Heidi: Keith dropped his trousers before me and offered his ‘prize’

The man and his power: Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard. Photo copyright Toni Natalie and TheFallofNxivm,com

By Heidi Hutchinson

Some have questioned me about how I know about Keith Raniere’s penis.

I have seen it, unfortunately.

I was the married woman Frank once wrote about who attended a Consumer Buy Line “retreat” (precursor to Vanguard week) with her sister at Pyramid Lake in Paradox, NY.

Here is what Frank wrote:


“One year, Vanguard [at the old Pyramid Lake site], the devotees were paired and allowed to compete in a scavenger hunt. They were told that there would be a big prize for the two winners.

“Somehow, two pretty sisters won – one a member of his harem, and the other – a married woman, but extremely attractive.

“They were in their cabin when Vanguard showed up personally to deliver their prize.  He entered the cabin, dropped his trousers and said. “I’m here to deliver your prize – it’s me.”

“The harem sister was horrified, The married sister kicked him out. The harem sister said he rigged the contest to trick the married sister into sleeping with both of them.  They left that night.

“Vanguard was disappointed, but since he was always [as his attorney, Marc Agnifilo, has noted] a very ‘soft’ man – he shortly afterward gave out second prize to two other young women.

“None of the men, or married couples, fared well in the scavenger hunt, it seems.”


KAR booby trapped the scavenger hunt contest so that Gina and I — KAR teamed us all in pairs — were the celebrated, high IQ, grand prize winners!

Later that night, KAR dropped by our cabin to deliver our prize, which involved dropping his trousers in a vain effort to impress me with its grandness. I was not impressed, plus I was MARRIED.

Gina was absolutely mortified, very upset, of course. She insisted we leave immediately in the dead of night through the forest, even though I just wanted to secure the cabin, get some sleep and head out safely first thing in the AM.

I’ll never forget how hard Gina was sobbing, packing up our belongings, slamming them into the trunk of her car. I thought she’d never talk to KAR again after that, but Kristin Keeffe lured her back to be part of the “business,” if not the monkey business, time and again.

It’s complicated. Kristin made both of us part of their “experiments” and spy games in the name of helping Gina overcome her rivalry issues with me and Gina’s alleged “penis envy” or penis “ownership” issues with Keith.

The late Gina Hutchinson, a follower of Keith Raniere, was severely chastised for “wanting to own Keith’s penis.”

But you want to know about KAR’s dick, don’t you?

Unremarkable, really. Visually anyway.

IDK about the “motion in the ocean,” as they say.

However, I think most would agree you’re overestimating the power of the penis in general as a tool of persuasion.

Every hear: “It don’t mean dick?” Ever notice how fast the magazine “Play Girl” folded despite nude male centerfolds?

Amid this bucolic setting Keith Alan Raniere set up a scavenger hunt based on using IQ to win. He rigged it so two attractive sisters, Heidi and Gina Hutchinson would win. Then amid the airy hills and the fragrant breezes off the lake, Keith entered their cabin and offered the two sisters his lovely prize.

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  • Yuck. A fat, unwashed, hairy, smelly, disease-infected organ, unexpectedly revealed. I’m shocked that anyone could resist that!

    • Made it a point never to be alone with him thereafter, although he tried mightily to arrange such opportunities — as I now know he did with so many others.

      • Heidi to erase those old images from your mind use your imagination a little bit for example – when KAR told you here is the prize I am, take it. Imagine that you would have answered -it will take it right- and immediately take out a butcher knife. Just imagine the face and terror of KAR after that would be enough to give you peace of mind.

        • LMAO! Very good advice. In fact, when when I read Kristin Kreuk’s Lorena Bobbit tweet FR reposted I thought, “Damn! Why didn’t KK feel and ACT on that impulse with Hildreth and Raniere when they were likely trying to “fuck toy” with her and Allie.”

          Btw, do you ever wonder, since Hildreth was Keith’s videographer those days, if there’s not some “collateral” on Kristin Kruek in action under review by that DOJ contractor?

          ….Don’t you damn well know that’s the first thing some horny hacks will be after?!

          • Heidi 1:54
            I am sure that if Kristin Kreuk had sex with Raniere then he would have recorded it as “collateral” and maybe for entertainment.
            And even if she only had sex with Hildreth, the SOP leader would have recorded it also, to prove and/or keep his dominance over his pretty “property.” His status in the cult was directly tied to her being his.
            For years it’s been easy to record surreptitiously. so I would assume there has to be a sex video of Kreuk…considering the men involved.

            Either way, this would be effective blackmail that surely would ruin her rep and career, so would keep Kreuk silent. Sex tapes have more power over a celeb like Kreuk than they would have over regular expian women.

  • Heidi -if he offered his prize as you call it and you turned it down. Who is the fool ? You missed the magical enlightenment tool that we who have served it have known and gained the greatest wisdom ever offered. You blew it. You had the chance. You say you were married. But he was offering eternal life. Your marriage is over and you never were enjoyed by the Vanguard. Does that not smite thee is the hardest way?

    • eternal life, eh? Shall we ask Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz what they think of that? But sure, I’ll grant you that some wisdom can come from encountering Vangargle’s penis… one learns to stop being a naive fool and to stop listening to the BS of narcissistic jackasses. Lessons can be learned from almost any circumstances in life. What lessons do you think Vandoofus is learning now in his new home?

      • Oh but I did consider my eternal soul, Monte. I considered the eternal damnation at the lowest rung of Hades that awaits anyone who falls into this pedophile trap and even turned down a high-paying consulting gig to “help out” Gina for fear of getting a disgusting glimpse of the full monte!

        Maybe there is some truth to KAR being motivated by rejection of not his dull dick but his chimp-like hairy beastliness.

        Gina was only interested in the eternal offerings after her inexplicable infatuation finally wore off. But as KAR well knows the fastest way to wrap a girl around your finger, cause her to fall in love is to have sex with her. It’s in our “authentic” monogamous nature.

    • the problem is your definition of prize or reward monte, you think your way of thinking is correct or logical, but it is not just your way of thinking or belief and whatever the reason why you came to think that does not mean anything to the rest of the world, according to your logic if a woman likes donald trump and is invited to a party in the white house where Trump asks him to go to a room alone with him and he then lowers his pants then according to your logic she should consider that as an honor.

    • re Monte Blu post and others like it:

      “the magical enlightenment tool
      we who have served it
      gained the greatest wisdom
      he was offering eternal life
      enjoyed by the Vanguard”

      Does anyone here REALLY believe that all those posters who still support KAR have somehow been programed to use such ridiculous language?
      Pea uses it too….”enjoyed lavishly by Vanguard” and even Jane of GBD.

      So unless Executive Success teaches you to write like a bad romance novel, then these posters are nothing but trolls copying each other’s style (or maybe just one) who enjoy fooling with readers of FR.

      • LaLalad, your posts all make good sense. Can’t reply to your post above re: Kruek collateral — thanks for the response there— what do you know about SOP? Were you a member?

        Poor Kristin. Imagine if, yes they must, have a sex tape that’s designed to be highly incriminating against her and that’s what’s keeping her quivering lips sealed and kept her from making a dramatic exit, or statement against KAR or NX. We are talking about the involvement of some pretty scary devotees de Raniere de la familias mejor y muy Rico who could crush her career and future…so what’s a few fibs? To spare her that horror and embarrassment .,.timid as a mouse as Sultan claims she is and may well be!

        There’s an angle for Sultan. Could be closer to the unbearable truth, anyway, than pop’s theory of KK’s total purity and innocence, in the face of all evidence and probability to the contrary.

        Thanks LaLaLad. It be cool to see a post about SOP if you know any deets. Were they the “society of pussies” they’ve been said to be? Sounds like misogyny training to me, also.

  • If I didn’t know who you were talking about, I would assume you were talking about a little boy in Middle School

    • Lol, Thor. Very astute observation for someone your age. You must be a genius!

      …I do hope your Mommy is getting child support from Clare Bronfman like your half-brother, Kemar’s, Mommy is. Maybe your Mommy can share and help your other half brother, Gaelen, out if your Daddy succeeds in having Gaelen’s Mommy “taken care of” in a different way.

  • The only thing I can think of that could possibly make Heidi’s story worse is if Keith exposed his extremely furry body completely!

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