Readers: Law enforcement afraid of Master Raniere!

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Reality Sucks writes:

Despite all the incredible reporting that’s going on here, the unfortunate reality is that Clare Bronfman’s money has allowed Raniere to make himself pretty much immune from prosecution for anything – even branding women! So don’t expect any help from the office of Albany County D.A. David Soares, NYS Police Investigator Rodger Kirsopp, NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, local FBI Assistant Director William Sweeney or local U.S. Attorney Richard Hartunian because they’ve all been compromised and/or intimidated one way or another. And don’t expect any exposes by the local newspapers because the last time a reporter had the balls to take on Raniere, that reporter was driven into early retirement. Maybe other readers of this blog came come up with some alternative ideas for putting an end to this travesty and the Frank Report will share those thoughts.


Whatever writes:

Those who try to excuse Raniere from prosecution, or think he’s above or immune from it or the ramifications of his disgusting behavior, are even bigger pussies than the ones he has a hard time getting hard for.

The last time I checked, it was law enforcement that helped Keeffe escape from him. There are still good, honorable people in law enforcement and the legal system who can’t be bought off with money or intimidated. He’s not God. Just another snake oil salesman who takes a shit and will die like the rest of us.

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  • First of all, this blog has been posting stuff about NXIVm for years, not “a week or two”. Second, Raniere has been completely out of control since he first got his hands on the Bronfman money more than 15 years ago. Since then, he’s been outed by numerous blogs, Vanity Fair, Forbes, the Times Union, the New York Post, and numerous other publications – and absolutely nothing has happened. So, take your Lucy-the-Doctor-Is-In “analysis” and stuff it. You obviously have no idea WTF is going on and, worse yet, you sound like another apologist for Raniere. My only question is whether or not you’re branded too.

    • Yes I am a branded apologist. You outed me, it’s incredible what a genius you are and your far reaching, cosmic insight. The fact that you could see through me, so clearly it’s like you have laser like vision. You must be the most intelligent, spiritual, and most honorable and successful of people. It’s hard for me to comprehend that someone with such wit, genius, and insight could get tangled up in the NXIVM cult. You are correct and I am not. Surely after all those newspaper articles NXIVM and Keith Raniere would have been prosecuted by now. Especially considering this blog. The injustice of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • All hope is lost. Only a person like yourself (Reality Sucks) could possibly lead us to the righteous path. Please, please share with us your wisdom. Clearly you and only you, with your wisdom, genius, and depth of knowledge could ever right the NXIVM related wrongs.

        Thank you for your wisdom and accepting responsibility for all our fates. We all wait for you to direct us on our path.

    • Now that you have confronted me, and seen through the illusion that yes, I am a branded slave and infiltrating this site, secretly as an apologist for Raniere, I am throwing off my chains of enslavement and going public about DOS!!!!! Please Mr. Reality Sucks, tell me what to do next. I am ready!

  • Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie were vindicated. The charges against them were all dismissed, as were all the civil litigations against them dropped because NXIVM, particularly Clare Bronfman got caught lying in every instance. NXIVM might have been able to con the State Police who were made to look really bad, and the civil courts for a time, but the bottom line is they got caught. Caught. Now there name is mud, and they are despised by the State Police and Albany area civil court Judges. Just because the State Police and DA’s offices did not advertise this failure of their system and come out boldly saying “We were wrong these people are evil liars” doesn’t mean they don’t all think it. They do and they are out for blood.

    • I think Raniere is creating this whole thing as one, big, giant excuse to move to Fiji. Check out Allison Mack’s twitter feed. Her latest posts are about failure, leaning into pain, and letting go of things in your life.

      Sounds like a giant set up for “Let go of your career” too. Keith will convince these women it’s all their fault and then get to his goal, whatever it is, as planned all along. Does anyone remember the “Shifter” class? Here it is online, oddly the now defunct Metroland magazine still has the whole NXIVM patent for its classes still online. You can check it out here if you no longer have your class notes. Shifter is at page 184.

      Especially check out “9 Shifter Strategies” on page 187. Anyone who reads this now and has woken up can re-read it and recall many, many examples of Keith using Shifter strategies all along. Favorites:

      #3 “In the Name of Another”. Definition – Doing something that is actually self-serving while making it appear you are sacrificing in the name of anther. THIS IS KEITH GETTING HIS DOS JOLLIES OFF 100%

      #5 “Creating a Problem Where None Exists”. SELF EXPLANATORY

      #7 “Voluntary Compliance” – “Make sure its really voluntary.” DOS GIVING OF COLLATERAL AND BRANDING.


      #9 “Using Authority with a Counter Agenda” – When a professional creates a problem where there is none to make himself more valuable. SELF EXPLANATORY.

      All Classic Raniere.

      The bottom line? Keith always taught, when Shifter’s are losing they are WINNING. How is Keith winning through all this? It may look like his is losing with all this coming out but he is not. He is winning. What is he winning?

      Clare? Allison? India? Ask yourselves, how is Keith winning and getting what he wants by blowing up your lives?

    • Don’t you think enough things have already come to light on this site that would allow any governmental agency that is “out for blood” to do something by now?. You simply need to accept the fact that Raniere has used the Bronfman money to compromise or intimidate every agency in the Albany area into silence and non-action. The question now is what else can be done to bring this ruthless little psychopath down once and for all? Post your suggestions here…

      • The NYS Police Investigator who helped Kristin Keefe escape is the same guy who later became a NXIVM pawn and helped bring criminal charges against Toni Natale, Joe OHara, and Barbara Bouchey by providing false and misleading testimony to an Albany County Grand Jury. He also held numerous meetings with NXIVM’s attorneys and shared all sorts of inside info with them. So, Raniere and NXIVM can even get to the “good guys” and turn them into eunuchs.

        Waiting for local law enforcement officials to do anything to Raniere is a complete and utter waste of time because they’ve all been compromised or intimidated to the point that they won’t do anything. How else do you think Raniere has gotten away with his increasingly weird shit for almost 30 years? You think he’s just a really lucky guy?

        If you really want to stop Raniere, you’re gonna have to come up with something other than law enforcement to do the trick. Any ideas?

      • The United States government does not open criminal investigations based on stories on a blog, let alone ones in print for a week or two only. That you would suggest the government’s lack of visible-to-you action as a basis to prove your prior assertions that the government is all in Clare Bronfman’s pocket and its all useless, demonstrates you have a (potentially) serious lack of psychological stability. Have been damaged by this cult? If so I am so sorry for you. Could this be affecting your ability to communicate or reason in a way seems rational on this blog? If it is, many of us can relate and have compassion for you.

        Many people have been damaged by this group beyond repair.

        Be well.

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