Source: Former Mexican President Carlos Salinas unhappy with son, Emiliano’s role in ESP

Emiliano Salinas, Ludwika Palata and Carlos Salinas.


A source tells Frank Report that Carlos Salinas de Gortari, the 69-year old former president of Mexico, has distanced himself from his eldest son, Emiliano Salinas, 41.

Carlos reportedly disapproves of his son’s role in Executive Success Programs (ESP).

Emiliano has been a member of ESP’s Executive Board since 2009.

It is said of Emiliano Salinas: ‘He is every woman’s husband and every man’s wife.’

His father is said to actively tell friends not to join ESP, according to our source.

Father and son have been “mildly estranged” for more than 15 years.

Shortly after joining ESP, Emiliano discovered, through ESP technology, that his father was an obstruction in the path of his personal growth.

His father’s money and political influence, however, could be still utilized to help create “a more noble civilization.”

Conversely, Carlos Salinas was said to be worried his son’s reputation in Mexico might suffer a setback since ESP appeared to be a bloodsucking, money grabbing cult.

Recent revelations about DOS – a secret offshoot of ESP – seems to support the elder Salinas’ view.

DOS is a blackmail, extortion, and sex trafficking scheme hatched by ESP founder, Keith Raniere, who prefers to be called by his  self-given childhood superhero name  of “Vanguard”.

DOS is expected to become widely known to Mexicans in coming weeks due to anticipated media coverage.

Emiliano has spent the better part of 15 years following Vanguard and working in his service. He co-founded the Mexico City Center of ESP with Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt.

Emiliano, who holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard University, said ESP teachings are “like a practical M.B.A.”  He leads the ESP sales force and is a trainer of salespeople.

ESP is structured as a multilevel marketing company imbued with teachings that encourage students to venerate Vanguard.

Promotions in ESP are based on how many paying students a person brings into the company; the amount of money paid, or donated to the company; to what extent the student is able to teach Vanguard’s philosophy; and the overall personal growth of the student.

Growth is judged by the level of obedience to Vanguard and the ability to comprehend his secret teachings. All students are required to sign a confidentiality agreement preventing them from disclosing any ESP teachings for their entire lifetime.

Faith in Vanguard as an infallible person is the quickest way to advance on the “Stripe Path.” Emiliano has earned the coveted Green Sash.

Alex Betancourt [l] and Emiliano Salinas.  “Emiliano is a homosexual,” said an ESP member. “But they don’t talk about it. Emiliano and Alex, they prefer to suck each other’s balls. In Mexico City, you say ‘Emiliano,’ you say ‘Betancourt’ about 50 percent know they are gay.”
In addition to co-owning the Mexico City Center, Emiliano co-owns the ESP Guadalajara Center and the now-defunct ESP Los Angeles Center.

Emiliano’s mother and sister are also in ESP.

Carlos Salinas divorced Emiliano’s mother, Maria Cecilia Yolanda Occelli Gonzalez, soon after leaving the presidency. He served from 1988 to 1994.

Carlos later married Ana Paula Virginia Gerard Rivero. He has three children with each wife.

Emiliano’s sister, Cecilia, also earned the High Rank of Green Sash. Their mother is less active. Sources say she is unhappy that her son is involved with a group that is branding women on their pubic area and holding blackmail material to coerce their silence.

But she must remain quiet for Vanguard teaches that parents who object to Vanguard are to be shunned by their children, if they are true students.

As for Carlos Salinas, our source says, “He is doing nothing about his children. Emiliano is still his son, but his father does not support his work. Emiliano doesn’t have the support of some of the politicians he would have if his father was behind him.”

In addition, our source said, “Carlos Salinas has a second family, and Emiliano does not get along with his second wife, Ana Paula Gerard.”

Emiliano is a founding member and general coordinator of another Vanguard creation: the INLAK’ECH Peace Movement, created in 2008. Its stated purpose is ‘to bring about a violence-free Mexico.’

When Emiliano first joined ESP, he had relationships with ESP women, including Sara Bronfman, an heiress of the Seagram’s Liquor Fortune. Vanguard, however, advised Emiliano to become a homosexual and begin a relationship with his business partner, Alex Betancourt. Emiliano began a homosexual relationship with Alex. It lasted several years and was known to almost everyone in ESP.

Vanguard successfully mentored Sara Bronfman, She rose high on the stripe path and donated about $60 million to Vanguard to invest. He lost the money in bad commodities investments, protracted litigation against enemies, and bad real estate investments.

In 2013, after breaking up with Alex, Emiliano married Mexican actress, Ludwika Paleta. While they appear in public as a rich and famous Mexican couple who are deeply in love, the two of them chose to have an open sexual relationship.

“They bring men and women to their bed”,  said one ESP member. “Ludwika was having sex with one of my friends, a man.”

Another woman close to the couple said “They often have threesomes and foursomes – and sometimes with each other.”

Emiliano Salinas, Ludwika Palata and Carlos Salinas.

Emiliano has a penchant for married women whom he likes to seduce behind husbands’ backs.

He is quite fond of sexting also. One of his favorite pick up lines, [believed to have been taught to him by Vanguard himself] is “I’m having sex right now with — but I’m fantasizing about having sex with you.”

Currently, Emiliano is having an affair with DOS slave, Jacqueline Ronay. Her boyfriend is Society of Protectors member, cuckold Michel Chernitzky. Michel is one of Emiliano’s best friends and his employee. A source says Michel was shocked to learn from Frank Report that Emiliano was fucking his girlfriend behind his back.

Earlier this year, Emiliano and Ludwika announced the birth of twins, a boy and a girl.

Ludwika told the Mexican media she gave birth to them.  Actually, the twins were birthed by a surrogate mother in San Diego.  It is not known if Emiliano is the father.

Last month, Emiliano and Alex were involved in a scheme to falsify documents, bear false witness, and allegedly bribe a judge in Mexico to secure the arrest of former ESP coach Toni Zarratini of the Monterrey Center.

Keith Raniere ordered Toni’s arrest, sources say, after Toni allegedly began warning women in Monterrey about the branding and blackmail of DOS. This led to several Monterrey members quitting ESP in shock and disgust.

Emiliano told ESP members privately that he thought the threat of arrest should be enough to silence Toni Zarattini.

In arresting Toni, it was hoped also that it will also serve as a warning to other ESP members not to quit ESP.

On the ESP website, Emiliano says he is convinced he can show that ‘business can be ethical and that non-violence, compassion and humanitarianism have a place in modern day society.’

Above: Ludwika appears in a scene from the movie Propiedad Ajena.


Ludwika and Emiliano pose for many publicity pictures.


Ludwika in a scene from a movie.
salinas and wife
Carlos Salinas with second wife Ana Paula Virginia Gerard Rivero.
Keith Raniere is known as Vanguard to his followers, among whom Emiliano Salinas is one of the most ardent.



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  • Anyone involved in politics is also involved in pedophilia and Satanic rituals hello people these people are sick.

  • Alex hates his father. He hates him for not being richer, he hates him because Alex is a dark skin Mexican and he hates him because he does not spoil him like his mother does.
    Poor little rich boy. He can’t find true love because he does not love himself. His father is not enough which is only a projection of how he sees himself in the world as a gay Mexican.
    Of course this is all, in my opinion.

  • These little Mexican kids like Emiliano and Alex really need a serious beating from their dads. Spoiled, bratty rich kids who are too stupid to see what is going on and do the bidding of a terrible sociopath. Fuck them both. Retards.

  • “…obstruction in the path of his personal growth.”

    VanDouche hasn’t grown up at all. The man-child wouldn’t know a damn thing about legitimate personal growth.

    Also, that pick up line is terrible, and any woman on the other end who believes it is a fucking dolt.

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