Bouchey motion to dismiss suggests malicious prosecution!

A reader wrote me “The prosecution of Barbara Bouchey is a ridiculous and false criminal case.”

It is worse – it is abusive, vindictive and criminal: But the wrong criminal is being pursued: While Bouchey is not a criminal undoubtedly criminal acts have been committed.

I intend to reveal if, how and when Keith Raniere used the Bronfman money to illegally purchase justice and get government officials to perform acts under the color of law that, had there been no Bronfman millions backing, and no intensely cruel Raniere,  would never have been done. This is not a criminal matter.

Please read the motion (below) to dismiss for some insight.

My reader added, “None of these hurtful lawsuits make any sense, and no one deserves the harmful things Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and their group have done to them.”

 The Bouchey motion to dismiss has some stunning revelations, particularly when you consider the mountain of government resources that went into the prosecution of a molehill visit on harmless social media pages of a NXIVM website that hundreds had access to, which Bouchey had permission to use, and which NXIVM habitually failed to cancel passwords for people who left the organization.
This may be a case of prosecutorial misconduct…. stay tuned.

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