Source: Raniere is “most satiative, comfort driven, indulger who ever lived”

Artist conception of Keith Raniere as a guardian of women.

A source who knows Keith Raniere wrote:

Failed business and artistic endeavors:


Society of Protectors

In la’kech

Rainbow Cultural Garden

Plugged In Technologies

Precision Development

Acappella Innovations

Simply Human

World Audience (Theatre Productions)

Knife Media [Formerly Knife of Aristotle] – Ethical Media

All of these businesses have been infused with hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars of NXIVM’s therapy client money. And years and years of these therapy clients’ time and efforts as well as their personal reputations. All of them have failed. Why?

Because Keith doesn’t give a shit except about maintaining his lavish lifestyle. No, he doesn’t have fancy houses, cars, or clothes. He has servants and sex slaves who wait on him hand and foot 24/7 and 100’s of people who keep their whole lives on hold waiting to arrange their schedules and aspirations to support his every whim. This is not a business model that works nor one where its architect (Keith) wants or cares about the success of his followers.

Keith is the most satiative, comfort driven, indulger that ever lived. And any man who is so completely lost in satisfying his moment to moment desires, regardless of the consequences to his followers, and their millions which he has burned through, must have destroyed all his conscience by now. Unless of course, he never had one to begin with. Which is the likeliest explanation.

Before he became Vanguard, Keith Raniere started a business called Consumers’ Buyline. It failed because it was determined by the legal authorities in several states to be a glorified Ponzi scheme and went out of business.
aaaaa (2)
Keith does not live in a lavish home. But he has many homes and many servants, most of them female. And he reportedly has a lot of cash stashed away.
On Wakaya Island in Fiji, one of his servants, Clare Bronfman, bought him suitable accommodations for him and his slave-women.
In Fiji, Keith Raniere has a nice view and a hot tub.
Sometimes people hear troubling news about Keith Raniere’s female servants. One exchange recently overheard:                                                          ‘Did you hear about poor Allison?’                                                                          ‘No what happened to her?’                                                                                    ‘Oh, poor thing. She’s flat on her back.’


images (1)
Keith admired Ayn Rand and patterned his cult similarly to Miss Rand. Keith never met Ayn Rand but it doesn’t matter since she was far too plump for his consideration.
This photo reminds one of the song “Don’t it make my blue eyes brown?” Keith has many followers in Mexico. He rarely goes down there however. But, as this magazine cover shows, when he does go, he begins to transform his appearance and looks amazingly like a Mexican.


brown euyes blue
Keith transforms himself into a blue eyed American with a rather pronounced case of strabismus. This might help him since being cross eyed his followers are not sure which eye is looking at them, lending an air of mystery, enchantment and creepiness
His DOS slaves must awake when a text is sent to them and respond  within 60 seconds or be punished.

According to Keith Raniere, the late Benito Mussolini [shown here with his lover Carla Petacci] is one of his disciples. Mussolini died and was reborn as Alex  Betancourt who follows Mr. Raniere slavishly .
Keith Raniere played cupid helping to bring Alex  Betancourt [r] together with his gay lover, Emiliano Salinas [l].  Mr. Betancourt was formerly Benito Mussolini, according to Mr. Raniere.

According to Keith Raniere, the late Adolf Hitler is Mr. Raniere’s disciple and his business partner. The body of Hitler died, but as Mr. Raniere informed his student and business partner Nancy Salzman, Hitler’s soul reincarnated as a girl and was born in a Jewish family called Salzman. The parents named the baby Nancy. Nancy Salzman’s parents never knew she was Adolf Hitler and raised her like she was an ordinary child. Nancy also seemed to have forgotten she was Hitler for she acted surprised when Keith told her she was Hitler in her past life.  Mr. Raniere gave Nancy Salzman the title of Prefect, which is much lower than her previous title Fuhrer.


3 nancy-1-300x300-copy
Adolf Hitler [above] died and was reborn as Nancy Salzman, according to Keith Raniere. She claims to have not known that she was Hitler until Keith told her.
ranier young
He was front and center when he ran Consumers’ Buyline, before it was shut by multiple states’ attorneys general..
d 8
A white hot iron [not red hot – that’s not compassionate] is used to brand women on their pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere.
The logo for the Knife Media. It cuts through bullshit in the news and identifies fake news using the same tools Keith Raniere teaches his students to use in their everyday lives.  And it’s just as shallow as he is.


The Knife used to be called The Knife of Aristotle.  Along the way, Aristotle was dropped. The Knife uses analysts who are Raniere-trained. They analyze mainstream news to detect spin, slant and bias. There is no need to utilize the Knife to tell readers how to detect bullshit when Keith is speaking. It’s very simple to detect: He is speaking.
The Society of Protectors is a men’s group which teaches men to be polygamous and to ejaculate on women’s faces to establish ownership of the women. [Akin to a dog spraying to stake out his territory]. Mr. Raniere appears in a teaching video telling men that ejaculating on a woman’s  face indicates she has accepted him. [Love me, love my sperm]. Mr. Raniere adds a subtle touch to his own staking out of women by branding his initials on their pubic region.
jness logo
Jness is the women’s group controlled by Keith Raniere. It teaches women to accept men as polygamists. The highest and most advanced women in Jness are invited to join DOS – where they are permitted to be branded on their pubic area with Keith Raniere’s initials.
Keith Raniere says he is “the smartest man in the world”. His brain is so powerful it can set off radar detectors. Although Keith is a scientist, there has been no published results of scientific experiments to substantiate this amazing and remarkable claim. There is, however, substantial evidence that Keith’s brain is able to set off bullshit detectors in everyone other than his followers.
Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman is the great financial support of Vanguard. She has invested more than $100 million into Keith Raniere’s plans, schemes, business ideas and various groups to make the world a more noble place. She is often referred to by insiders as “the world’s bitchiest woman”. 
Keith loves pizza and burritos as much as any man living. But he knows they make you tubby. In his compassionate way, he has forbidden his women followers to eat them so they won’t wind up looking like him.
alli 1
Nothing worse than a fat chick?  Does she look a little too plump in this picture? Keith has helped Allison Mack shed unwanted pounds by putting her on a 500 calorie a day diet. Miss Mack leads DOS which requires women to be branded with Keith Raniere’s initials on their pubic region.
Sara Bronfman donated tens of millions to Keith. She rose faster in his teaching organization than anyone dreamed possible. She got the distinguished orange sash with three stripes in record time. This accomplishment she said proved she was not a pampered, rich heiress but a woman who worked and earn her sash on her own merits. Truth be told, anyone who is willing to give tens of millions of dollars to Raniere can also get a orange sash.
images (1)
Sara Bronfman earned the orange sash of Executive Success Programs.
Plump as a heifer: Thank goodness Keith put fatty on a diet. This is Allison Mack before she went on Mr. Raniere’s 500 calorie diet.
It’s all you need to become integrated and overcome a Google search on “Keith Raniere”.
A sinister influence in the world, Mega corp. Google Inc. has been unfair to Keith Raniere. .When people do Google searches on Keith, Google notoriously allows a pack of Fake News stories about him. The only reliable source for information about Mr. Raniere is to be found on his own websites and the websites of his followers.


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