12-year NXIAN: psychopath Keith hates and destroys women! [part 2]

A person who claims to have spent some 12 years taking NXIVM/Executive Success Programs classes and a series of EM’s [Exploration of Meaning] at $100 per hour.
This individual who has chosen to remain anonymous has communicated with me and what he or she writes is, if true, quite disturbing. It is not alien to what others have written about Keith Raniere, the Vanguard of NXIVM/Executive Success Programs.
This is the second part of what the individual calling herself/himself “Jane Doe’ has written:
Dear Mr. Parlato

…. I have known more than one woman in Keith’s harem. They have not all been idiots or careless women. They were completely defrauded and induced psychologically to go along with things that would under normal circumstances have been totally abhorrent to them. Keith is a sick monster. He is able through very sophisticated hypnosis techniques to get women to completely degrade themselves and go against everything they believe in and upheld from themselves prior to their relationships with Keith. And Keith gets totally off on this, as he is a classic psychopath. It is so creepy and horrible it is literally incomprehensible for an outsider to understand. But since your blog has drilled into these details in an illuminating way, I thought it worth it to add to the dialogue. Can you shed light on this for people?….

I could give you several …. examples of this kind of depravity. So sad, so despicable…..
Keith is a true and absolute hater and destroyer of women. Women beware.

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  • It’s not incomprehensible. Malcolm Muggeridge once said: “The depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality, but at the same time the most intellectually resisted fact.”

    If true, the notion that this guy does things like this makes him a hypocrite and possibly one of the worst kinds. Because on the outside, he is a sheep. He presents himself – or is presented – as an ethical man, and people are reigned into this group based on good things like growing in empathy and compassion, improving themselves, making a difference in the world, etc., But on the inside, he’s effectively a wolf whose purposes are nefarious, underhanded and devious, e.g. using people via hypnosis for their time, money, and predatorily seeking women (and underage girls) to have sex with. The only reason one could possibly feel sorry for someone like him if he does these things is that he’s a pathetic human being who is an utter moral imbecile despite any intellectual aptitude.




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