Ask Keith Raniere why the right cancer medicine did not come until the day Pamela Caftiz died and not sooner.

Jness Hypocrisy?: ‘Wing Woman’ Cafritz claims humanitarianism while supporting Raniere’s cruelty

Another word on Pam Cafritz

On the Jness website  it reads: “As the co-founder and co-owner of Jness, she not only guides the growth of the organization but is also a leader by example; Pamela demonstrates the essence of what it means to be a Jness woman as she brings her kindness, wisdom, and caring to her committed pursuit of creating a better and more humanitarian world.”


I wonder what her women followers would think if they knew that Pam helped procure underage women for Keith Raniere?

That she has been his “wing woman” persuading other women to join their polygamous lifestyle?

Forget the fact that NXIVM is anything but committed to kindness, I wonder what the women would think of her pursuit of creating a better, more humanitarian world when judged side by side with her pandering to her husband-master, Keith Raniere’s cruel and inhumane pursuit of his enemies?

She must certainly knows about the hunting down of women she once called her sisters, like Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie.  These accounts have been published in the newspapers and when I was at NXIVM, Pam kept abreast of published articles.

The fact is Pam helped recruit women for Raniere’s harem, women he now hunts down with an intent to destroy.

Living together with Raniere, and the for-the-present [but aging] wife #1, Mariana Fernandez, at 3 Flintlock Lane, Pam tends to the comforts of Raniere, enabling him to be cozy at home and cruel outside to his former lovers, friends and allies.

Imagine a “wing woman” wife who procures females for his harem than watches after they leave as her man seeks to destroy them.

They are two for the record books.




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