSELF is enough to disqualify any man for any position. You’ve been accused, so now just stand down and go away. Kafka himself couldn’t have scripted it better. Brett Kavanaugh refused to knuckle under to the pressure, and for that he’s a goddamn hero to me. You obviously can’t imagine the hell it must have been, for him. The fact that he had the guts to go through with it, was the best indication of his innocence for me.

      I found Christine Blasey Ford to be one of the least credible witnesses I’ve ever seen. But she had the comforting certainty of the hysterical backing of the whole of the left, as an article of faith. Her future is assured forevermore, she will always be a heroine to them. She told palpable and provable lies about the extent of her phobias and her inability to fly, etc. Serious lies, in my book. I was absolutely certain that her entire testimony and presentation was coached, strategised, manipulated, every word crafted for its soundbite potential.

      We can agree to disagree, but I do still think this hearing was a dividing line. I will never, ever, ever take “feminism” seriously again, the entire movement got hijacked for gross political ends, where men must “just shut up” (per Maisie Hirono) and anything a politically correct woman says must automatically be true.

      So, if you’re so sure that Blasey Ford was telling the truth, and Kavanaugh was lying: can I please, really seriously, have your analysis of the case of Juanita Broaddrick, one of the bravest women who ever walked this earth, and Bill Clinton, the absolutely proven liar when it comes to his affairs with women? Here is an absolutely credible story of outright rape. “We Believe Survivors.” Miraculously, Juanita Broaddrick has survived to be with us today. Are you prepared to look her in the face and tell her she’s a liar? Are you? And if you’re not, what does this say about Bill Clinton? And why don’t you say it? Can you explain your double standard?

        • I took a look at that list of Brett Kavanaugh’s “lies” — it’s much like the one I referenced myself. All I see is petty nit-picking and innuendo. There’s not a single incident there that matches the outright and provable lies Blasey Ford herself told about her phobias and trauma, on which much of her accusation rested.

          You say: “obviously” Bill Clinton’s lies have nothing to do with Kavanaugh. I do really hate to gaslight people, so this is my logic:

          (1) You’re very upset about a candidate for the Supreme Court being accused of sexual assault, enough to make posts and throw accusations that he lied. Seriously, if Kavanaugh had been caught out on one substantive lie, we would never have heard the end of it. All of these accusations against him are so flimsy, they are truly pathetic and clearly desperate.

          (2) You clearly believe Blasey Ford, despite her clear lies about matters that were fully germane to her case against Kavanaugh. Here are some of them, just from a very quick search:

          (3) Very shortly before this, a candidate for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton, completely shrugged off and ignored all the accusations that her husband was a serial rapist and abuser of women. Yet Juanita Broaddrick’s testimony is some of the most compelling, consistent and revealing evidence of exactly how Bill Clinton really behaved, and how he was fully backed up by Hillary, his rape enforcer.

          Why so upset about a SC judge, when there was a Presidential candidate just before this, who was far, far more compromised, who has told far more lies, and who has covered up far worse incidents of rape than anything Blasey Ford talked about?

          If you are really concerned with men in power who abuse women, and the women who protect and enable the abusers, then you should be as concerned with Juanita Broaddrick as you are with Blasey Ford. To me, it appears as a double standard. To you, it’s “obvious” that there’s no connection between Bill Clinton’s proven and in some cases self-confessed lies, and these pathetic dredged-up innuendos that were hurled at Kavanaugh.

          Never mind, this is just a perfect example of how politics determines perception. So, let me rephrase my query. Just out of interest, purely as an attempt to understand how you see these issues, completely separate from Brett Kavanaugh and anything to do with him: how do you see Juanita Broaddrick’s story? Have you followed it? Have you ever made comments about it? Have you ever supported Broaddrick on any forum? If not, why not? Is her story unimportant to you? Is it irrelevant to you? Do you think she’s a liar, as Hillary Clinton implied? If so, what makes you think she’s a liar?

          If a candidate for the SC gets you riled up, surely a candidate for the Presidency should get some attention from you? For me, this gives the appearance of a double standard. For you, it’s “obvious” that these issues are not related. For me, it’s obvious that they are, and you’re ducking and dodging, because Juanita Broaddrick’s story is infinitely more credible than Blasey Ford’s, and it doesn’t fit your political narrative.

          So let’s agree to disagree about what’s “obvious”, and you tell me, just as a matter of passing interest, what you think about the “obviously” unrelated case of a very powerful politician who raped a supporter of his, and after biting her lip until it was bruised, told her “You’d Better Put Some Ice on That”, the title of her book. Here’s evidence that this actually happened:

          —> Norma Rogers, a friend of Mrs Broaddrick, told the Journal that she found the alleged victim in a state of shock. In reported speech, she is said to have alleged that Mrs Broaddrick’s lips were discoloured and swollen to twice their normal size and the crotch of her tights was torn.

          “She just stayed on the bed and kept repeating ‘I can’t believe what happened’,” Mrs Rogers said. <—

          Is this credible to you? Or is it all "obvious" lies? Is it irrelevant to you? If so, why? I'm genuinely interested.

          Kurt Vonnegut said that the most powerful force in the universe wasn't gravity, it was peer pressure. He was on the right track. The most powerful force in the universe is confirmation bias. People will go to the ends of the earth, will start world wars and kill their entire families, just to prove that their pet theories are true.

          Full disclosure: I was quite a big fan of Bill Clinton back in the day, he seemed able to connect with people as few recent American politicians have been. I was prepared to overlook the "bimbo factor", as it was known, until Monica Lewinsky came along, and I thought — this guy's genuinely more preoccupied with his dick than anything else.

          Then I came across Cathy O'Brien's book, The Trance-Formation of America, and I got a whole new perspective on Bill and Hillary. I wrote to Cathy O'Brien, and got back a long, very articulate, very intelligent, very credible letter from her, around 1997. I decided that she seemed genuine, despite only having a very fragmentary view of these affairs — the view of a mind-controlled sex slave.

          Around the same time, I also researched Hillary Clinton's forays into "outcomes-based education", which totally matched Cathy O'Brien's accounts of promoting the New World Order's education agenda. And I decided the Clintons were total gangsters. This was a long journey, and I was quite prepared to change my mind about Bill Clinton as the facts emerged. I'm not ashamed about this. I corresponded with Richard Pollock, the Daily Caller journalist who picked up the Ranbaxy fake drugs story. He told me that in his days as a White House correspondent, he was also a fan of Bill Clinton, he thought he was quite a cool guy. Then he saw behind the facade and woke up.

          It's really time the Democrats woke up to the real facts about the Clinton crime cartel and how they hijacked your political party. Are you capable of changing your mind, as the facts emerge? What would it take?

          • One other thing is very obvious, and that is the fact that you’re a far-right conspiracy theorist, (despite any claims you might make about which party you support….)

            And no, Clinton has nothing to do with Kavanaugh. You are using that claim as a gaslighting technique. You said “If you criticize Kavanaugh but don’t criticize Clinton, then it’s a double standard” which is an illogical statement. My belief that Kavanaugh is unfit for his position is unrelated to Clinton (and you have no idea what my beliefs even are regarding him, as I never stated them.)

            You have disregarded all the lies pointed out in the article I cited, but you think that the article you cited is accurate. That makes this an argument that is based on opinion, as you disregard any facts, anyways.

            You choose to believe that Kavanaugh is telling the truth about his highschool behaviour, when there are plenty of facts that prove that “Bart O’Kavanaugh” was a heavy drinker/partier who was known to disrespect women. His BFF , Judge, even wrote a book about their partying antics, and interesting enough, Kavanaugh avoided answering that particular question regarding his name in that book. Why couldn’t he even be honest about something that easy to prove?

            You ask why I’m concerned about Kavanaugh being appointed to this position, when surely you’re aware that its important for a supreme court judge to be fair and honest, which, because of Kavanaugh’s actions, make that doubtful.

  • Bernie Sanders is not a communist? Bernie is awesome?

    I just read the most disturbing planks of presidential candidate’s platform ever.

    If you read Bernie’s plan please remember 2 things.
    1. In Bernie’s plan the number $100,000,000 [one hundred million] is an arbitrary number chosen by Bernie. The number could be $1 billion, $50 million, $30 million, $10 million, or even as little as $1 million. Meaning small companies could be in Bernie Sanders crosshairs in the future.
    2. The workers Bernie claims to want to help could be hurt. Bernie’s plan would have had an incredible downside if an individual had been an employee of Polaroid, Blockbuster, Enron, or AOL. If you owns company that goes bankrupt I guess you’re out of luck.

    I cannot believe the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Fox News network have not brought this plank of Bernie’s platform up.

    Bernie’s plan is basically a draconian governmental takeover of our ecomimic system. Somewhere between communism and socialism.
    I can’t even believe the Democratic Party has not expelled Sanders from the Democratic Party.
    Bernie’s plan is unconstitutional and only an uneducated person could believe the Corporate Accountability and Democracy plan will ever pass through Congress.

    • “Bernie’s plan is basically a draconian governmental takeover of our ecomimic system.”

      Bernie knows how to run your life better than you do!
      And if you don’t like it there is a reeducation camp waiting for you.

      • Shadow,

        I’m actually shocked Fox News has not covered Bernie’s Corporate Accountability and Democracy.

        Shadow have you read it yet?

        I don’t really care for any of the Democratic candidates, but let’s be clear, none of them is an out & out commie.

        Bernie is somewhere between a socialist and a communist.

        People like Bernie and AOC are very very scary because there just starting to pop up.

        You were right when you said “the current generation does remember communism is like.”

        • Nice Guy:
          There is a new story that Russia is trying to help Bernie Sanders.


          Thirty years ago Marxism was defeated on a Global basis.
          Even Russia and China now allow private property, corporations and stock markets.
          Marxism thrives in only one place.
          American college campuses where Marxist Professors, protected by tenure, indoctrinate college students.

          Over forty years ago I had a Sociology Professor at the University of Illinois, who passed around a hand out that accused Hubert Humphrey of being a “Fascist.”
          Back then there were college students who understood that Marxism is a failed system.
          But today Marxism is ancient history except to the hard core Communist Professors who have ignorant college students to teach all kinds of non-sense.

          There are 32 different genders.

          America is plagued with racism.

          America is plagued with sexism.

          America is plagued with homophobia.

          America is plagued with Islamophobia.

          No one is responsible for their crimes.

          Government is here to help you.

          Black Lives Matter but white lives don’t.

          As for AOC, she should end up bartending at Izzy Rose with Nicki Clyne as her boss.
          And Bernie Sanders should retire to Vermont with his THREE homes.

          EXCLUSIVE: Take a peek at ‘best-known millionaire socialist’ Bernie Sanders’ three homes – one in D.C. and two in Vermont

          Although Sanders wants to put hefty taxes on the wealthy, his homes, which combined are worth close to $2 million according to Zillow, are far more than the working people he champions could ever afford.

          • Russia IS trying to help Bernie. Because Russia is still helping Trump, so helping Bernie helps Trump.

          • Gotta love flowers. Putting the S in stupid. Flowers don’t ever grow up, you immaturity is entertaining.

      • Shadow,

        If you extrapolate from Bernie’s ideas and the underpinnings of those ideas his whole philosophical base is Karl Marx’s treatise. Please read the following 2 paragraphs of history’s two great socialists:

        “The owner of the means of production is able to claim the right to this surplus value because he or she is legally protected by the ruling regime through property rights and the legally established distribution of shares which are by law only to be distributed to company owners and their board members.”
        -Karl Marx

        “Share Corporate Wealth with Workers. Under this plan, corporations with at least $100 million in annual revenue, corporations with at least $100 million in balance sheet total, and all publicly traded companies will be required to provide at least 2 percent of stock to their workers every year until the company is at least 20 percent owned by employees. This will be done through the issuing of new shares and the establishment of Democratic Employee Ownership Funds.”
        -Bernie Sanders

        Maybe Bernie one of the Marx Brothers?


        Where does Bernie’s plan end?

        Today Bernie Sanders’s says $100 million tomorrow $50 million? Maybe next week $10 million. Bernie purposely chose an arbitrary number to appeal to a large fan-base.
        How many companies in the future will be going public? How will future corporations finance themselves? This is just going to increase private equity firms and closed partnerships.

        On the flip side should workers be forced into buying into companies? How does Bernie’s plan work out if workers had been forced into buying shares of Enron or Polaroid?

        …And nothing of Bernie’s plan is the least bit constitutional.

    • Just one tiny point from Bernie’s corporate accountability plan. He says workers should be represented on the boards of companies. This has been the case in Germany for decades, it’s one of the main reasons that country has not suffered more labor issues.

      One of the reasons this happens in Germany, seriously, is because of the influence of Rudolf Steiner and the Threefold Social Order (TSO): this provides for an Economic Parliament in which all parties to the economy — entrepreneurs, workers, consumers, environmentalists — have a voice in the way the economy is run. The presence of workers on company boards is a faint reflection of Steiner’s influence, I can actually prove this, if you look very carefully at the history.

      I’ve tried to explain elsewhere that all the contradictions and strivings we see in societies all over the world, point to an underlying need to move to this threefold structure, where issues can be dealt with in the appropriate realm, and according to the appropriate standard — equality in the political realm, liberty in the cultural domain, fraternity in the economic sphere.

      So I’m able to look at Bernie’s manifesto, and see a faint shadow of the TSO.

      If I went to Donald Trump, and said — dude, don’t you see you need an entirely autonomous Economic Parliament to run all the affairs of the business realm? Where we all work together in solidarity to Keep America Great? And wouldn’t you be a good President of such a Business Parliament?

      Or do you think this concept would work better with Bernie? Who already shows some signs of it in his platform? Just a glimmering of a solution to all these social contradictions? Bernie might make a good leader in the Rights Parliament, making sure that the law applies equally to everyone, and keeping his hands entirely off the economy.

      I’m just trying to find who might be the more sympathetic to the only path that’s going to get us out of this mess, worldwide. The first nation that adopts a threefold social system, will shoot ahead in such dramatic ways that the whole world would have no choice but to take notice. I honestly believe this.

      But I’ll tell you one thing: however insane Bernie’s platform may be, there are many millions of people who will endorse it, who are heartily sick of the billionaires running everything. If Bernie Sanders even gets the Democratic nomination, shock waves will go through the US economy, and Donald Trump will start looking a lot more appealing to many people.

      My sincere advice therefore: be afraid, very afraid, of Bernie Sanders and what he represents. There’s a terrible insanity over the world, and people are genuinely desperate. Here’s an interesting statistic from a study by Lawrence Katz at Harvard and the late Alan Krueger of Princeton:
      “A striking implication of these estimates is that 94 percent of the net employment growth in the U.S. economy from 2005 to 2015 appears to have occurred in alternative work arrangements.”

      “Alternative work arrangements”: this is the gig economy — trying to make ends meet by driving your car for Uber, or selling trinkets door-to-door. I work in the gig economy as a freelance editor, it’s totally insane trying to get paid, and I spend half my life seriously food stressed. My internet and phone line were cut off for four months last year, because I couldn’t pay, completely destroying my work. I’m still living hand to mouth. Talk to me about the gig economy. And yet this is where 94% of your so-called employment growth is coming from.

      Desperate people will do desperate things. Somewhere, somehow, someone has to start speaking some sense to them.

      Which of the two candidates is a better bet to see a proper separation of powers into the Threefold Commonwealth? Trump or Sanders? To be honest, I couldn’t tell you. My main concern is about 5G; Trump is rolling it out as fast as possible, while ignoring all health, privacy and surveillance concerns. If Bernie were to wake up, and come out blazing against this federal steamroller flattening the entire landscape to make it fit for mini cell towers, completely destroying any rights local authorities might have to fight this super-surveillance infrastructure, I would seriously rethink my support for him.

      Trump is in the back pocket of the military, which insists that 5G is a strategic necessity. Take a careful look at this document, an official US Air Force assessment of electromagnetic warfare and the US’s vulnerabilities in this regard:

      I think this document underpins the thinking of the Trump administration about 5G. You will see that all health concerns, all standards, are to be waived so that we can “beat China”. But the Chinese have already won — they have their hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras up and running, making sure everyone keeps in line, and issuing social demerits if they don’t.

      Is this a race you really want to win?

      For me, the situation with 5G and China right now is best represented by this clip from Rebel Without a Cause, the “chicken” scene:

      If I could speak to Donald Trump, I would say: the other guy, China, has gone right over the cliff now. I’m talking about the coronavirus situation. It’s no accident that this outbreak happened in Wuhan, the site of the first 5G test bed in the whole of China. This radiation lowers immunity, so there will be a pandemic; and conveniently, you have the super-surveillance tech in place right on the scene, to control the epidemic and make sure everyone’s got their masks on, even if it messes up the face recognition algorithms.

      The other guy has now gone over the cliff. It’s time for you to throw yourself out of your car, so you don’t also die. 5G is a kill platform, it is a directed energy weapon targeting the entire civilian population, don’t doubt it. At the very least, it represents a level of surveillance never conceived before in the history of the human race. Ideal for a communist regime. If you are caught carrying a meditation cushion on camera in China, if you are Falun Gong, you are put in jail; and tens of thousands of them have been murdered and their organs harvested — check it out, this is the most appalling story you will ever see.

      Who do you think is a better bet to stop all this insanity — Trump or Sanders? I don’t care. I’m just desperate for somebody, anybody with some clout, to wake up and realise what a calamity is brewing here.

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