Doe: rebuts Mack’s rebuttal: Raniere’s gibberish has nothing to do with music

JOE DOE rebutting Allison Mack’s claim that Keith Raniere taught her music.
Allison Mack wrote “[Raniere’s] theory is that if everyone could learn to listen, and feel music as specifically and deliberately as is required in good a cappella, we would have a very different way of relating in the world.”


John Doe responds: “Notice that this statement has nothing to do with music at all. Nothing about vocal exercises, improving or maintaining pitch, tone, vocal range, timbre etc. It’s all about ‘listening’ and ‘feeling’ being a ‘better human being’.”


Of course these are good things but are not necessarily what makes an audience desire to listen. Perhaps that’s why Simply Human has seemingly simply vanished.

Here is an artist’s conception from the Simply Human website of Raniere teaching the singers who to listen [to him].simplyhumanfront

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  • The point wasn’t that no one listens to their music or that these adjectives are positive. The point was that nothing Keith Raniere supposedly coached Allison with had anything to do with musical ability. Football coaches teach you how to be better at football because they’ve either played the game and/or have coached in it for years. They have the knowledge and skill set to do so. What qualifications does Raniere have? The same bogus ones he’s made up like tying the 100 yard dash record for his state school or being East Coast Judo champion? Absolutely nothing. All Allison got from his coaching as reflected in her blog was nothing specific, and only general and vague mumbo jumbo new age buzzwords. Look at the quote in the picture. It’s exactly the same thing. It sounds like he gets all his philosophy from the New Age BS generator:



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