Artists’ conceptions of Raniere with captions #1

Sometimes art is needed to show what no photograph can.

Sometimes captions of photos can be art and illustrate some deeper truth than what would otherwise be revealed in the photo.

Here are both: some of our artists’ conceptions of the compassionate and ethical Keith Raniere and photographs that with captions tell us about a leader who cares.


Keith Raniere (foreground) observes potential female student (background right) and sends ‘Pam’ (background left) to persuade her to learn from him.


Keith Raniere uses supernatural power to make it rain on a potential female student while he remains dry.

100 yard dash

Raniere mentally prepares to tie the state record for the 100 yard dash. His modesty is so great that he uses supernatural powers to keep his name out of any known record of his victory.

ranny harem

Raniere teaches his students.


Although his ‘dance card’ is full, the compassionate Vanguard has room for one more (attractive female) student.


It is better to be hacked by Raniere than hack Raniere.


While Keith Raniere’s bio appears full of lies and exaggeration, if pillow conquests were listed, he would boast a worthy resume indeed.

ran true

Large brain, small heart.

raiere teaches the daughters

Raniere teaching ethics to the teenage daughters of his students.


Keith Raniere says he believes in ethics.

100 yard crop

Raniere writing his bio for his website.


From Raniere’s website: Keith Raniere teaches the Dalai Lama how to be ethical.

The Dalai Lama gestures before speaking to students during a talk at Mumbai University

From Clare Bronfman’s website: The Dalai Lama worships Keith Raniere.

920x920 (1)

You may trust him with your daughters


Studying ethics.

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