Readers: Rank and file see positive side; NXIVM negative publicity serves to forewarn

JOHN DOE writes:

Yes, there shouldn’t be any victim blaming. At the same time, almost all independent news that has been associated with NXIVM has been negative – despite all the positive company sponsored testimonials by individuals who have taken their “courses” – and has been rebuked as a cult with backed up sources for at least a decade by people like cult researcher Rick Ross. So, there really is no excuse for people to not do the research and stay away, especially in this time of social media.



Another reader writes:

The people who just take the NXIVM self-improvement modules probably have a different experience, a positive experience, because they are not involved in the inner circle, the leadership, the politics, the lawsuits, the deceptions. I assume they make new friends, set goals, learn things. If there was nothing good about it at all, why would people join and keep taking more classes?

Scientology is a cult with serious allegations of abuse, but the new recruits, the rank and file members probably don’t see that. They likely only see the positive side – at least for a while.

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