Reader: I would beat the **** out or Raniere if he moved on a female in my family


Someone needs to lay a can of whoop-ass on these people since the law is being manipulated via their access to large amounts of cash to prevent them from being brought to a court of justice instead of just the court of public opinion. If even an attempt was made by Keith and his pimp women to move on a female in my family I would beat the **** out of him. But that would probably happen after my brother did since he can get a temper on him and he has two daughters so he most likely would’ve done it first.


Artist’s conception: A relative of one of the scores of women Keith Raniere is said to have abused confronts the Vanguard. He is unaware however that Raniere claims to have won the East Coast Judo Championship at age 11 and now will have a chance to prove that it was true. 

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