The Dalai Lama recognized Keith Raniere alright - but as what?

Readers: Dalai Lama lost respect by associating with Raniere

  1. A reader wrote:

    I believe one message his holiness gave to NVIXM was that their actions had to be transparent. How can you have transparency when your whole curriculum is “secret” and you force your “students” to sign NDA (non-disclosure agreements)?.

    I so wanted to hear the Dalai Lama speak but could not condone supporting the organization hosting his appearance.

    I came to find out his holiness will have an open discourse with just about any organization for a price including the cult that poisoned the Tokyo subway system Aum Shinrikyo.

    So even his holiness can be “bought”

    As much as I enjoy many of his teachings I have come to realize that the Dalai Lama is not the voice of all Buddhists. There are others.

    Another reader wrote:

    The Dalai Lama lost some respect in a lot of people’s eyes because he decided to finally come to Albany despite the obvious bad publicity surrounding the group as a cult, and despite not publicly supporting or endorsing the group – only the overarching principle of “ethics” – because it showed that money to the tune of $1 million dollars (of effectively bootlegging money) can sway a person of his supposed caliber, and, in effect, purchase some level of his credibility, even its shadow, that groups with leaders like Raniere can seek the shade of and use to their advantage.

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