Lana Darby: Another MEXICOPIAN’S Testimonial that ESP has been vital to his company’s success

Ronaldo Ugalde Mercado,  Chairman of the Mexican Transportation Company Grupo Cargo

His daughter appears to be Andrea Ugalde, who is enrolled in NXIVM University and appears to be on the stripe path,.
His facebook page is here  – : Lovely daughters and family. Wonder if he lets creepy Kieth anywhere near them?
Andrea Ugalde’s facebook page here:
Is there any good reason why Rolando Ulgade should have any trepidation about presenting his daughter and her friends to Keith Raniere for a taste of what will be vital for their success?
And another one from VERONICA BAZ –  The president of the United Mexican Association Against Delinquency (MUCD)
Here is the story translated from Spanish, as published in 24 Horas:

ESP has been vital in success: Rolando Ugalde

Rolando Ugalde

The Mexican entrepreneur Rolando Ugalde Mercado, who chairs the transport company Grupo Cargo, commented about the impact and evolution of his work methods thanks to the programs of the Executive Success Programs (ESP), which he assures, provides tools so that a company is successful.

Ugalde attributed much of the achievements and the new mentality that have driven the success of his company to the aforementioned programs and the human part that it involves, because thanks to it, he managed to establsih different strategic alliances.
“We have always sought to have alliances with the best companies in the world and bring them to Mexico to seek to do things out of the ordinary with the talent of our country and with technology from abroad, but always combining the human part of looking for our people to learn new ways of doing things; we seek the continuous improvement of our people and the country, “Ugalde said in a statement.
He also said that despite how difficult it can be to compete in the business world, these tools gave him the necessary vision to risk taking the opportunities.
“The business world is very competitive, being against many ideologies on the part of governments and on the part of companies with a lot of time and renown, but it is achieved nowadays with these tools since we have had the ability to react, but above all we are convinced that what we do in the company internally is the right thing to do, “he said.
He also indicated that thanks to the results obtained with Executive Success Programs, developed by its founder, the scientist Keith Raniere, he gave himself the task of extending the invitation to an estimated 50 more people.
“I am firmly convinced that ESP makes us change internally and makes us evaluate, of course, all the perceptions that exist on the outside, because we are always subject to criticism, I have seen these programs transform the lives of the people closest to me and I am quite happy about the results that these people have obtained, “said Rolando Ugalde.
Finally, he assured that ESP programs are not only useful on a personal level, because the results could be obtained at the national level, since your company is the best example of this.
“I think we have been achieving very attractive things with very positive results for Mexico and we continue on that path, with these new programs that we have acquired and new knowledge, I think we have managed to move forward in a safer, more active, clearer, more ethicsal and we are very happy for this achievement “, concluded Rolando Ugalde.

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  • Frank, your post on “Leaked ESP sales letter: Recruiting done with aggressive closing techniques and evangelical overtones” from a few months ago was fascinating. Might be nice to post again, as a kindness to people in Mexico considering the progam.

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