Violet #3: Raniere’s view of ‘controlling money’ not in his name


Keith Raniere, known to his followers as Vanguard, has claimed he has no assets in his name and lives in effect as an all- renouncing monk.

He makes of this a virtue – that he can live on almost nothing, like the monks of old who would live on alms.

 Violet, a woman who claims Raniere did his best to get her to join his harem, said this on the subject:

During the time he was trying to persuade me to have sex with him, Keith Raniere told me many things. Men often try to show their importance, their talents and abilities to encourage women that they will be worthy mates.

Even if a polygamous one.

Naturally the topic turned at one point to money.  He brought it up. He told me that he had nothing, no assets, zero, nothing in his name. Then he said with a knowing look, ‘It is not how much you have in your name that is important. It is how much money you control.’

Clearly he has used the money he controls – millions – to hurt people.

Which brings me back to the topic of NXIVM and a question you asked earlier: would I go back? Would I take a course from Keith? It doesn’t matter if the course has some great content. rthe answer is “no”.

Buying into NXIVM is like buying products that came from the sweat of child labor in China.  No matter how delicious the chocolate is, if you know it was made by forced labor, child trafficking victims, it is not ethical to eat it and let them make money. That chocolate won’t digest well even if it is made up of the finest cacao and purest cane sugar. Because it came from the sweat of children.

Even if the NXIVM product is pure gold, even if it makes one seemingly happy, it won’t bring true success, because the money is used to hurt people. Skip the deception, Keith’s non transparency; his hiding his kinky cult from his general students, the money he ‘controls’ is used to attack his list of enemies.

Compassionate people simply do not have so many enemies. And if they do, they love their enemies, not try to destroy them.

I am not saying Keith Raniere would do violent things – most of his warfare if psychological – but it appears that he might have done physical violence, or tried to do so.

For me, although I thought they were doing a full court press on me to get me to join Keith’s harem by having sex with him and I did succumb eventually to having a sexual encounter with Raniere, I am the one that got away.

For that I am thankful. I would not want to give him any money to control and I would not want any of the money he controlled spent on my behalf.

I’m glad I got away.

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