A Review of Sarah Edmondson’s ‘Scarred’

by Paul Serran

The last of the pieces from the Special Issue: NXIVM & Scientology that was published last June in the International Journal of Coercion, Abuse, and Manipulation is a somewhat shorter book review, made by Professor Robin Boyle Laisure, of Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM the Cult That Bound My Life, by Sarah Edmonson.

Professor Boyle works at St. John’s University School of Law, where she lectures on topics concerning cults and the law. She is clearly primarily addressing a scholarly audience, when writing about the book (and the whole NXIVM saga). And very honestly, this initial target audience is much less well informed than the Frank Report readers – and that is something we need to take into consideration from the very start.

“Sarah Edmondson provides us with candid insight into the lure of NXIVM, a business built on the promise of empowering members to achieve their personal goals,” Boyle writes. She thinks the book helps to explain “how Raniere and his cadre of manipulators were able to entice people into believing that, by spending thousands of dollars on workshops and following the ever-changing rules of the organization, they would find success”.

One aspect that will be problematic for the NXIVM-literate community will be that sometimes Professor Boyle is over-accepting of Edmonton’s whole context. For example, she writes that “Sarah had felt elated about the initial training program, proclaiming in her book, ‘The three months after my Five-Day had been the happiest and most productive time I’d ever experienced in my life'” With a little more context, it can be argued that this initial ‘high’ is a necessary tool from the MLM pyramid scam.

Sarah Edmondson was a heroic whistleblower, but her work as a coach furthered the MLM scam.

There’s plenty of that whitewashing of the real nature of ESP courses. Boyle writes that Edmondson was “passionate about this way of being”. As the actress/author puts it: “On the sincerest level, I was really starting to believe it”

“In time,” the Professor writes, “Sarah understood better NXIVM’s recruitment and sales practices (and that they created a classic iteration of a pyramid scheme)”. There is no insight into the thought process by which Edmondson chose to become a relevant part of the scheme.

The review recounts how Edmondson flew to Albany, New York, and was introduced to Lauren Salzman, who was to become her ‘best friend and mentor’. “The Eleven-Day training focused on finding the trainee’s ‘inner deficiency,’ which Sarah felt was emotionally painful as an actress whose career depended upon the approval of others.”

Edmondson writes that the objective was “to strip us down to nothing.” There is always an ambiguity to the poisonous ‘tech’ developed by Keith Raniere, as if it was a good thing, detached from the criminal practices of the organization. “I learned (sic) that none of my values were real, but were only important to me in covering up my inability to really know or love myself”.

“After 11 days, Sarah pondered an ‘urge to bolt'”, Boyle writes, “but she was coached otherwise. At the end of the Eleven-Day, she had mixed emotions.”

Friend, confidant, slave master – the relationship between Edmondson and Lauren Salzman is a feature of ‘Scarred’.

“She related well to its leaders, such as Lauren Salzman; but she also felt exposed: ‘being myself and showing vulnerability was a turnoff to people, but here I’d bared my soul'”.

The Professor writes: “Eventually, Sarah was asked to take on increasingly more responsibility through the Executive Success Program.” As Edmondson grows in the organization, her rise is described in terms of a ‘good development’, and there is no questioning the morality of her participating in what Judge Garaufis called a ‘pyramid scheme’ and what the Prosecution termed a ‘cult-like organization’.

“For readers who followed the news accounts of NXIVM and the trial, Scarred… fills out the edges of facts reported by the press.” Here it becomes clearer that Professor Boyle is targeting an audience of scholars and students, and ‘the press’ that she mentions is obviously the ‘mainstream’ press. For the habitual readers of the Frank Report, while ‘Scarred’ is filled with new information, the whole story had already been scrutinized a hundred times, and bitterly debated from various points of view.

Boyle goes on to write that Edmondson “explains the structure of the organization and the salesmanship tactics [NXIVM] used in creating multiple levels of workshops with locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.”

When DOS begins recruiting, Edmondson is tackled to be part of that elite group of empowered women. “Lauren would be Sarah’s master, and she, in turn, would be Laura’s slave”.

“Why not just leave?”, the Professor asks. “With an honest account, Sarah describes her desire to do good, to be an effective leader, to take responsibility, and to execute it well.” That’s really NOT an explanation. Edmondson was making a lot of money out of conning people into joining the NXIVM trap. However heroic her subsequent actions may have been – and they were – at that juncture, she was clearly a part of the problem, and was not ‘doing good’ to anyone.

Look how the true nature of NXIVM is whitewashed in this passage: “Sarah enlisted hundreds of new members monthly for the center she co-founded in Vancouver as she was fueled by Nancy’s praise.” In plain language, Edmonson was luring hundreds of people into an MLM scam with leaders convicted for conducting a racketeering operation. The actress turned coach was increasing the number of NXIVM victims like no one else. It’s impossible to imagine a scenario where her work is detached from – and untainted by – all that criminality going on.

Edmondson wrote: “Nancy would tell our colleagues that my recruitment work was exemplary. [Nancy would say] ‘if every city had a Sarah…'” If every city had a Sarah Edmondson, NXIVM would be a much bigger threat to the safety of society.

While she was recruiting for the mother, Edmondson ended up recruited by the daughter. “[I]t was her confidante Lauren who, hand-in-hand, led Sarah down the familiar staircase of Lauren’s home to be physically branded in a ceremony, ostensibly to show allegiance to their leader, Raniere.”

“Sarah and the other women who also endured horrific pain were forced to say, ‘Master, would you brand me? It would be an honor.'” I find the parts of the review that deal with DOS and the branding to be quite compelling because I don’t feel like there’s an attempt to whitewash the heroine’s behavior in order to make her look good.

Boyle goes on to write: “The photograph of Sarah on the cover of her book, showing the scar on her left hip outlining Raniere’s raised initials, symbolizes the brutality of Raniere’s extreme demands and the evil that lurked within the organization.” I feel that to be quite right. Edmondson put herself out there and provided the world with an image that could not be ignored. And that’s a truly heroic feat.

But when the Professor writes that Scarred provides “a realistic view of how one can be pulled into a scheme that on the surface looks positive”, I’m not sure that’s entirely the case – while I do agree that it’s “evocative and insightful”.

The Romans’ human bondage contract called ‘nexum’ was the inspiration for NXIVM.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Sarah Edmondson behaved in a heroic manner when she decided to become a whistleblower against NXIVM. So, when a story is told in which she is the hero and other NXIVM leaders are villains, I don’t quite disagree. But, in the process of lionizing her as a heroine, many accounts pretend that evil in NXIVM was contained to SOP, DOS and other more extreme manifestations of Raniere’s ‘tech’. That’s false, as we know very well NXIVM comes from the ancient Roman word ‘nexum’, a contract for human bondage. The slavery, economic or otherwise, was embedded into the very core of the scam.

There’s also a case to be made that, if shown in its true colors, the odyssey of the NXIVM whistleblowers becomes even more epic. To show them as willful participants in an MLM scam that exploits human suffering for profit does not disqualify them from becoming heroes when they are faced with even bigger evils.



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  • You two angry MAGAmen dudes have completely different “thoughts” on what happened at the Capitol riots. You both can’t be right.

    But you both can be wrong. And are.

    • Actually, we in fact, CAN BOTH BE RIGHT! Here’s how:

      I never said ALL of the MAGA supporters were fake! What I was trying to say was that black hats in the government injected FAKE MAGA supporters (i.e. Antifa members and/or government agents) into the real body of REAL MAGA supporters that were following the law and legally protesting with their God-given right to do so, that day, to create all that chaos and then blame ALL OF THEM AS A WHOLE! The REAL MAGA supporters did nothing wrong! There is footage of the security guards letting them inside, and some of the protesters wanted to see the inside of a building THAT BELONGS TO US THAT WE PAY FOR AND ELECT THOSE IN IT TO WORK FOR “WE THE PEOPLE”, and as THEIR TRUE BOSSES, HAD EVERY SINGLE RIGHT TO BE IN THERE REGARDLESS, and then all the Antifa members and other government agents pretending to be “Qanon and/or MAGA supporters protesting for Trump” went in there and did illegal shit and acted like a bunch of retards starting a riot dressed like idiots, to pin it all on the genuine lawful protesters!

      That idiot wearing the make up and bull horned shit and all the other retards have have proven to be Antifa members! It isn’t rocket science to figure that isn’t how normal conservatives act! Dressing in all that shit and doing that HAS IN FACT, been something that hippie/liberal retards to do and have been known to do (i.e. Woodstock, Civil Rights Movement, Animal Rights protesters dressing like animals, etc) ALL THROUGHOUT HISTORY though! The fact that people are so dumb not to see through that by now is very disturbing because this isn’t rocket science!

      Our Government has done that NUMEROUS times all throughout history to delegitimize lawful protests/protesters and to even flip the proverbial guns on them as “BEING CRAZY AND VIOLENT” therefore stifling and discrediting their political position in the eyes of the public via the fake news media, in order to destroy the uprise of the public to threaten their corrupt endeavors! Despite it having been CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED and proven NUMEROUS TIMES by ex-government agents, declassified government documents, and even people like Joe Rogan talking about the government doing this in the 90’s, it’s still labeled as a “conspiracy theory”! When everybody is so dumb to figure out that today’s “crazy conspiracy theory” is everybody’s commonly held truth in about 5-10 years!

      Same old song and dance! You’re just another brick in the wall to show how brainwashed you are by the C.I.A.’s “Operation Mockingbird” media! This is how they get away with it every single time, all because of duped fools LIKE YOU, who don’t give a shit about the truth and say shit like this without using any critical thinking to put what we’re both saying together and realize they can both be two sides of the same coin! It’s very simple! There were TWO groups of people that day! One group, was law abiding protestors who had EVERY RIGHT TO BE THERE for LEGITIMATE REASONS in regards of the election being stolen from Trump. The Second group were unlawful Antifa members and other government agents funded by the Left who HATED TRUMP CAMOUFLAGED as “Qanon AND/OR MAGA/TRUMP supporters” there to pretend to protest with the law abiding protesters that caused all that chaos inside the State Capitol Building as an attempt so that the Deep State could lie to the public and say that there was “ONLY ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE THERE”, and “look how crazy those Trump Supporters are” and the use the C.I.A.’s “Operation Mockingbird” media to spin and disseminate that false narrative to brainwash the public for them with all their footage of the riots as altered “evidence” in the eyes of the public to make them believe it was ALL REAL TRUMP SUPPORTERS by leaving that part of their hired operatives under the guise as “protesters” out of the equation out for the following reasons:

      1. So that the Deep State get Trump into trouble by framing him for it all so he would be prosecuted and couldn’t get back into office to arrest them all for all their crimes against American for decades!

      2. Delegitimize the group of lawful protesters who were GENUINE MAGA SUPPORTERS to distract the public off the fact that they STOLE AN ELECTION and make everybody who believes that, look like a “conspiracy theory madman”!

      3. To use their legitimate protest as a psyop against them to make the public blame lawful Trump Supporters for this and turn their own rightful protest against the government black hats on all of the law abiding Trump supporters own head by people protesting against them and harassing them on every single level and every single way imaginable! People like you!

      So as you can see, there IS A WAY THAT WE CAN BOTH BE RIGHT! YOU ARE ALL TOGETHER WRONG! Even if you don’t believe that, then ok here’s another plausible solution for a brainwashed person like you who doesn’t believe that “our government could ever be evil enough to be capable of doing something like that and has NEVER EVER DONE SOMETHING LIKE THAT THROUGHOUT HISTORY” (even though history books and declassified government documents would beg to differ and despite our founding fathers acknowledging this and that being the reason WHY THEY SET EVERYTHING UP THE WAY THAT THEY DID IN THE FIRST PLACE! INCLUDING THE 1ST AND 2ND AMENDMENT AND EVERYTHING ELSE TO PROTECT US FROM IT):

      By that logic, you could just imagine that everybody could’ve been all Trump Supporters, except some were mentally unstable criminals and some were not normal, mentally sane, and law abiding citizens and the lawful ones were blamed for it all as A WHOLE and that’s wrong for people to do that to them! Meanwhile, people like you bitch about my “racist comment” and think that I hate all black people as a whole (even though I DO NOT HATE ALL BLACK PEOPLE and I firmly believe that there are good black people out there who hate what their race is doing and unfortunately their voices aren’t as popularized and esteemed in this country as the bad ones and are even attacked for their beliefs!), when you’re guilty of THE EXACT SAME MENTALLY in regards of Trump supporters that you’re wrongly projecting onto me and that other commenter! Why is that always the case with people with Trump Derangement Syndrome?!

      Even by your stupid logic that we are in fact “both wrong” about what happened in those riots, doesn’t in of itself delegitimize the fact of Trump being our rightful President and the false thing projected onto him by DEEP STATE MSM brainwashed people like you! There could in fact be another way that could be truthful! Perhaps you should learn to expand your mind and not be so stubbornly stupid before you speak and say stupid shit like this! Until then, all you’re doing is contributing to all of the problems that this country is currently facing with that attitude!

      • “What I was trying to say was that black hats in the government injected FAKE MAGA supporters (i.e. Antifa members and/or government agents) into the real body of REAL MAGA supporters that were following the law”

        Okay….so why didn’t the legitimate lawful peaceful Trump supporters do anything to stop the deepstate antifa violent fakes from trashing YOUR HOUSE?

        • First of all, it is OUR HOUSE! Second of all ummmmmm dude, they were in the front and they were scattered left and right and there were police there and they didn’t want to be criminal vigilantes! There were guns firing by police and people got shot and they were probably scared! This isn’t hard! This isn’t rocket science! You don’t need me to put all this together for you! USE YOUR BRAIN!

          • — This isn’t hard! This isn’t rocket science! —

            Yeah, it isn’t hard for you, cuz you just make stuff up. You are no fun to play with anymore, so go hire Rudy G to file your lawsuit about Frank violating your 1st Amendment rights for not publishing your BS.

          • This isn’t hard! This isn’t rocket science! —

            “Yeah, it isn’t hard for you, cuz you just make stuff up. You are no fun to play with anymore, so go hire Rudy G to file your lawsuit about Frank violating your 1st Amendment rights for not publishing your BS.”

            I’m trying to “play” I’m trying to discuss TRUTH! This is obviously too “hard” for you because you refuse to just *LOOK* “stuff up”! So you just take the coward’s way out and just wrongly accuse me of “mak[ing] stuff up”! What I said makes PERFECT SENSE and YOU KNOW IT! I tried to help you use your brain and this is the stunt that you pull!!

            “[S]o go hire Rudy G to file your lawsuit about Frank violating your 1st Amendment rights for not publishing your BS.”

            Yeah right, he’s the “ONLY LAWYER that will ever to be worthy to suit a a MAGA supporter in when their rights are GENUINELY being violated”, huh?! Wow! And people on this comment thread have the audacity to basically call me “prejudice”! How is this any better than me, by your “logic”, Frank?! Even I said and will say again about the blacks, “NOT ALL”! Talk about “painting with a broad brush”!

            Especially to create such a ridiculous straw man as that! Even though I don’t agree with Rudy on everything, t least he’s trying to help the American people win back an election that was STOLEN FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! While people like you shit on him for it?! You do honestly thinking criminal Biden won this election and is a better President than Trump?! Talk about “BS”!

            Don’t you see, that if I took Frank to court it would be to stop him NOT JUST FOR ME, but to end his tyrannical method of censorship for EVERYBODY! If I won, we’d no longer have to sit and wait hours, if not longer, for “two editors” to “approve” our comments (and even wonder if it would even be “approved” and published at all, anymore?! Our comments would be INSTANTLY PUBLISHED like on regular comment threads! Don’t you see that?!
            Why the hell would you not want that?!

            If you don’t like somebody’s opinion, thought expression preventive policing measures isn’t going to change the opinion! ESPECIALLY ONE A DRACONIAN AS FRANK’S, WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE SUPPORTING THE EXACT OPPOSITE! All that bull shit is going to do is isolate and therefore, FORTIFY them and make them into martyrs in their eyes! The only way to change somebody’s wrongful opinions is to conquer them through a intellectual battle of wits in the a battle of truthful ideologies! Not hide away from them like pussies! The only way to do that, is to let the discussions and battles FREELY TAKE PLACE WITHOUT ANY HINDERANCE!

            If I’m so clearly full of “BS”, then it should be easy for you to “disprove” me with actual facts instead of you pulling this type of “BS” and then projecting it onto me and wanting me to be censored which isn’t going to change anything! The only way to destroy false opinions is by letting them be expressed FULLY UNCENSORED and then letting them FULLY CONTESTED AND CONQUERED BY THE UNCENSORED TRUTH! Not running way from it like a bunch of pussies! That’s the difference between a TRUE MAGA SUPPORTER, an Anti-MAGA, like yourself, and a FAKE MAGA like FRANK PARLATO! That’s the REAL difference! And you know what?! If Frank can censor me, then he can do that to YOU! Think about that!

            I wonder what Roger Stone would think of his good buddy Frank Parlato doing this, since Roger is allegedly opposed to Big Tech for what they’ve done to him?! Especially since Frank is FAR MORE DRACONIAN IN HIS METHODS THAN THEY ARE! If Roger Stone supported this, then he’d really show his true colors that I and other MAGAS been suspicious of him for! Sometimes I and others wonder if he’s a just another slimy political RINO playing ball! He certainly does come across that way sometimes This would an interesting way to test his macho and see where his TRUE LOYALTY actually lies and if he’s really TRUE MAGA or just another phony like his friend Frank! It is pretty sketchy and shitty that he’s friends with Frank despite him doing this to begin with and all of the censorship that Roger has suffered through and vehemently protested! Hopefully he just doesn’t know what his pal Frank is up to! But if he did, would he have the balls to stand up him for violating our Constitutional rights?! That is a very interesting question, one that would be a delight to resolve! It would solve a question I’ve had a long time about Roger as well as many other MAGAS have pondered! Food for thought!

            Your obvious and blatant mocking contempt for my freedom of speech and even clearly questioning my worthiness of it, ousts yourself as somebody who doesn’t understand what *FREE* speech means! But in a since, you’re right, free speech isn’t in fact *FREE*! Because it is only obtained through war against those who try to prevent it, wars both foreign and domestic, both ideological and political, both via through debate and sadly, the price in some extreme cases, may even require the sacrificial bloodshed of our valiant troops! Thankfully in this particular case, it won’t require any bloodshed, no just a domestic war of intellect and debate through our justice system with lawyers and truth on my side will suffice! The most unfortunate inevitable war of them all to point out is that sometimes, it is even a war that has to be fought against patriot imposters hypocritically claiming to stand and fight alongside us calling to “adamantly support” us on a website that he has COMPLETE CONTROL OVER and could use his website as the perfect example to demonstrate his own purported “zeal” of our constitution but instead he blatantly and unremorsefully blasphemes MY founding father’s constitutional vision and uses the bloodshed of MY ancestors for his own social greed against the will of my founding fathers WHO WOULD’VE AGREED WITH THIS TOPIC OF BLACKS, by the way, to put people in cyber-gulags until they reform their expressions in the way they deem “suitable” and censorship FAR WORSE THAN THE BIG TECH COMPANIES THAT HE CLAIMS TO DECRY, like Frank Parlato while he is shamelessly hiding like a coward and not giving a public account for his treason against us our US Constitution though demanded numerous times for it by me already!

            It is people like Frank Parlato that are perhaps THE MOST WORTHY of the death penalty for treason to our Constitution in this Country, after he’s been legally arrested by our Country’s legally certified law enforcement officers with a proper legal cause and genuine jurisdiction for a legitimate crime in our laws, he’s given a FAIR TRIAL, due process, rightfully convicted BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT with a fair chance to appeal his conviction, and AFTER exhausting all of his judicial rights to have his rightful, fair, and legal conviction overturned and his arguments of appeal being impartially, correctly justly, and legally disproven, his legally justified execution is performed by those having the rightful and legal certification of authority in our country to do so and NOT BY VIGILANTES, of course!

            If he sincerely believes,

            “I am not fond of the idea of engaging in such discussions that can promote racial strife”

            Despite his narrative of this being complete bullshit, then by his false logic, how does he believe it can ever truly be resolved?! He may have allowed it to slip and let if fly, but if he continues censoring it afterwards and doesn’t allow future “discussions” of it, then the truth about it WILL NEVER PREVAIL! That’s what you don’t understand!

            Despite your clear lack of understanding in
            the horrendous tribulations of other people including YOUR OWN ANCESTORS went through without it in order for you to be born in this generation and country such a precious gift that many people suffered and died agonizingly painful deaths for daring to speak their mind freely all throughout history and would greatly envy what you so unashamedly take for granted and showing yourself of not being capable of going through what they went through to obtain what you have that you would immediately without any hesitation take away for others that don’t share your own false thoughts! And despite your obvious and blatant mocking contempt for my freedom of speech and even clearly questioning my worthiness of it because it doesn’t tickle the fancy of the false illusions that are yours, I truly do “adamantly support” YOUR free speech and will vehemently fight against this Constitutional heretic, Frank Parlato, for both mine AND YOURS, as well as everybody else on this website’s free speech for sucking the shed blood of our ancestors for him to steal it from us with this draconian censorship system he has like the vampire that he is, so that when you start mindlessly “publishing *YOUR* ‘BS’” again, which you have every constitutional right to do so, properly and thoroughly exposed FULLY UNCENSORED by heretical, cyber-tyrannical, constitutional traitors like Frank Parlato for a due ideological and intellectual battle with the powerful sword of free speech, be both conquered and defeated by truth with just like today just like our founding fathers visioned it! And that’s the difference between A TRUE MAGA PATRIOT like me, A MAGA HATER like you, and A FAKE MAGA PATRIOT like Frank Parlato!

  • In response to Anonymous on July 25, at 2:02 am,

    “— Nothing has been exposed! I understood that he did that on purpose! —

    No you didn’t! He was yanking your chain and by your response, it is clear you didn’t realize it.”

    Yes I did, it was very clear that I called him out FOR BOTH! That’s why he said “Pee Ess have fun” and I said, ‘You’re the only one that likes to “have fun” being an idiot’ while I corrected his all of his misspellings and owned him for trolling me about correcting the article on the misspelling of Sarah Edmondson’s last name in the first place! I DID BOTH! If you can’t see that then you’re an idiot!

    But let’s just play devil’s advocate here, even if by your own stupid logic, you were right, that I made a simple human mistake and accidentally skimmed over some random troll’s comment that wasn’t that important to begin with and therefore missed that his intentions were to bait me into correcting his deliberate grammar fuckups for a dumb ass immature prank, then that mistake somehow automatically refutes all of my historical accuracies as whole in this comment thread past, present and, future?! Are you an idiot?! Dude! Just shut the fuck up!

    You sound so fucking ignorant! That’s the most immature and mentality retarded refutation to a political argumentation about something that I’ve ever heard! That would dumb ass rebuttal would never survive the scrutiny of a professional scholarly debate! Do you have anything better to do than split over something this fucking stupid?! Are you really this pathetic and immature on the inside that this is the only way that you can feel better about yourself?! Do you win something for yourself, if I did, a better ego maybe?!

    • Not only can you not understand what you read, apparently you can’t even understand what you write. Here are two comments of yours, fours hours apart:

      July 24, 2021 at 2:20 pm
      Patriots went to Capital Hill to say FUCK YOU after all YOUR attacks and insults and being robbed of their political candidate by evil left wing media, democrat scum, evil lobby groups, scumbag liberals and all the foreign colored immigrants

      Then, four hours later you evidently forgot what you wrote:

      July 24, 2021 at 6:00 pm
      First of all, I believe that the whole “Capital riot” was bull shit! It was a false flag operation created by black hats in the Government!…..I think those “Trump supporters” were either Antifa members or Government agents pretending to be “pro MAGA”!

      Now, no one here expects you to understand that you contradicted yourself in back-to-back posts, but your idol understands:

      • Hey [redacted], don’t embarrass yourself.

        I posted as “Anonymous July 24, 2021 at 2:20 pm” and am NOT the second commentator, “Anonymous
        July 24, 2021 at 6:00 pm” as can be verified by the owner of this site.

        At least try getting facts right before you post smug comments, you [redacted].

        • Yeah, thanks, dude! That idiot keeps harassing me over shit that he has no clue to what he’s talking about!

          He keeps trying to play this whole stupid, “I got ya” game, all because some troll was sarcastically yapping to me for telling Frank that this article misspelled Sarah Edmondson‘s last name and that this troll was trying to bait me into correcting his deliberate misspellings, so I called him out for and I corrected his misspellings simultaneously and he’s trying to say that I “fell for it” (even though I didn’t and by his logic, even if I did, who cares! I destroyed BOTH of his arguments regardless!)!

          So he’s trying to play this petty juvenile game of basically, “HA HA! That troll tried to bait you into correcting his deliberate misspellings so all of your valid arguments about the Political Correctness, The Woke Movement, BLM, and all the obvious degeneracy that the blacks are doing in this country that many people agree with (including some blacks) are null and void now because you didn’t see it coming! HA HA!!!”

          I’m very busy trying to write a really long comment to Frank to reply to him about his wrongful viewpoints about the blacks and this false dichotomy about this “racism vs non-racism” crap that he’s trying to pin on me and that stupid pathetic troll just won’t shut the hell up!

          I don’t hate ALL blacks! I hate many things they’ve done all throughout history, the false history that people have been spoon-fed about slavery, and then using that false history as a cover so that they can hijack our culture and encourage evil attitudes towards people and other forms of degeneracy in our society and play victim that if you don’t just shut up and let them do it, then “you’re a racist”!

          Frank Parlato has been playing ball right along with that shit and catering to all the “Woke” shit and I’m trying to deal with him for it along with his other Amendment violations that’s he’s been doing here with me and other people while Frank has the audacity to boldly proclaim that he “a patriot”!

          It’s disgusting!

          I’m trying to show him the error of his ways! This issue with the blacks is a behavioral issue NOT A COLOR ISSUE! WHOEVER SAYS THAT TYPE OF SHIT IS STUPID!

          We need to be able to discuss this! I’ve had several black friends and even dated a black chick and would do so again as long as she has the right attitude about all of this and isn’t a lowlife degenerate!

          There are lots of black people who would agree with me about this and call out other blacks for this and they attacked and shunned by them for it! Yeah, I said some hyperbolic stuff, but those specific things were just tongue-in-cheek!

          Some black people would even find what I said funny! I had a black friend that talked like this and made fun of black slavery and blacks getting fire hosed down in riots and all sorts of shit ON HIS OWN ACCORD! He would laugh at what I said!

          Frank Parlato is being a coward!

          I’m getting really sick and tired of Frank Parlato!

          He’s a wannabe patriot! He has the audacity to yap about George Orwell when his website is BY FAR MORE ORWELLIAN that most Big Tech websites! He has TWO EDITORS “screening” all comments to be “approved” before they are posted!

          I’ve been on here for a while! I was wondering why it it took so long for my posts to be seen! I didn’t use the comments section for several years. I just read the articles and that was that!

          But I decided to become more vocal about certain things! Do I just recently acknowledged this!

          Frank’s M.O. in regards to journalism has been very frightening! He acts just like many of MSM with him withholding publicly entitled information and now he’s doing this shit while so hypocritically yaps about the constitution rights being violated!

          He isn’t even a real rightful inheritor of this country! I AM!

          My family bloodlines go all the way back to the first settlers of this country and I am very offended that he is not a real true American while he’s sitting here controlling all this shit about NXIVM while claiming that “This is an *American story*” while he’s hypocritically withholding many elements of this story from the American public who have a RIGHT TO KNOW EVERYTHING! NOT “SOME THINGS”! NOT EVEN 99.9% OF THINGS! EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING! NAMES, WORD’S, VIDEOS, YOU NAME IT PERIOD!

          Not just merely what Frank picks and chooses that we get to know and while he’s hypocritically yapping about our freedoms being taken away while he’s doing all that shit too and in many ways EVEN WORSE THAN THE BIG TECH AND MSM COMPANIES DO THAT HE THRASHES AT!

          On top of that he’s censoring us at one of the most godawful levels worse than anything I’ve ever seen while he yaps about “liberty”!

          This is pure evil! I’m really thinking about suing the shit out of him if this doesn’t stop! My Governor has passed a bill in my state that allows you to sue ANYBODY who censors you on the internet and makes it a lot easier to hold them accountable!

          Frank’s said enough shit on here about the how the operation of the grotesque level of censorship that he’s doing works, while he hypocritically flaunts how much of a “adamant free supporter” that he is, to hang himself in the eyes of of a court!

          I see that he redacted you too! Dude, if you feel that your rights have been violated like me as well as anybody else seeing this post, I highly encourage you to take legal action against him if you deem it necessary, discuss with your lawyers first to see if you have a case and be completely honest about everything and do everything morally right and legally!

          It seems it’s the only way that law wannabe patriot cyber tyrants are going to learn! It’s sad it has to be this way especially for somebody who claims to love our Constitution so much but refuses to practice what he preaches ON HIS OWN WEBSITE! It’s disgusting!

          But liberty must be fought for! One way or another! It’s sad it must be even against people who claim to “adamantly support” it, but alas, are hypocritical frauds!

          • I take it that there is something you don’t like about me.

            What I don’t like about you is your method of commenting. Dude [r madam, next time you write a real long comment like the one above – please make it more than one paragraph.

            The whole comment above was originally one paragraph and the only change I made to it was to separate paragraphs with a space. I had to guess at the paragraph breaks and do that for you – otherwise the comment would be virtually unreadable.

            And I do not mean this as a racist comment but remember that “white space” is your friend. That’s why we have margins and paragraphs – so the eye can rest on a little white – while it is being informed by the black text.

          • To Frank Parlato “at 3:37 am”

            Once again, I cannot press the “REPLY” button under your name, Frank. WHEN IS THAT SHIT GOING TO STOP?!

            “I take it that there is something you don’t like about me.”

            No way! What was your first clue, genius?! “Something [I] don’t like about [you]”, huh?! That’s really how you respond to this shit…seriously?!

            My computer didn’t let me space my comment the way that I needed to!

            That’s really how you respond to shit! You stifle me then and bait and switch so that you can bitch about something FAR LESS important than what you’re doing to our Constitutional rights on your website and that’s all you have to say?! Seriously?! Wow! Good God! You’re not the sharpest crayon in the box are you?! You’re very slow!

          • I never liked sharp crayons. They work better when they are a little blunt at the top. With crayons I think the right combination of colors is important.


        “Anonymous July 24, 2021 at 2:20 pm”!


          • Please do not become unhinged. We want your comments but please do not call people names. Except for me of course. Feel free to call me any name you like.

          • You obviously don’t “want [my] comments” enough to NOT violate my First Amendment rights by redacting them! You Constitutional imposter! Why don’t you practice what you preach about the First Amendment on YOUR OWN WEBSITE, Frank! If they don’t want to be called, “FIRST AMENDMENT COWARDLY TRAITORS”, then maybe you and them should stop being like ones! My “name-calling” has a purpose (even though that was more or less describing what they’re doing)! You’re not my Dad, stop trying to tell me what to do! I have freedom of speech! Practice what you preach on YOUR OWN WEBSITE, Frank! Put up or shut up!

    • Well fuck a duck, you hit the nail right on the head!


      The descendants of cannibalistic, tribal mirth killing, shaman/ witch doctor cursed, bone pierced nose, faced painted, teeth-sucking linguist, ancestor worshiping, ancestral-incestuous-necrophiliac, blood thirsty savages who think that ALL CULTURES AND RACES throughout history who were slaves don’t matter, except for them! Now they just manifest their typical demonic, ancestral barbarianism through drug selling, pimping, gangs, neglecting paternal duties, crying systematic oppression (despite the vast majority of them being a bunch of thugs), and then when they rightfully go to prison and get their asses kicked by the police, they chimp out and start rioting, looting, dancing on cars like chimpanzees and raping innocent white women and throwing shit at everybody like the animalistic savages that they are!

      They changed their old unsophisticated teeth-sucking loosely called “linguistic system”, by stealing our english language and dumbing it down with ebonics and rude and crude expressions, that is poorly wrapped around the guise of “hard truth” so that they can now communicate with our confused youth and use their monkey music culture to get everybody to become degenerates and lowlifes all the while thinking that they’re “hip” while they destroy themselves, teaching them that morals don’t matter!

      All that matters is how much money, pussy, dope, and “street cred” that you got in order to be valued by them as a “real man”! Then they just repeat the cycle by punching out a fuck load of nappy headed little future convicts while they sit on their drunk and doped asses and collect welfare checks from our tax payer money and vote democrat so they can get more “rights” while they take away ours, while they neglect education and jobs so that they can act like worthless pieces of shit in the streets while lying to themselves that they’re being badasses and smoke dope! Even Abraham Lincoln called the blacks a “troublesome presence”! That’s why the Marxists want to take his statue down now! But good bless their little mentally retarded souls! Don’t you dare say a word about them in your own country while they destroy your country! They’re “good people”!

      • How many of these black men you describe stormed the Capitol wearing MAGA hats and waving Confederate flags? You should know — you were there.

        Frank, posting Anon 254’s comment is a new low…if this gets thru your “screening” then why screen at all?

        • How many black “men” spent months rioting, severely assaulting people, destroying people’s property and even killing people during Trump’s presidency?

          What is wrong with you libtards? Why can you not see any ugliness in your precious blacks, or if you can, why do you reuse to acknowledge it and complain to people who call it out?

          Do you think you are morally special by kissing black ass and refusing to criticise any of their behaviour?

          What is wrong with Confederate Flags? If people want to fly them, what is it to you?

          You don’t mind blacks and left wing scum causing millions of dollars worth of damage for months without punishment or condemnation, yet hate on the small number of patriots who are sick and tired of being disrespected, shit on, told how evil they are, while genuinely scum people like George Floyd are treated like angels.

          Patriots went to Capital Hill to say FUCK YOU after all YOUR attacks and insults and being robbed of their political candidate by evil left wing media, democrat scum, evil lobby groups, scumbag liberals and all the foreign colored immigrants who made up 1 in 4 voters who should not even be allowed in the country.

          The patriots went to Capitol Hill UNARMED. They went straight to where these evil hateful scum politicians were, instead of going into people’s neighbourhoods to cause harm to life, livelihood and property, like your precious blacks did, with full support from democrat scum and left wing media propaganda.

          Evil left wing scum spent all of Trump’s presidency trying to oust him and got what they wanted through disgusting evil malicious behaviour.

          Your kind are hated and despised and hopefully Civil War comes so people take back their country and oust the cancer.

          • A BIG HEARTY AMEN TO THAT! 🙏🏻👍🏻! I just want you to know whatever happens to you by Frank’s wannabe patriot team, that I love you! 😙😚😘🤗😍🥰☺️😊 God bless the TRUE AMERICAN SPIRT! 🇺🇸

        • First of all, I believe that the whole “Capital riot” was bull shit! It was a false flag operation created by black hats in the Government!

          There were security guards who let them in! They were caught doing it! I think those “Trump supporters” were either Antifa members or Government agents pretending to be “pro MAGA”! Anybody can get a MAGA hat and confederate flag dumbo (which by the way, if you’re trying to underhandedly imply that the confederate flag is “bad”, you are obviously very ignorant on the history of it outside of what you’ve been spoon-fed)! And no dumbo, I was NOT at the Capitol riots!

          Let me ask you this, how many black men have looted, rioted, and burned down public buildings since their sojourn in America?!

          Frank shouldn’t even be screening! That’s not free speech! How is that any better than the big tech companies doing the same?!

          If Frank was truly the Constitution lover that he claims to be, he wouldn’t “screen at all” in the first place! But I’m sure that a treacherous commie like yourself would love to see that happen to me! Of course, somebody who doesn’t acknowledge truth and go as far as to accuse somebody that they don’t know and never met, of participating in the so called “Capitol riot”, would make the imbecilic decision to unwittingly defend a group of people which F.B.I. statistics boldly proclaims that their crime rate is FAR HIGHER THAN WHITE PEOPLE IN GENERAL AS A RULE!

          The evidence is right in front of you! Of course somebody like you would call a voice of truth a “new low”! I’ll tell you what, let’s start off with just one simple little self evident brain puzzle (out of many more that could possibly be made about this topic) that should hopefully be simple enough for somebody of the “new low” caliber of your intelligence! Why don’t you go listen to the lyrics of what rappers rap about?!

          Why don’t you tell me what values they promote?! Then tell me how popular their genre of music currently is compared to all other genres and what color the President was who thanked them for “shaping our culture”?! What race originated the rap genre?! Then, answer how many people participating in that genre today ARE BLACK?!

          • I think we need to close out this topic soon. Let’s get the responses, if any, then move along to something else. While I adamantly support free speech, I do have to publish every comment and cover every topic.

            There is probably a very silent group of people who feel like the above commenter – and so he or she has spoken. Any who want to reply should do so then let’s move on.

            I would not have approved the original comment because it is not relevant to the article posted — but one of the editors did — and since it has been published I do not want to unpublish it — have it both sides — and try, because it is the right thing to do — to find some common ground.

        • No, it’s not a new low, Lalalad. Frank has posted equally repugnant material before, so it’s really more of a continuing low.

        • I did not approve this comment. I have two other editors who can approve comments and this one might have slipped by them, It is divisive and blatantly and hatefully racist.

          It has been published and so be it. But I would not have approved it. I will of course tell my editors not to approve any comments that use such hateful language as “fuck load of nappy headed little future convicts” or “mentally retarded souls!”

          This kind of hateful comments against any race are not acceptable on this site — but I would not suppress the individual’s right to say it — on another website.

          • C’mon Frank! The post was both true and hilarious!

            Why is it “racist” and “hateful”? Where is the “hate”?

            I laughed my ass off!

            More comments like this please!

          • Hey Frank, I DO NOT believe that for ALL BLACK PEOPLE! This “Racism” vs “non racism” card created by black hats in the government is a false dichotomy and is what is truly “divisive” so that they have a little label for people who want to discuss REAL PROBLEMS! I DO NOT endorse the doctrine of biological determinism as a whole! You want to talk about “hatful comments”, Frank?! What about all your posts about mocking Keith about his potential of getting raped in prison and him getting beat up and being tortured by the guards and prisoners?! Don’t play stupid! We all knew that you underhandedly celebrating it as justice while you fantasized in gruesome detail about what “could possibly happen to him” while you played the hypocrite by then claiming “that this shouldn’t be happening in the US” to cover your ass just like you with claiming to “adamantly support free speech”, while you do this whole “approval” shit on your website like a two-faced coward! What about all the “hateful comments” that many blacks have said against us, Frank?! Are they “divisive and blatantly and hatefully racist” for it too?! Or is this just a “fuck white people” game while you claim to support our Constitution which was founded by WHITE PEOPLE! The fact that you claim to “adamantly support free speech” and have “two editors who approve comments” before they’re published is far worse than even many other big tech websites! At least they let you post them before they ban it (or shadow ban it) but you’re a bigger coward than they are, Frank! To make it even worse, you claim to “adamantly support free speech”, while you are an even bigger hypocrite than big tech by having “editors” deciding what comments will be “approved”?! Your “adamant support” in regards to the United States Constitution is a bad joke and SEVERE HYPOCRISY! You’re a disgrace to what our founding fathers wanted! They would rolling over in their graves knowing what people like you are doing and would spit on you if they were still alive today to see what you were doing you little hypocritical traitor!

          • Are one of those 2 editors Nicki Clyne?

            Ha ha ha!

            It would certainly explain why certain comments that make one question their own participation on this blog are posted.

            Even though their content actually undermines the credibility of this blog, and does the reporting a disservice, yet pertinent comments about Nicki Clyne often seem to go missing after hitting “post”.

          • It wasn’t meant to be “hilarious“ it was meant to be the truth! Frank’s too big of a coward for the truth! That’s why has editors up everybody’s ass before they “approve” a comment to be published! My comment apparently “slipped by”! That’s because the truth CANNOT BE CONCEALED, FRANK! You damn Marxist loving wannabe Constitutionalist!

        • I think you meant to post your “rant” on liberal, commie site! Try commenting on CNN or The Young Turks if you don’t truly care about facts and truth!

          • Right, because anybody disgusted by raw racist hate must be a commie? Frank made it clear that It was an accident that your vile garbage got posted here. You have plenty of nazi echo chambers where you could vent this. We don’t need you smearing your feces all over a rational forum intended for grownups and sane people.

      • This is sooo Frank Report— where else would you find such raw hatred expressed so fully and freely? I feel you speak for so many here that this ought to be a post.

        I will pray for you that your melanin levels never rise above the level of your intellect and your empathy remain so pale as to be actually invisible. Amen.

        • Why do you call anything that is not PC “hatred”?

          You are wrong about everything you say and then accuse critics of “hate”.

          YOU hate.

          Filthy woke cultists express hatred every day of their pointless worthless lives against “straight White males”.

          Your kind can’t stand it when people have a platform to express themselves.

          Frank Parlato is not a CNN/twitter/facebook dickhead or PC.

          He is Sicilian and his people were enslaved by muslims for centuries and don’t owe blacks anything.

          • For me, as you say “a Sicilian,” I am trying to be neutral about race. My ancestors lived on an island in the Mediterranean between Europe and Africa and I rather suspect that some of my ancestors were the very oppressors you speak about.

            Many of the points you make are right, but the method of expressing them, while it shows your frustration, is not perhaps the best method to heal the strife or solve the problems that you see.

            If you take it in a vacuum, black men are convicted for a higher percentage of crimes per capita, but if you look at it more broadly, it is evident that their ancestors were oppressed [not by you] and that it can take generations to cure such things. It is also true that some [not all] police have bullied black men and created criminals where a little kindness and common sense could have saved a life of crime.

            On top of that, we have the incredibly racist and oppressive-to-all-who-get-targeted – the Orwellian-named Department of Justice. Once a black man is charged – innocent or guilty – he is going to prison. Is it any wonder that some black men see the institutions and the authority as a positive evil?

            Although I am Sicilian – and some may see me as black or part black – I look white and so I have not endured the terror or the hostility of entering certain areas of this country and if I had grown up this way, I probably would be pretty hostile about America and would likely be part of a culture of defiance.

            And yet I know that such a culture of defiance is not going to solve the problem. I do not know if humans can ever be evolved enough to be able to live with other humans whose skin color is markedly different than their own – and hence there perhaps will always be division – based on skin colors – or race, and that the best we might hope for is have peaceful but not loving coexistence.

            But it would be nice to think that there could be such a condition among the human where people could imagine that they are not really different based on such a qualifying condition as race or skin color and attempt to reach the inner truths of one another – which invariably leads us – when we strive to do such a thing – and no matter how many times we forget it – to love.

            I do not however think that this is a task for government to accomplish for us- they who try by force of law to mandate their view of equality – which is not and never can be equality, if force is used – which is what government is– force.

            And I do not think that the media and entertainment entrepreneurs can lead us there either. They are actually racial exacerbators – whose every casting decision and every vocabulary choice is based on their agenda — and never skin color [or gender] blind. It is so obvious that sometimes one wonders if just as egoism is the first condition of becoming a politician – that being stupidly obvious is the first requirement to working on Madison Avenue.

            Still, I understand it. Government and un-evolved media are necessary evils. I think the solution is to have these discussion such as we are having here – about race – but to add something new to it — to try to take the position of the other side — to at least try to understand it — and to try to remember that – and this is not maudlin or overly sentimental or even naïve – but one of the greatest truths of all the earth – try it sometime — even when you are at war : that everything will turn out right if we remember to love and that recollection comes by our own awareness of our own mortality – that we will soon shed our skin regardless of color – and that perhaps all that will ever remain of us is whatever energy we put into love.

            This even with those with whom one is not at peace with. This kind of love is not weakness nor is it surrendering to injustice. It is only that as we fight, if we must, to remember that those we fight might possibly one day become our friends. Maybe not now- but some day – maybe long after our bodies are dust and this little ego world is long forgotten – maybe in a trillion years – when the very memory of being in a little silly place with spindly legs and arms and short life spans is but an old half remembered dream – and the idea of being so small that the color of these tiny entities’ skins — that which keeps our two minutes’ bodies in place – was of such paramount importance that we forgot the soul — not theirs – but our own.

            For the moment as the tiny concerns of a tiny little planet overly consumes our hearts and emotions – and plays us as the fool, I understand that there is race and there is division – it is because we think it so. But one day I am going to rebel and not see it. In the meantime I am trying to be neutral, not taking sides with either side-or sides and feeling like sometimes criticizing or praising any side just as I like and always trying to understand that all hated, all divisiveness is really only fear.

            When fear goes, the race war is over. The need to condemn is over. There may still be a need to insist on justice but when it is done without hate it might be effective.

            When I fought Raniere and Clare Bronfman – I never hated them. I always had an inner grief that it had to be this way. Throughout my various fights in my life — I never hated those I fought with – and defeated. I always hoped that someday – and we are living in infinite time – that we will be friends – in some distant place and when we start anew – this time we will learn how to avoid the war.

            To avoid the war, without weakness, knowing you can fight and win- or die – and then avoid it. Without surrendering one remote iota of honor or truth. Then problem solving begins.

            That is my rant and now I must return to other things – such as the sentencing memorandum for Lauren Salzman.

          • Amen! Frank’s a poser to our United States Constitution! That’s why he has “editors” “approving” comments before they’re posted! He might as well be a “CNN/twitter/facebook dickhead or PC” with that attitude! Maybe he should even be their leading advisor because that’s FAR WORSE than they do right now! What a cowardly parasitical hypocritical joke to our republic! DON’T YOU EVER SAY that you “adamantly support free speech” again, Frank! You’re a joke!

        • I don’t have “raw hatred” for ALL black people! If you truly think I speak for “so many here that this ought to be a post” and therefore obviously implying that is such a “bad thing”, then why are you even here to begin with?! Why don’t you go to some Marxist website that pedals their “victimhood” (despite everything they’ve done to us and having a FAR HIGHER CRIME RATE THAN US), and go shit on white people there?! This isn’t about “melanin levels”! This is about a CULTURE that propagates degeneracy or “you’re not black enough”! There are many good blacks who have called out their own race and are sick and tired of how they act and they are bullied and shunned by them and called an “Uncle Tom”, a “coon”, and are accused for “acting too white” for it by their own people! They talk about killing cops and all sorts of fucked up shit! There are many blacks who HATE WHITE PEOPLE and promote KILLING WHITE PEOPLE and don’t hesitate to boldly proclaim it! They’re was recording recently released by Marxist, Martin Luther King Jr. who was listening to a story about another black man raping a white woman and laughing about it! Why don’t you go do your research?! I pray that the blinders from the media on your “intellect” are taken away so that your “empathy” for the real victims can actually exist! Amen!

          • While I am not fond of the idea of engaging in such discussions that can promote racial strife, the comment above it was made – and now we better finish it – maybe we can learn something from it.

            Let’s be civil.

            BTW, when I read the ML King story in the above comment — of King hearing a story about a black man raping a white woman and laughing about it, I started to look it up. Then I found something apparently worse. King watched a fellow pastor rape a woman. And joked during the encounter.

            However, the source for this is somewhat untrustworthy — the source is the FBI.

    • Duck-

      Black people? Good insight!

      Why was there only ONE BLACK woman in all of NXIVM and/or DOS?

      The world’s most ETHICAL organization only had one person of color. The shame!

      Then again you’ll never see a black woman at a Sci-fi convention except for that 60s tv actress who played Uhuru on Star Trek.

      “Black people are too cool for silly-honky-shit!.” -Scott Johnson

      • Not true! There were more black women! Watch the all of the docuseries! There were also many other black women AND men in NXIVM as a whole! You’re full of shit! YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU’RE EVEN TALKING ABOUT! Stop using false comparisons and just look at the statistics of black crime rates compared to other races as whole and that will show you how stupid you are!

          • Hey dumb ass, I’m not in a “trailer park”! I’m an upper middle class citizen you dip shit!

            Real cute that you think that know me so well!

            Hey Frank, are you going to call him out on prejudice and stereotyping?! Oh wait, you’re too big of a pussy to! Just like this guy is too big of a pussy to admit the truth that’s been right in front of him all along! Maybe you just don’t any scholarly historical books that you can afford to put in your trailer, so you project your life story on me to make yourself feel better like the typical trailer trash that you are!

  • You made a typo when you said

    “One aspect that will be problematic for the NXIVM-literate community will be that sometimes Professor Boyle is over-accepting of *Edmonton’s* whole context.”

    It’s *EDMONDSON* NOT “Edmonton”! You need to fix that!

      • Ok well, it’s not showing that you did yet. Also I was going to ask you Frank, why does it take your website so long to post comments and other things?! Are you going to update your software or something so it doesn’t do that anymore! The vast majority of websites don’t do that shit!

        • Good idea to stay “Anonymous” …These are major crimes of literarty…I can’t make it through the day with thse corections.
          Lord no’s how impotent it is for all of us…
          Thanks for putting Frank in his place!
          Pee Ess, have fun with this one

          • Funny how the pot is calling the kettle black on being “Anonymous”! I guess you too thought it to be a ‘[g]ood idea to stay “Anonymous” while you committed “major crimes of literarty” yourself (such as the misspelling of *literary* for starters), while you so hypocritically dare have the audacity to call me out for being helpful! Many people help Frank correct misspellings as well as other grammatical and factual errors on this site all the time! Where are you to troll them then?! No, it’s only me that you start shit with when you can’t even spell *these corrections* CORRECTLY in the first place! You’ve got a lot of intellectually reckless nerve! I didn’t “put Frank in his place”, I was only trying to help him not look foolish on his own website where he is acknowledged for his expertise on these people but misspelled the last name of a very prominent person in the NXIVM story whom he knew damn well how to spell her last name! You’re the only one that likes to “have fun” being an idiot!

            P.S. That’s how you write *P.S.* NOT “Pee Ess”! Why don’t you actually learn some grammar before you try to troll somebody for helping out a prominent publisher in an important historical series get a last name that he knows damn well how it is spelled, spelled correctly, when you don’t even know shit about grammar or even the intellectual consequences of your perception by others for it, like you have shamelessly demonstrated here! Dumbo!

          • Your lack of understanding of all the “research” you do has been exposed as you could not even understand that the comment by Anon 2:17 was obviously setting you up with his misspellings…obvious to all but you.
            I hope you are just a boring troll, because if you are an adult who actually believes the nonsense you write, this country is in more trouble than I assumed.

          • To Anon, titled “to Anon 6:58”,

            For some reason Frank’s shitty website comments section doesn’t have a “reply” button to click on under your comment! That has happened NUMEROUS TIMES LATELY and I’m sick of it! UPDATE YOUR FUCKING WEBSITE TECH FRANK! For the fifth billionth fucking time! Nevertheless, I will reply to your comment up here!

            Nothing has been exposed! I understood that he did that on purpose! It was a stupid way to refute me! I can call him out on his deliberate misspelling while calling him out for trolling me in the first place! Your “lack of understanding” has been exposed that you can’t see that I did BOTH! It doesn’t matter if he did it deliberately or not! It was stupid and I refuted him for BOTH elements of his stupidity!

            In regards to your trolling about my beliefs, I will quote what you said right back you!

            “If you are an adult who actually believes the nonsense you write, this country is in more trouble than I assumed.”

            If you think it’s “nonsense”, then tell me how it is “nonsense”! The fact that you slap the word “nonsense” on it without any kind of meaningful refutation, shows who is really believing “nonsense”! Sounds like somebody has to use label slaps because he’s not a REAL “adult”! Projection much?!

          • — Nothing has been exposed! I understood that he did that on purpose! —

            No you didn’t! He was yanking your chain and by your response, it is clear you didn’t realize it.

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