#1 Replies to “anonymous” pro-Raniere commenters: “law enforcement is not reading this blog” – how do you know?

An anonymous commenter going under the moniker “Law Enforcement Isn’t Reading Blogs” wrote:

Law enforcement isn’t reading this blog. Saratogaindecline frequently made similar assertions on it’s blog for years and then John Tighe was imprisoned for being a peddler of child pornography. Funny, some of the comments on this site sound just like John Tighe’s commenters back in the day. What happened there? John Tighe went to jail and his main poster / promoter Joe O’Hara went to jail for charges totally unrelated to NXIVM. Victims of NXIVM be warned. Just because someone is against NXIVM doesn’t mean they are good or honest people.


It is not clear how the above commenter knows what law enforcement is reading.

It is clear that some – beyond casual readers – are reading the blog – as we shall soon see.

What is most important is that some readers have chosen to leave Mr. Raniere.  If I’ve helped even one of those people do that, then all the time and energy I spend on this blog have been well worth it.

As for Mr. Tighe or Mr. O’Hara, this blog is not about them – except that Mr. O’Hara and possibly Mr. Tighe may be victims of Mr. Raniere.

As for the thought “Just because someone is against NXIVM doesn’t mean they are good or honest people,” I agree.

I think the main issue we’re dealing with here is whether Mr, Raniere is a good and honest person.

I would also venture that “Just because someone is for NXIVM doesn’t mean they are bad or dishonest people.”


Your response is welcome. By the way, why not make us all proud and use your real name?

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