Part 1: ‘John Doe’ goes on attack against Frank Report; who is John Doe?

Editor’s note:  I changed the name of the person who sent me the email that follows several hours after I published it, for, whether true or not, he sent me an email claiming he will commit suicide if I don’t. I changed it from the email named on my inbox to John Doe. 

Someone writing from an email address (Who knew that AOl email was still working?) and whose name appeared in my inbox, took Frank Report to task in an email today.

I will refer to the individual as John Doe.

This was not the first time I heard from him.

He wrote me on June 19th, asking if DOS was real. I told him it was.

He wrote on June 26th, saying if DOS was real, he planned to hack into Allison Mack’s computer,  get her collateral, and leak it.

I published Mr. Doe’s emails [without publishing his email address] and advised Mr. Doe against illegally hacking into anyone’s computer – and suggested that he not leak anyone’s collateral.

I suspected Mr. Doe had either criminal motives or was possibly Keith Raniere.  Several other sources and readers weighed in.

I had not heard from him again until today.

Mr. Doe’s email to me today:

Stop the bullshit

I had written you a long comment on your last “salacious post”.  But I tabbed out and lost it.  So I’ll keep this brief.  I don’t see how your cavalier outing of DOS slaves is much different to what you publicly advised me against doing.

Now, I’ve since realized that I’m not going to be the one to do it (mostly due to my lack of computer skills and inability to find a competent hacker to do the work for me).  But if you’re willing to out them, then why the hell not put the collateral that you’ve apparently seen online and blow the whole thing up?  Sure it may ruin a few lives, but apparently you’re not against that if the person is still in Keith’s orbit and it gives you a laugh.

And even so if it leads to convictions for Keith and his ilk, it could save a whole lot more. And it would certainly do more than the weird fanfiction you’ve been spamming the site with in lieu of actual facts.

Remember John Tighe?  His, too, was a well-intentioned anti-NXIVM blog site filled with spelling errors and speculation.  He was allowed to do his thing for years before Keith’s lawyers had his computer seized and landed him a prison sentence (On child porn charges no less.  Ironic given the allegations against Keith, no?)  So don’t think your current lack of attention from Keith’s lawyers means a damn thing.  The way I see it, you might as well spend the time you have doing whatever actual good you can, even if it hurts, instead of engaging in mental masturbation and throwing up the results online for clicks and attention because you’ve got an ax to grind.  Just my two cents.


I responded to Mr. Doe:

Good stuff here. But it would be way better if you identified yourself. That I suppose is out of the question. You seem to be a cowardly supporter of Keith Raniere. You might advise him to enjoy the time he has available for it seems pretty clear his criminality is not going to go unpunished. But we shall say [see] my cowardly friend.
Keep writing.
Mr. Doe wrote back:

You spend your time writing dirty fanfic about the guy and peddling half truths while evil prospers…and I’m the cowardly one?

But by all means, keep writing, my cowardly friend.


I responded to him:
Yes, you do appear cowardly. Since you don’t identify yourself. As for half truths, just the opposite; if the whole story of Keith Raniere’s evil were known, he’d be arrested tomorrow.
I only publish what I know and any ‘fiction’ is clearly labeled and is for illustrative purposes.I
I’m getting closer to the kernel of his criminality. Meantime, his organization is crumbling as more victims come forward.  But you evidently think that I, and not Keith Raniere, am the bad guy. So are you also saying that Keith Raniere is a victim?
And why don’t you identify yourself?
I mean you talk bluntly and big. But I put my name on what I do. Neither you nor Keith put your name on anything it seems.
If you are not Keith or one of his minions, why are you hiding behind some anonymous email?
Send me your true name and phone number and if you are a supporter of Keith Raniere, speak up and defend him and I will publish your response.
I love transparency. Keith hates it. Where do you stand?

In my next post, I will publish his response.

But as I read his emails I began to wonder, who is John Doe? Could he be Vanguard? Or merely some demented man who is looking for attention?

Why does he care?

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  • I think it’s impossible to predict, in advance, which particular revelation about ESP – or which type of story or satire – will convince another woman to leave the crazy world she resides in as a member of ESP and DOS. So, if Frank wants to utilize the occasional “salacious story” to try to wrest away one more DOS slave, I’m OK with that.

    Does anyone really think that being “exposed” or ridiculed on the Frank Report is worse that being part of ESP and DOS? Seriously? It’s like going through some post-surgery pain to get rid of a cancerous growth that is eventually going to kill you. Not fun but, in many cases, absolutely necessary.

    And let’s not forget that the vast majority of the “victims” of Keith Raniere are also “perpetrators”. Find me a woman who has never sought to bring someone else into the cult or lied on its behalf – and who has never had to overcome her own gut feelings that she was participating in an operation that was doing bad things to other people – and I’ll agree that she is an “innocent victim” who should be spared the humiliation of being outed. But there are damn few of those – and even they supported the cult and its practices with the money they wasted on useless training classes.

  • It’s one thing to out Keith Raniere on this site. It’s another to destroy women’s lives who were in, or may still be, part of DOS. It’s going to be hard enough for them to rebuild their lives, and I’m appalled that James Frost would suggest what he has here. I don’t care for the ‘fanfic’ or ‘faction’ – personally, I think it takes away from the facts that have been presented. I get that it’s good to keep the conversation going, but the ‘salacious’ story was a bit much – is pornography necessary to get your point across? Surely there is more to go with than that?

  • I believe it is illegal now to publish private nude photos of individuals without their consent with the intent to cause harm or distress, so perhaps he is a member of NXIVM and wants you to publish these DOS photographs so NXIVM et al as they’ve done in the past can file another criminal complaint against you.

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