Rosa Laur Junco a married slave of Mr. Raniere,

Raniere’s Knife of Aristotle to present news thru Rational Inquiry?

Heard of this one?

The Knife of Aristotle looks like its presenting the news thru Rational Inquiry.
Appears to be made up of a number of younger NXIANS.
“The Knife of Aristotle is committed to bringing ethical standards to the profession of journalism.” its website reads.
rosa laura junco
Rosa Laura Junco, CEO
niucki exec pro
Nicki Clyne, Executive Producer
jens erik gould ed in chief
Jens Erik Gould, Editor in Chief
Analea Holland is one of 23 analysts.
You are invited to be part of the team of analysts
Knife of Aristotle sates “our aim is to hold journalists and news sources accountable to provide objective, fact-based content to their readers. To determine how factual an article is, we break it down and calculate the ratio of facts to opinions.”
To get their information one has to sign up….

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  • If you have to “join” to get access to the content then it is no more then a front for NXIVM to go hunting for new blood.

  • It’s “fact based” if it paints Raniere and NXIVM in a good light.

    Otherwise, it’s unethical, slander, parasitic, wrong, and any other negative attribute one can come up with if it doesn’t, even if true.



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