Reader: I live in ‘cult central;’ Raniere looks normal; Allison Mack not around

A reader writes:

As Mr. Parlato mentioned in a post, a lot of readers are intrigued by how nutty and bizarre this all sounds. How can this happen or even be allowed to happen? I live in the middle of cult central so many of the names you are reading about are my neighbors.

Honestly, Keith doesn’t look weird at all. He looks like any other 55 year old man you would see walking down the street; the women are all thin and attractive. And he does surround himself with women, but I have never seen him with what I would consider a teenager out walking.

I have only seen him walk with one man and that was Mark Vicente and probably a few years ago. Yes, I have seen him walk with Alison Mack but also not in a few years. Alison co-bought a town home in the development a few years ago but does not reside in it to the best of my knowledge.


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