Monte Blue believes Xenu like the Frank Report was/is evil.

Monte Blu comes back to chide Frank Report

Monte Blu writes:

It is evident [from this post] that you elected to show photos of V [Keith Raniere] out of context to make him look like he has no overarching, integrated message.

Is it not a sign of your mental disintegration to try to make Keith look disintegrated?

Keith tries to help people become fully integrated and lead humanity to a more noble civilization.

Suppressives will rise against him during his quest to bring a more ethical, humanitarian world where we smile and the world smiles with us; where no one rejoices in another persons suffering; where parasites become producers and shifters become ethical.

This is what Vanguard offers us if we are not too disintegrated to see.

By trying to destroy Vanguard, you only destroy others who are shaken by the false representations of V you create.

In the end, you cannot hurt V for his mission is greater than any one in history.

Xenu, Lucifer, Hitler, all tried to destroy greatness and failed and in so doing destroyed themselves.


Monte Blue believes Xenu like the Frank Report was/is evil.
Lucifer – says Monte Blu – came to destroy good. Keith Raniere came to undo his evil legacy.
The greatest man who ever lived or ever will live, according to Monte Blu. His name is Keith Raniere.
Adolf Hitler (35)
Adolf Hitler after tying the 100-yard dash record in Germany.

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