2011 post of NXIVM ‘Coaches list’ on Wayback Machine

On the internet “wayback machine” there is an archive of a Feb. 2012 post in Saratoga in Decline which published the Coaches List for NXIVM.


It was the alleged access the NXIVM Coaches list that was claimed as proprietary information which was used by Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman as the basis of their criminal complaint for computer trespass.

While the Saratoga DA, the NYS Atty General and the Albany DA declined to prosecute the four alleged computer trespassers, ‘Money will out’ and a Special Prosecutor was appointed in Albany County [Holly Trexler] and criminal indictments were brought for computer trespass [e-felony] against Toni Natalie, Joseph O’Hara, Barbara Bouchey and John Tighe.

Tighe, who published the coaches list, fared the worst since, when his computer was seized, authorities found evidence of child porn. He pleaded guilty to the computer trespass [he had a lot larger problem with child porn]. The cases against the other three are ongoing.

In any event, Tighe published the secret Coaches List in Feb. 2012.

My only editorial comment is this: It appears that the Coaches list is actually a list of various NXIVM members and who their coaches are. Their rank [sash and stripe] and phone number etc. are included.

I do not know if they are all coaches. But if they are, it would seem to be something to be proud of and not a secret.





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