Harem Question: Who does Keith pick on Valentine day? Plus a few pictures worth reviewing

Have you ever wondered what Keith does on Valentine’s Day?  Who gets picked and who doesn’t?

How many days do the women waste hoping they are even noticed?


Artist’s conception: Raniere playing Beethoven at concert level at age 1.


Lama Tenzin pontificating on Buddhist monasticism

lama lovenest

Aerial view of love nest that Lama Tenzin and Sara Bronfman shared in 2009 while Lover Lama vetted the Raniere organization for the Dalai Lama. 

aaaa cailia fernandez c

One of two sisters in a harem? Camilla Fernandez…

raniere back of head  b



Barbara Bouchey last week


Allison Mack performing during V week


Enablers of Raniere

rosa laura junco

Ms. Junco: Is she Keith’s valenine?

1024x1024 (4)

Rhiannon was a pleasant toy for Raniere when he was 30 and she was 12.

esther carlson

Esther left Alaska to follow Raniere and be his woman; instead she found out he kept a harem and she wound up with Jim Del Negro, a Raniere underling instead…

lisa m

Lisa Barwise got pregnant at one time and the child looked not unlike Keith Raniere. Some speculated he is Raniere’s son. However that has been largely discounted by most sources.


Adriana Fernandez lost three of her children to Raniere. One escaped. Adriana does not appear to be associated with Jness and NXIVM any more. Has she awakened from the Raniere dream?


Barbara Bouchey as a young woman.

to be continued….

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