Joe Doe: Kristin Kruek not wing woman for Raniere; was well intended with ‘teen website’

JOE DOE furthers the debate on whether Krisin Kreuk was in on a scheme to lure teen girls into the Cult of NXIVM for Keith Raniere to deflower. See previous article:

Joe Doe writes: I believe Kreuk was driven by good intentions to help teen girls increase their self-esteem because she had mentioned that she suffered from some of the same type of issues when she was at that age. Perhaps that is what led her to the human potential movement in general, and specifically NXIVM, in the first place.

Cults are layered like an onion. On the surface, they’re just like any other harmless group. It’s when you get to the inner core that they become known for what they truly are as the 2012 TU article exposed.

I don’t believe Raniere has any intention other than self-indulgence. Only a person without a conscience can manipulate people and blow through $150 million of someone else’s money without qualms.

Kristin Kreuk (l) at a exclusive NXIVM gathering at Necker Island. 

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