Data enclaves on one hand preserved humanity’s ability to ultimately find truth through independent accounts of data later to become history. On the other hand, they limited potentially important data from affecting the rest of the world.

Why is a man like Keith Raniere, who teaches that taking personal responsibility for one’s actions or involvement is a sacrosanct tenet of personal development,  be so quick and willing to let a much lower level than him, harem member sycophant (Allison Mack) take the blame for his initials being branded one inch from an estimated 100 women’s vaginas?

If he really lived the values he teaches, wouldn’t he be the first to address his community, and take responsibility for this practice? His participation in this injustice? Even if he did not have direct involvement in it (which we know he did) – and even if he didn’t personally orchestrate the whole thing personally (which we also know he did). The reason he does not is because he never practices what he teaches the ESP community. He never, ever, ever takes personal responsibility for how his actions affect the ESP community and its reputation. Never, ever. He just plays the victim, and says it’s all an injustice.

What does it mean if the Vanguard refuses to acknowledge his knowledge, participation, and responsibility in such an injustice? What kind of leader refuses to acknowledge their participation? Where is Keith’s responsibility in this?


Allison Mack is expected to confess to the followers of Keith Raniere that she is responsible for DOS, that it was her idea, and that Keith Raniere, “the smartest man in the world“, knew nothing about it.


watch the hands
Keith Raniere is the conceptual founder of ESP. Did some 50 women hot iron brand their crotches with his initials without his knowledge?

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  • It must be difficult for Espians still hanging in there to have to keep not thinking about these apparent contradictions.

    hint: It was Keith who used the last piece of toilet paper…

  • Responsibility exists, take it on the chin Vanguard. Of course if it was all Allison’s idea then sullying his Gandhi-like purity would be wrong, so problem solved.

    Also, not having a conscience helps.

  • This reminds me of a sarcastic German saying which fits pretty nice here. It is ‘Wenn der Führer das gewusst hätte’ which means ‘if the Führer had known’. It was used when something ungood was done in the name of the German government or officials and it was always assumed that such an upright man would never let that happen. Seems like he was very ethical man as well like the special snowflake you have here….

  • That’s an easy one to answer.

    He’s a fucking hypocrite. It has never been about ethics and nobility for him. Like he always says, those are just “tools” to be used, to feed off of others like the parasite he is (thanks to the Bronfman tools), stroke his ego and to get his pudgy little body fucked. He’s as transparent in his lack of sincerity as those glassy eyes he’s been stalking you with for years as a dick conquest, are not.

    And sorry to say, any women still involved in this sham of a control group for a fake, non-existent “mission”, who are faux enamored (due to thought reform) with this charlatan, have serious issues and ball-less men in their lives.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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